Toyota recall conspiracy removes Connecticut from New England

In a recent press release Toyota announced it was recalling 1.5 million vehicles, this time for a break fluid leak – or so they say.

I’ve uncovered some classified company information that sheds light on the real issues.  Toyota is rewriting history, and the history books themselves.   On October 20, 2010, I saw a television commercial for “New England Toyota Dealers”.  The commercial featured that guy who used to do the Toyota commercials back in the 90’s.  Toyota started using him again in an attempt to gin up customer confidence in Toyota after the recent  “uncontrolled acceleration” disasters.   To my surprise, the map of New England used in that commercial did not include the State of  Connecticut.  Yes, only Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island are “New England” states according to Toyota.  I figured it had to be an honest mistake, right?  – until I did a little more digging.

I scoured the Internet for the video of this commercial but could not find it.  I thought it was odd that I could not find the video since every commercial in the world makes it to YouTube.  I theorized that Toyota was involved in a conspiracy:  I scoured further.

As luck would have it, I stumbled upon a web site that Toyota forgot to hide.   This forgotten page proves that the company does not consider Connecticut to be part of New England.  Here is a screen shot from the web site in question.  It has not been altered.  Please – only read further at your own risk, since once you see this, you will be part of the select few who know where the roots of this conspiracy reside.

Notice that next to “Locate a Dealer”, Connecticut is not listed.  Further, the URL for this page is:

I know for a fact that Connecticut is part of New England.  Check any source you can find – other than Toyota – and you will see that I am correct on this point.  Only 4 States were considered to be “New England” when our country was formed by the original 13 colonies.  Those 4 States are Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and CONNECTICUT.  Vermont was not yet a State and Maine was owned by Massachusetts at the time.  Maine didn’t even become a State until 1821.

And how does all of this relate to Toyota’s recent recall?  There are approximately 1.5 million Toyota vehicles registered in the State of Connecticut.  Toyota’s most recent recall is 1.5 million vehicles.  So one can deduce that Toyota is trying to remove Connecticut from New England and remove all of Connecticut’s Toyotas so that no proof is left behind.  This recall is one big conspiracy in Toyota’s evil plan to eliminate Connecticut from New England.  They’ve already done it in their advertising.  Toyota knows that America has become so stupid and complacent, that if Toyota tells them that Connecticut is not part of New England, Americans will believe them.  All Toyota has to do is say it over and over and over again until fiction becomes fact.

Don’t let them do it, I BEG YOU!  I may live in Maine now, but in my heart, I will always be a Connecticutter (yes that’s the real name for people from Connecticut).  Don’t let Toyota rewrite history, or our maps.

AT 800-331-4331.

Ask them to put Connecticut BACK ON THE NEW ENGLAND MAP.

This is not a political issue, nor is it a partisan issue.  This is an American Issue.

Be strong.  Take New England Back!


Even with side effects, Ambien may be right for you

Below is the actual copy from an Ambien TV commercial (with my comments).  It’s the part of the commercial where it addresses  the drug’s warnings and interactions.  It is the longest  and most comprehensive list of drug warnings I have ever seen.  My first question is:  Are we as American’s that dumb?


Until you know how Ambien will affect you, you shouldn’t drive or operate machinery.  (How many people do you know take a sleeping pill and then GO FOR A DRIVE?)

Plan to devote seven to eight hours to sleep before being active.  (If I could do that, I wouldn’t need a sleeping pill)

Sleep walking, or eating and driving while not fully wake, with amnesia for the event, as well as abnormal behaviors such as being more outgoing or aggressive than normal, confusion, agitation, and hallucinations have been reported.  (If I’m confused, hallucinating, and have amnesia, how will I remember to tell my doctor?)

Don’t take [Ambien] with alcohol as it may increase these behaviors. (If you can’t drink Alcohol with a sleeping pill why bother?)

In rare cases, severe allergic reactions can occur.  (Define “severe”.  If I get a good night sleep and a few hives, I’m all good)

In patients with depression, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. (So I may kill myself because I’m finally getting enough sleep?)

Side effects may include next day drowsiness, dizziness, and headache. (Hmm.  Drowsiness after taking a sleeping pill?  That’s shocking!  So I’ll be sort of groggy the next day, and a little dizzy with a splitting headache.  I guess I’ll just have to go home and take another Ambien.)  

It’s non-narcotic and can be taken for as long as your prescriber recommends. (Oh thank god)

However, like most sleep aids, it has some risk of dependency. (DAMN IT, I knew it was too good to be true).

Allergic reactions such as shortness of breath, swelling of your tongue or throat, may occur and in rare cases may be fatal. (Well, if I die at least I won’t be complaining that I didnt’ get enough sweep, AHEM!, thweep!, thrweeep! HAP, I CANG BWEEB!)


My second question is: Do we, as a nation, need sleep so badly that we are willing to die for it?

Bob’s Discount Furniture and the case of the fake leather

It sounds like a Nancy Drew mystery, but it’s not.  Recently, Bob’s Discount Furniture started running a TV spot where Bob says that his company was rated the #1 Furniture Retailer of the Year by “Furniture Today” magazine.  This is an industry (trade) publication subscribed to and read by other furniture dealers, NOT the public.  As much as I have no interest in discussing Bob’s Discount Furniture AGAIN, I have an even stronger desire to make sure the public knows the truth.

And why wouldn’t Bob’s get voted to the #1 spot by his peers.  He has great sales numbers, apparent customer loyalty. and fools the public and bilks them out of millions of dollars.  He’s a giant success.  Other furniture stores only wish they sold as much “bi-cast leather” and “bonded leather”, neither of which are real leather at all.  How proud Bob must be to have convinced the public that they are buying quality leather furniture when in fact the processes used to produce this type of “leather” make his leather furniture the “Pringles” of the leather world.

Pringles are a potato chip-like product made from mashed up potato starches and then scraped across a mold to look like “chips”, then fried.  Bonded leather is the same process, only with leather scraps.  Bi-cast leather (also called Bicast, bycast, split, or PU leather) is cheap leather which is separated into thin sheets, sprayed with polyurethane, and then put back together to resemble a durable leather product.

However, unless the owner of such a leather piece of furniture is diligent about dusting it, cleaning it with a high quality leather cleaner, and diligent about never touching it with the natural oils from one’s own skin, statistics say it will only last about 18 months.  So if you are a neat freak and plan to never let your skin touch your leather furniture then bi-cast leather is for you.  Especially when you can buy a “bi-cast leather” chair and ottoman for $299.  You really do get what you pay for.

When Bob yells “Come on down!” he doesn’t mean to his store, he means to his level.
Happy furniture hunting.

Vagisil – it’s what’s for Breakfast

OK.  No kidding around here.  I woke up this morning after falling asleep in my recliner.  After rubbing my eyes and slowly opening them, I grabbed the remote and flicked on the TV to check the news and weather.  What I saw made me think I must be still asleep and dreaming and if so, I’ve got a sick and twisted mind.

A woman is walking, to somewhere, from somewhere I don’t know, she’s just walking.  And a soft, monotone voice comes over the TV and says”

“After the itching is gone, and after the odor is gone, now you can just live your life…….Vagisil”


If I was dreaming I am a sick and twisted human being.  I mean, what the hell.  I’m gay, why would I be dreaming about itching and odors emanating from a vagina????  I don’t know if I got all the words exactly right but I now “itching” and “odor” was in there and the rest is accurate, if not pretty damned close to exactly what was said.

Oh wait.  I wasn’t dreaming.  I’m not sick and twisted.  It’s the Vagisil folks that are sick and twisted.  AND have crossed the line.

This is not about misogyny, and it’s not about being politically correct, and it’s not about the fact that men should be accepting of women’s “issues”, this is just plain GROSS!  I immediately called my best friend, a female, and told her about it.  She was just about retching and heaving when I told her and she said the same thing, “GROSS”.  She said, “are you sure?”.  Of course, I am, I just watched it.

Now let’s turn that around.  Not that there is anything from a man’s perspective that could compare to this but I’ll give it a try.

“After you wipe away what could become a skid mark, and after the aroma is gone, now you can get on with your life……Charmin”

Can you imagine if THAT was a commercial,  A guy walking to somewhere, or from somewhere and a soft calming voice proclaims the advantages of cleaning one of your holes.  I mean COME ON!!!!

Vagisil is made by Combe Incorporated, White Plains, NY (800) 431-2610.  Please call them and ask them to stop the insanity.

Bob’s Discount Furniture – the truth about leather

Bob’s Discount Furniture has been a New England institution for what, 25 years or so.  And for each and every one of those years his commercials have been nothing short of extremely annoying.  He started in Connecticut where I am from and when I moved to Maine he unfortunately followed me here.  Same cheap furniture, same dumb commercials.

His newest commercial advertising a leather sofa and love seat made from bonded leather for around $699 or something like that.  That’s a good price for leather.  OR IS IT?  Did you even notice the words “bonded leather”?  Most people didn’t notice and that’s exactly what they expected.

I looked it up.  Bonded Leather is reconstituted leather – an artificial material composed of 80% to 100% leather fibers (often waste scraps) mixed with collagen fibers from other hide pieces bonded together with latex binders.  It has a “grain-like” texture.  So basically it’s leather scraps and cow guts mixed with latex rubber and thrown into an industrial blender, then rolled out and dried into sheets, punched with a pattern to look like leather grain, and then finally wrapped around your beautiful new furniture.

DONT’ BE FOOLED.  Question everything.  I knew something was up because I am used to seeing advertisements like this and really listening to what they are saying.  I had never heard of “bonded” leather and I’m glad I did my own research.

So unless you don’t want real leather, don’t buy bonded leather and especially from Bob’s Discount Furniture.

TV talk show give-aways miss the mark

Forget Oprah giving away a car to every member of her studio audience one day.  I actually get depressed watching daytime TV and all of the “stuff” that is given away randomly to audience members.

I know it sounds like jealousy, and maybe it is, but watching hoards of people get a cornucopia of “stuff” simply because they were in the audience of the Martha Stewart show on the right day is just depressing.

Audience members at Ellen or The View, or Rachel Ray get an amazing abundance of free stuff.  And not cheap stuff.  Digital movie cameras, high definition TVs, vacations, tickets to Broadway shows, a $400 juicer, you name it, it’s been given away on a talk show.

I know that Oprah attempts, in many cases, to give things away to people who actually need them.  The car fiasco was a good example.  I don’t remember now all the details but I believe that fans had written in and some how Oprah’s staff figured out which people could really use a new car.  I must admit, that sounds like a lot of work.  But at least they tried.

The rest of the big give-away phenomenon (all started, as I remember, by Rosie) is all about advertisement for the manufacturers of the products, not about the need of the people.

So who is watching these television shows?  Well, the only time I ever watch them is if I’m home sick, or right now, I’m home because I have been unemployed for a long time.  And when the “repo” man knocks on your door to take your car away, it’s very difficult to watch the entire studio audience of a talk show get a new refrigerator.  When I’m home recovering from back surgery, the last thing I want to see is an entire audience of the Martha Stewart show win a $3000 Temper-pedic mattress set.

I just don’t think that rich white women who have nothing better to do than stand in line in New York City at 8:00 a.m. to “get in” really need a new set of 600 thread count sheets.  If it were me, I would sell them so I could buy food this week.

So yes, we all know it is fun to give and it makes you feel better.  But I would be much more impressed in rich television personalities gave away their own money on national television to people who really need it.  Instead, they go for the ratings, work with large corporations to give needless things away to people who don’t need them.

How about if they called a local food pantry, or local community outreach program, and found a family or individual who is truly down on their luck and pay off some of their bills, buy them a car, rent them an apartment, pay for their prescriptions.  What?  Not enough publicity that leads to advertising revenue if you do that?

Come on folks, get with the real program!