Hasselbeck misses the point…AGAIN, and proves her irrelevance

I don’t know why I am surprised when Elisabeth Hasselbeck, co-host on ABC’s The View, misconstrues, misinterprets, or simply just doesn’t get the point of the topic of conversation, some of which are her own topics.

Today she berated Bill Clinton again for his indiscretions in the White House as if it was “new” news.  Bill Clinton has always been an easy target for her.  Because she truly believes, yet denies, that Democrats have to be perfect, and Conservative Republicans “keep us safe”, so their indiscretions should be overlooked.  She was asked by Joy what “personality traits” she would look for in a president.  She said “Someone who keeps us safe”.  That’s not a personality trait, it’s a task on a list of things to do. 

In the end, the point she brought up was Barack Obama’s church in Chicago and the churches’ published allegiance to the betterment, advancement, protection, and overall well-being of blacks in their community.  She tried to make the point the if the same statement were retold by whites, replacing the word “white” instead of black, it would be considered racist.  I personally believe that she has been recruited, yet again, by the republican party, to which she plays the role of Stepford Wife, to use The View as just an additional outlet to get out the RNC talking points.  Unfortunately, since Rosie left, both the View and Hasselbeck herself, have become irrelevant.

But here is the problem with her argument.  White folks, i.e people like me, were not chased down, lynched, murdered, hung in the streets, ostracized, denied housing, denied eating dinner at a restaurant, etc, simply because of our skin color.  I have no problem, as a white person, if a group of black people, or any other group that has been targeted by racists, wants to organize themselves to watch out for each other for the purpose of bettering their lives and ensuring that the atrocities like those mentioned don’t happen again.

Hasselbeck just missed the point.  And while it was a valiant attempt to chip away at the integrity of Barack Obama, I think you should go back and talk to Hannity and come up with a new plan.

2 thoughts on “Hasselbeck misses the point…AGAIN, and proves her irrelevance

  1. Can’t stand Elizabeth…she think she knows everything about everything and has an opinion, mostly wrong, about all. Did not miss her when she was on maternity leave and would not miss her if she left. Lisa Ling had some positive knowledge compared to this one.
    Perhaps she was hired for her “looks”. She actually makes blonds look “dumb”

  2. Lisa Ling, since leaving the View, has proven her true journalism abilities, going on assignment for both National Geographic, and for the Oprah Winfrey show doing many exposes on autrocities around the world.

    If only Hasselbeck cared enough about other individuals who don’t agree with her to do that kind of reporting.

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