Hasselbeck to receive new talking points memo soon

I’ve been saying for quite some time that Elizabeth Hasselbeck, on “The View”, doesn’t really have her own opinions, she’s a regurgitator.  And for whatever reason, she actually has some fans on that show, even though her arguments are at best weak, and at worst, statements she heard someone else make; essentially she’s a puppet.

Well there’s a new book out by David Freddoso who builds an extreme case against Barack Obama for President.  Freddoso twists the truth and manipulates the facts to build his case.  In an interview on CNN you could see the little Swift Boat and Limbaugh puppets sitting on his shoulder whispering in his ear.  He couldn’t even feign fairness.  It’s the same one-sided, political attack common to the republican party for the last 40 years.

Back to Hasselbeck.   Here’s my prediction.  She will probably never quote this new book (The Case Against Barack Obama) specifically because she would never give credit to someone else for a point of view she is stealing.  But I can guarantee you that she will use the accusations in this book at some point during the chicken coop exchange called “Hot Topics” on the View this week, or next, to end up in some fight with Joy or Whoopi.  She’ll probably cry on cue (I mean on camera) playing the ganged-up-on, wounded little bird.  “Oh poor Elizabeth, everybody picks on her”  WAAAAA!!!!!

It has already been proved that the Fox Noise (News?) Channel actually receives talking points memos from the White House.  I don’t believe that they are the only ones who receive them.  Everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Laura Ingraham to Mike Gallagher (I can’t pick the one who is the biggest Republican Whore so just pick one yourself) will somehow, someway, say the exact same things, the same phrases, during their radio talk shows.  They all talk as if they have independent thoughts, and it is just a coincidence that all of the right wing talking heads said the same thing on the same day.

So I just thought I’d warn you.  I don’t watch the View everyday, but I like to find the YouTube “ViewFights” whenever I can. 

Freddoso made a poor choice this week.  He should have skipped the CNN morning show (nobody watches it but then again, they are probably the only network who would take him), and tried to get on the View where he could at least take credit for his own rhetoric.  But then again, Southern White boys really like those skinny blond haired girls so maybe that works best for the overall republican attack machine.  It’s so hard to figure out where and how they hate.

The republicans keep trying to Swift Boat candidate Obama.  But, Obama and his team are a smart group.  Luckily they can turn these attacks into Slow Barges without a lot of effort.


Hasselbeck reminds me of Wile E. Coyote, Walters is Senile

If you watched Barack Obama on “The View” on Friday, March 28, then I hope you will know what I mean.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck actually tried to match wits with Barack Obama and continually tried to “catch him” by asking the same question in different words about his relationship with Pastor Jeremiah Wright.  It reminded me of Wile E. going after the Road Runner only to get foiled time and time again.

Well, as the saying goes, it you want to win a battle of wits, you need to actually have ammunition.  Hasselbeck’s arsenal seem to have been depleted, or never actually stocked in the first place.  She must think awfully highly of herself to think that she could get some sort of sound bite out of him that she and her right wing, talking-head comrades could latch on to and get into the next 24 hour news cycle.  I’d love to see her phone records to find out who she spoke to, or got coaching from, before the Obama interview.  She even tried the tactic of “give him a complement so he thinks I respect him, then try to make him slip up”.

I don’t mind hearing a different view point from the other side (right wing republicans) on “The View”.  But when will Barbara Walters finally realize that Hasselbeck has no talent for expressing her own independent thoughts.  Everything she says comes from something she heard from somewhere else.

Speaking of Barbara Walters, isn’t it time for her to move on as well.  Have you noticed that she has begun demonstrating the severe effects of aging.  Or maybe senility?  Half the time she can’t remember what she was talking about in the middle of a sentence.  Half the time she doesn’t know what the others are talking about.  And I feel a bit embarrassed for her when she starts tripping over her own words.

Lisa Ling was on the show on last Thursday.  At the end of the interview with all of the other co-hosts sitting right there, Barbara said how much she missed Lisa and that things had not been the same since Ling left.  Barbara followed this up with “We still have Whoopi, Elisabeth, Sherri, and Joy, so I guess it’s not all bad news”.

If I was one of the co-hosts I would have wanted to smack Barbara.  It’s not that bad?  It was as if Barbara said, “they’ll do….I guess”.

I don’t know why I care about the View and write about it so much.  I think it is because this show, and its format, provides a great opportunity for the sharing of ideas and constructive dialog.  The co-hosts have the chance to get the world talking about what’s happening in the world and provide some perspective.  But the whole thing ends up being time filled with coffee clatch gossip and chatter.  It really is a shame.

Barack’s appearance on the View was very good.  He is so good at atriculating what he says and what he means.  I also believe that because of his demeanor, he makes people feel comfortable.  None of us is perfect, and Obama would be the first to admit that.  But he is a great man, with great ideas, and if I compare him to Hillary or John McCain, I think he is the best choice to lead our country, and the best to represent our country to the whole world.  He’s got that certain something.  All Hillary really has is a standard eye roll by those listening when you mention her name.

Hasselbeck misses the point…AGAIN, and proves her irrelevance

I don’t know why I am surprised when Elisabeth Hasselbeck, co-host on ABC’s The View, misconstrues, misinterprets, or simply just doesn’t get the point of the topic of conversation, some of which are her own topics.

Today she berated Bill Clinton again for his indiscretions in the White House as if it was “new” news.  Bill Clinton has always been an easy target for her.  Because she truly believes, yet denies, that Democrats have to be perfect, and Conservative Republicans “keep us safe”, so their indiscretions should be overlooked.  She was asked by Joy what “personality traits” she would look for in a president.  She said “Someone who keeps us safe”.  That’s not a personality trait, it’s a task on a list of things to do. 

In the end, the point she brought up was Barack Obama’s church in Chicago and the churches’ published allegiance to the betterment, advancement, protection, and overall well-being of blacks in their community.  She tried to make the point the if the same statement were retold by whites, replacing the word “white” instead of black, it would be considered racist.  I personally believe that she has been recruited, yet again, by the republican party, to which she plays the role of Stepford Wife, to use The View as just an additional outlet to get out the RNC talking points.  Unfortunately, since Rosie left, both the View and Hasselbeck herself, have become irrelevant.

But here is the problem with her argument.  White folks, i.e people like me, were not chased down, lynched, murdered, hung in the streets, ostracized, denied housing, denied eating dinner at a restaurant, etc, simply because of our skin color.  I have no problem, as a white person, if a group of black people, or any other group that has been targeted by racists, wants to organize themselves to watch out for each other for the purpose of bettering their lives and ensuring that the atrocities like those mentioned don’t happen again.

Hasselbeck just missed the point.  And while it was a valiant attempt to chip away at the integrity of Barack Obama, I think you should go back and talk to Hannity and come up with a new plan.

Why is Whoopi Goldberg so bored on The View?

Have you ever paid attention to Whoopi Goldberg when the panel is interviewing a guest (most celebrities, obviously).  For the most part, she doesn’t say a word to the guest, rarely asks a questions, and if you really pay attention, count how many times she looks either off to the side or out toward the audience with raised eyebrows and a “who is this person” look on her face.  The alternative to that is a scrunched up eyebrow with the same “who is the person” look.  I’ve even seen her look right toward the guest with these same looks.  If she’s not interested, why be on the stage with them.  Is it in her contract that she must appear on stage with these guests.

Now she may use the excuse that she can’t get a word in edgewise, which I can almost understand considering her co-hosts, but as the moderator of the show, she can get a word in if she wants to.  She does it all the time during the “Hot Topics” segments at the beginning of the show.

So is Whoopi just not interested, unimpressed, or bored with the guests?  Only she can answer that.  Now I love Whoopi, but after today, when she was hawking her new line of “bedding” on (oh yea) QVC, if she wants us to be interested in what she’s doing, she could maybe show some interest in what others are doing.  It’s just not all about you Whoopi, and the eye rolls and funny looks are getting tiresome.

Sherri Shepherd is afraid of Penguins – more View-less-ness

OK, this one was really difficult to watch. Picture it. The View, Monday, February 18. Joy Behar brings up the topic of this children’s book (which is based on a true story) about two male penguins in the Central Park Zoo who were given an egg (by the zookeepers) to take care, of because the parent-to-egg ratio that year was off.

The background of this story goes back a few years to 2005. I knew about the controversy only on the fringe. The television show “Wil and Grace” did an episode that referenced the two male penguin issue. But the topic came up again today, I think, because a brand new BAN on this book just happned recently in Virginia.

The conservative right (not limited to Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Edgar B. Hatrick) banned the book because it wasn’t “developmentally appropriate” (translation – too gay) for children.

On “The View”, Sherri Shepherd supported that decision and said that due to the “way she was raising her son”, she would not allow him to be exposed to this book. She also used words like “not appropriate” and “not in line with how I am raising my son” or “teaching my son”.

As Joy and Whoopi pointed out, this is a true story. It is a story about “helping out your loved ones” when they need help. It is a story about “caring” and “community”.

The white elephant in the room was the word “GAY”. As ususal, right wing conservatives manipulate the facts and make this about “THE HOMOSEXUALS”. Elisabeth Hasselbeck (yup, she’s still around) said that maybe this book would be appropriate if or when your children start to ask questions about “two daddies”, but you shouldn’t push information down your children’s throats that they are not ready for.

READY FOR????. So your kids aren’t ready for the fact that love makes the world go around and when people you love need help, you pitch in and do what you can. Wow. I’m not sure I even know how to respond to that.

I have not read the book. Supposedly in the end of the book, the fact that these two male penguins love each other comes up. Now, the two penguins don’t star in Brokeback Mountain 2 – The Ice Years, they don’t have a civil union ceremony, they don’t have posters of the Villiage People on the wall of their igloo or a rainbow pattern on the sheets of their ice bed. It is just mentioned that these two male penguins, who raised this egg together, because they had to pitch in to help the flock, and were successful in hatching a healthy baby penguin, cared about each other.

If that is not “developmentally appropriate” and if you don’t want to teach your child about love, or caring for your family, friends, and neighbors, or commitment, or the fact that love comes in many forms, then what do you want to teach your children.

How about you teach them to lie to the world if you want to go to war. How about you teach them that it is OK to torture people as long as you call it something else and don’t get caught. How about you teach them that it is OK to be an alcoholic, as long as you don’t drink anymore and don’t get help for your addiction. How about you teach them that if you don’t serve your country but want people to think you did, you can just bury the paperwork and lie about it.

If I were a right wing conservative, I would certainly teach my kids about penguins because penguins would be so much like us. We wear a tuxedo, but it’s all a facade.