Signs the World is coming to and End

There’s no other explanation for the events that have unfolded than the earth as we know it will cease to exist, just like “they” predicated.


Now I know what you are thinking. That can’t possibly be true. But it is. And here’s what happened.

Most of you know by now that the US Department of Health and Human Services has mandated that Catholic institutions that employ non-Catholics must provide a health care plan that includes birth control coverage. Now, think about that. HHS is not saying that Catholic hospitals have to dole out birth control, and they certainly aren’t saying that Catholic institutions have to PERFORM ABORTIONS. Although if you listen to the right wing media, this is the spin they have put on it. What HHS said was that they must provide for birth control benefits in the insurance plan that they provide to their employees. And if by chance the Catholic institution is self-insured, they have the opportunity to arrange for birth control coverage FROM A THIRD PARTY. All HHS is saying is that under the law, everyone is equal. Just because birth control is a coverage offered in the health care plan doesn’t mean Catholics are forced to use it. But I can guarantee you that most Catholics would use birth control.

When it comes to Catholic Hospitals and Universities, the majority of the EMPLOYEES are most likely not Catholic. We’re not talking about the executives of such who probably are. We’re talking about regular people who applied for and got regular jobs that happen to be at a place of business operated by the Catholic Church. So not only are these non-Catholics not obligated to follow Catholic doctrine, even Catholics aren’t obligated to follow Catholic doctrine. It’s a well-known fact the most Catholics do not follow the churches teaching on contraception. Mika Brzezinski being one of them.

While Joe Scarborough and his republican cronies have tried to turn this into a first amendment issue (Freedom of Religion) and they are saying that Barack Obama is blurring the lines between church and state, AND he is trouncing on the rights of Catholics, the argument has also been expanded now to include abortion and the whole “slippery slope” bullshit. Anything to distract people from the real issue. And here’s the real issue:

The Catholic Church doesn’t want anyone to know that the majority of their own “flock” does NOT follow the birth control doctrine. All that’s happened is that the White House, by trying to provide equality under its health care rules, has exposed this dirty little secret. Catholics use birth control. The Pope doesn’t have as much control over his minions as he’s like everyone to believe. Nowhere in the Bible did Jesus say, don’t use birth control. And the Old Testament doesn’t talk about it either. Birth Control doctrine is a man-made doctrine.

Is there any difference between using a condom, or a birth control pill, and having a Man simply pull out before he ejaculates? Is pulling out before ejaculation a form of contraception? Of course it is. So birth control isn’t something that Rome is against, obviously. But they are if birth control involves a gizmo or pill, and it’s made public knowledge that Catholics use it. The Catholic Church is hypocritical on so many issues, but especially on this one. Why do they allow any man and woman to get married if they don’t plan on having children (“Be fruitful and multiply”)?

Now as far as Mika Brzezinski is concerned, she is a Catholic. I am a recovering Catholic (one day at a time, fingers crossed). She stated this morning that she believes that this issue is about Health Insurance Coverage and is not a cultural or religious issue. She also said that she believes in contraception, as do most Catholics. I agree with Mi……

I can’t even type it. I’ll try again. I agree with Mika Brz……. Nope, couldn’t do it. One more time. Deep Breath, Heavy Sigh.

I agree with Mika Brzezinski. THERE. I said it. She actually gave this some thought. She also talked to the White House, as a reporter, to get their statement on what was intended by this recent decision. She is not pro-choice and she knows that this is not about abortion. This whole argument is about two things. First, the right wingers want any chance they can to distort the facts and claim that President Obama is forcing Catholic Hospitals to provide abortions. Second, the Catholic Church doesn’t want the laid back approach that most Catholics have to contraception to be well-known. It diminishes the churches power, and exposes their lack of it.

Joe Scarborough and speaker of the house, John Boehner (get real, it’s pronounced BONER, NOT BAYNOR), need to check the right wing conspiracy shit at the door. The saddest part of all of this is that most American’s will only hear the filtered media frenzy of the right wingers and never do their own research to figure out what is really going on. The truth, I mean.

So today is the day I agreed with Mika Brzezinski. I will be watching the skies for meteors, comets, and asteroids.


Superbowl abortion commercial

Apparently, some former “mass of tissue” is going to star in a TV commercial that speaks out against abortion.  This “mass of tissue” is glad his mommy didn’t have an abortion.  I’m not so sure.  I say, when in doubt, ABORT, ABORT ABORT.

I hate to break it to you son, but your Mom wasn’t strong, she was weak.  She gave in to her conscience.  Some may think “Hey, had this woman aborted her mass of tissue then the mass would not have grown up to become a football player”.  I say, “all this football player did was grow up and try to divide the country, culturally, on one of few days in a the year where the country comes together to watch a sporting event”. 

I don’t think the left wingers should be mad and I don’t think they should protest.  I think they should run their own ad on Superbowl Sunday with a picture of the “mass of tissue” and the copy should say “if you don’t have an abortion, this is what you’re going to get.”

All Christmas Shoppers have Blood on their hands

You’ve heard the stories.  Three people were actually trampled to death, killed, murdered in the doorway of a mall or big box store on Black Friday.  One pregnant woman made it out alive but when all was said and done, she could not say the same for her yet unborn child. 

I know you saw this on this news.  I am sure you watched in horror as it was read to you while the video of throngs of manic Christmas shoppers played in the background.

As far as I’m concerned – each and every one of you “Christmas Shoppers” is responsible for these deaths.  Do you think that because it didn’t happen where you were shopping, or in the crowd in which you stood, that you are innocent.  You are not. 

You have all fed the fires of Christmas shopping hell by demanding and participating in Black Friday “deals”.  These so called deals, in many cases, have been marked up, only to be marked back down to something reasonable, all in the name of Christmas; all in the name of squealing, stampeding shoppers who did everything from punch each other out, to actually shoot each other with handguns, inside a store, to get a DVD player. 

Store clerks were mowed down while trying to help customers escape the melee. 

It is my opinion that you should all be ashamed of yourselves for allowing these things to happen.  None of you deserve a happy Christmas.  You have turned this sacred holiday into a pagan ritual fueled by greed, and guilt, and gluttony and I find it disgusting, immoral, and unforgivable.

Christmas is a holiday (once pronounced “holy day”) to celebrate the birth of the Messiah, a Christian being who is believed to have come to save the world from its own sins.  If you are not celebrating that specific idea, then why the hell are you at Best Buy, elbowing strangers to get a flat screen TV.

You were born and raised in the most greedy, self-centered period in American history.  And because you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas when you were six years old, you are now trying to make up for it by piling on the presents to your own children.  You are perpetuating the myth that Santa Claus exists and that more presents equals more love.

It’s time to GET A GRIP.  When is it enough?  When people are dying because of this ridiculousness?  Well, now they are dying.  But are you ready yet to give up this nonsense and give to each other what really matters:  human kindness, affection, your time, and gestures of real love that don’t involve price tags.

What really gets to me is the Pro life crowd who wants to protect the lives of the unborn, all in the name of God.  But when a woman loses her child as she is trampled by Christmas shoppers, these same people are too busy to notice or care, and are fighting over the newest and coolest cell phone to give their twelve year old for Christmas.

How about this year for Christmas, instead of watching the news with feigned horror that someone died being trampled at a shopping mall, you go somewhere to simply help someone else pick themselves up instead of pushing them out of the way.  That, my friends, is a real Christmas gift.

Gay gene convinces Palin to abort child

“In recently released medical records, Governor Sarah Palin had tests done while she was early along in one of her pregnancies.  Records indicate that one test, for the supposed “gay” gene, came back positive and Mrs. Palin decided to abort the fetus”

This story is fiction but one might imagine that it could be true. 

I haven’t written much lately about the Republicans, McCain, their convention, or Sarah Palin because, to be honest, I didn’t know what I wanted to say.  I did not feel like researching and quoting all the ridiculous lies that John McCain and his campaign are spouting, and I didn’t feel like researching the books that Sarah Palin wanted to ban from her local library when she was the mayor.  It was just too much work to substantiate fact when it really all comes down to my gut feeling.  

Let’s start with the fact that I finally made my first donation ever to a political candidate.  I sent money to Barack Obama.  No big deal to you, but it was to me.

Every time I hear a GOP candidate, a Republican Congressman or Senator,  a Republican “strategist”, or a run-of-the-mill, everyday republican, complain about what “pundits” say, they can’t quite seem to say the word correctly.  Maybe they have all been hanging around George W. Bush too long now to be able to speak English anymore, but if you notice, they say “pundints”.  What the hell is a pundint?  I have been bitching about this for weeks and finally last night, I saw Keith Olbermann mention it as well.  Thanks, Keith for also noticing how so-called educated people can’t speak properly.  The real issue here is that republicans just repeat what they hear from other republicans.  They don’t do their own research, have their own opinions, or have their own independent thoughts.  So when one starts saying “pundints”, they all do.  Just like when one say to “drill” they all do, and when one says McCain is a “maverick” they all do.  It only takes one republican to come up with an attack idea, or a talking point, and the rest follow.  How very efficient of them.  Only one person in the whole Republican party actually has to come up with an idea.

But anyway, the Republican party base and the republican “pundints” HATED John McCain and said horrible things about McCain during the primaries, right up until McCain was all they had left.  Now he’s their maverick messiah.  Their magical, irreverent, P.O.W., republican dragon-slayer.  (Insert retching and heaving here.)

We need to talk about the McCain camp and the press.  Let’s start with Tucker Bounds, a McCain spokesperson.  In typical Republican fashion he refused to answer a simple question from CNN’s Campbell Brown when asked directly:  “Can you give me one example of a foreign policy decision that Governor Palin made?”  It is a simple question, right?  Just give me one example.   As I sat there and watched this interchange, Bounds talked in circles, was rude, refused to answer the question, and acted like a 5 year old on the playground who was taking his ball and going home.  Bounds tried to say that Palin was the head of the Alaska National Guard, to which Campbell Brown said, “Well, the Pentagon would give orders to the Alaska National Guard if they were going to a war zone, I”m asking what direct foreign policy does Governor Palin have”.  Ms. Brown asked a simple question and got no answer.  Then, the McCain camp expressed their displeasure to CNN.  How dare CNN ask Tucker Bounds such questions and how dare they make him uncomfortable.  WHAT?  Since when does John McCain, or anyone else, control journalists and what questions they should ask.  The same thing happened on Tuesday when a CNN reporter in Alaska was chastised by a republican commentator, Republican Bill Bennett, for reporting about reaction to Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy.  It may have been tabloid reporting but it’s called “freedom of speech” and “freedom of the press”.  If the Republicans had it their way, they would control the media.  In fact, they think they should control the media. George Bush and his Administration tried it and in some ways, was successful.  I’m not going to cite the examples, again, too much trouble.  But if you consider the behavior of the Rep’s and wrap it up into a neat little package, it’s called Fascism.  If you watch carefully the Republicans are trying to control the media.  They are hooked in with big business and trying to control the media.  That is Fascism.

Palin’s speech last night she took shots at the media for being biased against her.  Yes, all of her poor judgement calls and abuses of power are the fault of the media.  Didn’t you know that?  Didn’t you know you’re not supposed to question the Republicans, their viewpoints, their talking points, or their deicsions?  Didn’t you know that republicans don’t have to be accountable for their actions?

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Abortion, Abortion, Abortion

I am speaking now to the pro-lifers, right wing conservatives in general,  and the media.

I am so tired of this being an issue in this election.  Actually I am so tired of the media and right wing conservatives pretending that abortion is an issue in this election.

First, abortion is legal and has been for 35 years.  So the only reason that a candidates position on abortion is an issues is what?  Because somebody out there plans on overturning Roe V. Wade.  Really!  Really?!.  Of all the things that are going on in the world and in this country, your biggest concern is who is Pro Life and who is Pro Choice.  Does any of it have any real affect on how the next President of the United States of America is going to govern our nation?   Does it have any real affect on your or my daily life?

So you’re all worried that some supreme court justices might retire and that the President will nominate somebody who doesn’t want to mess with a statute that has been on the books for 35 years.  As we all know, the President’s opinion on Roe V. Wade has no bearing on Roe V. Wade; otherwise George Bush would have “had it overturned” years ago. 

Who the fuck cares what Barack Obama or John McCain feel about abortion?  They can’t change the laws of this land.  They can’t wave some magic wand and change abortion laws.

Since Roe V. Wade there have been about 1100 abortions in the country per year.  How many of those were the result of rape, how many were incest, how many were just plain molestation, how many were the rape of very young girls or the mentally handicapped, how many were prostitutes, how many had to do with the health of the mother? 

Pro-lifers make it sound like women walk sit back on their big comfy sofas with cups of General Mills International Coffee and say “ah, what the hell, I’ll just have an abortion, screw it, let’s toast, can I get anyone anything?”.   Nobody LIKES abortion, no, not even pro-choice people LIKE abortion.  Pro Life supporters just want the opportunity to be legal, and with as little shame as possible, in the rare case that an abortion is the final decision.

It’s starting to sound the the Bush Administration and their buzz words to scare you.  You know them, there’s only three of them.  Terror, Gay Marriage, and Abortion.

Anytime something isn’t going their way, the Republicans will work Terror, Gay Marriage, or Abortion into the conversation.  I am way too busy looking for a job after I lost mine, and too busy trying to figure out how I am going to pay for gas and food, and way too worried about my nephew in Afghanistan to have another conversation with you about Terror, Gay Marriage or Abortion.

Democrats on Abortion

Politics is a complicated business.  None of us will ever agree on everything.  Even among people in the same political party.  And as much as right wing conservatives and neo-cons try to make the world believe that all democrats are radical pro-choice maniacs, it’s just not true.

I am as liberal they come, for the most part.  But I don’t think that my views on abortion are much different from most moderate democrats, or moderate republicans for that matter.

The right wingers like to make it sound like abortion is such a big political issue.  First of all, I don’t know one person in my life right now who is struggling with the decision of having an abortion.  I also don’t know one person in my life who has struggled with this issue within the past 10 years.  I have known women personally who have had to ponder this question at some point; but, it was an excruciating decision.

Even a woman who is radically pro-choice, a woman who would march on Washington, speak at a pro-choice rally, or back a pro-choice candidate, would  wallow in the gut-wrenching, emotional pain involved in deciding to actually have an abortion.  It is an awful thing even if you believe you should have the right to do it.

So let’s get some things perfectly clear.  It is individuals who support the right to choose, not political parties.  Abortion is not something that people must deal with on a daily basis.  And even if you decide that abortion is your only option for your particular situation, it will probably be the most difficult thing you will ever have to deal with in your life.  You may be haunted by the memories of it forever.

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