Hasselbeck reminds me of Wile E. Coyote, Walters is Senile

If you watched Barack Obama on “The View” on Friday, March 28, then I hope you will know what I mean.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck actually tried to match wits with Barack Obama and continually tried to “catch him” by asking the same question in different words about his relationship with Pastor Jeremiah Wright.  It reminded me of Wile E. going after the Road Runner only to get foiled time and time again.

Well, as the saying goes, it you want to win a battle of wits, you need to actually have ammunition.  Hasselbeck’s arsenal seem to have been depleted, or never actually stocked in the first place.  She must think awfully highly of herself to think that she could get some sort of sound bite out of him that she and her right wing, talking-head comrades could latch on to and get into the next 24 hour news cycle.  I’d love to see her phone records to find out who she spoke to, or got coaching from, before the Obama interview.  She even tried the tactic of “give him a complement so he thinks I respect him, then try to make him slip up”.

I don’t mind hearing a different view point from the other side (right wing republicans) on “The View”.  But when will Barbara Walters finally realize that Hasselbeck has no talent for expressing her own independent thoughts.  Everything she says comes from something she heard from somewhere else.

Speaking of Barbara Walters, isn’t it time for her to move on as well.  Have you noticed that she has begun demonstrating the severe effects of aging.  Or maybe senility?  Half the time she can’t remember what she was talking about in the middle of a sentence.  Half the time she doesn’t know what the others are talking about.  And I feel a bit embarrassed for her when she starts tripping over her own words.

Lisa Ling was on the show on last Thursday.  At the end of the interview with all of the other co-hosts sitting right there, Barbara said how much she missed Lisa and that things had not been the same since Ling left.  Barbara followed this up with “We still have Whoopi, Elisabeth, Sherri, and Joy, so I guess it’s not all bad news”.

If I was one of the co-hosts I would have wanted to smack Barbara.  It’s not that bad?  It was as if Barbara said, “they’ll do….I guess”.

I don’t know why I care about the View and write about it so much.  I think it is because this show, and its format, provides a great opportunity for the sharing of ideas and constructive dialog.  The co-hosts have the chance to get the world talking about what’s happening in the world and provide some perspective.  But the whole thing ends up being time filled with coffee clatch gossip and chatter.  It really is a shame.

Barack’s appearance on the View was very good.  He is so good at atriculating what he says and what he means.  I also believe that because of his demeanor, he makes people feel comfortable.  None of us is perfect, and Obama would be the first to admit that.  But he is a great man, with great ideas, and if I compare him to Hillary or John McCain, I think he is the best choice to lead our country, and the best to represent our country to the whole world.  He’s got that certain something.  All Hillary really has is a standard eye roll by those listening when you mention her name.

2 thoughts on “Hasselbeck reminds me of Wile E. Coyote, Walters is Senile

  1. Alot of stupid people defend Obama and Wright. Their is alot of stupid people. Thats why this country is in trouble now. Oh you Obama scum will say Obama attended College and did well and college people vote for him.

    Going to college does not make you smart. Most brillant people never went to college you scum

  2. You obviously didn’t go to college, based solely on your poor language skills and sentence structure skills.

    And you stop by my web site, call me names, call others names based on a narrow-minded viewpoint of the world.

    I am currently unemployed and never went to college. I was a solid “C” student. Not exactly impressive. Yet I have my own web site and fend off visitors like you that come solely to attack me and call me names.

    This is not about college, it’s about integrity. You should go look that up in the dictionary and then figure out how to get some.

    And by the way, where on this blog did you see me defend Jeremiah Wright. Even Barack Obama himself doesn’t defend Mr. Wright. Do you actually do your own research and pay attention, or do you make it up as you go along by selectively listening to those who agree with you.

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