PUMAs at the Democratic Convention

First, I think that the real “Puma” people, meaning the Puma clothing company, should sue this group called “Party Unity My Ass” (how classy), for copyright infringement.

Barring that, I have a few things to say about the PUMAs.

If “Party Unity My Ass” is the name of your organization, then we can already tell that there aren’t any Rhode Scholars running your organization.  You can’t have an acronym that requires punctuation.  It needs a comma, or at minimum at semi-colon.

And speaking of colons, if you don’t feel “united” with the Democratic Party (and nobody is saying you have to be) then go start your own party.  Why waste your time with the Democratic Party if they don’t seem to stand for what you believe in?

In fact, go take yourselves, and your candidate Hillary Clinton, and go start your own party; The PUMA Party.  Then let’s see how that goes.  I think you should try it.

If after all this time, and after Hillary Clinton herself has released her delegates to Barack Obama and is in fact backing him, you don’t; then maybe it is time for you people to ask yourselves “Maybe it’s me?”

Here’s the answer:  It IS you. 

What do you think you will gain by protesting and boycotting and marching around with signs that are attempting to splinter the Democratic Party, even convince the Democratic Party, that they have made the wrong decision?  Do you thing the clock will get turned back?  Do you think that suddenly, because of your valiant efforts, that Hillary Clinton will somehow become the presidential nominee?  Do you really think you are going to do anything more than convince Republican and Independent voters who are on the fence that the Democrats got a whole bunch of crazy going on over there.

PUMA doesn’t stand for “Party Unity My Ass”.  It stands for “People United as Many Assholes” (now that is an Acronym).

It’s time to stop acting like school children, unfold your arms, stop looking down at the ground and stomping your feet, and act like an adult.  This is the real world.  I know you’ve seen it and can recognize it because at one point you could recognize a voting booth, you know, the place where people have free will to pull the lever for whomever they choose.  And guess what PUMAs, Barack Obama didn’t pull all those levers, America did.


DNC 2008 – I’m sick of the whiners and it hasn’t even started yet

I get that Hillary supporters aren’t happy that she didn’t win the nomination.  I would feel the same way if Barack Obama didn’t win the nomination.  But enough already.  If I have to hear one more time that Hillary Clinton supporters are “wounded” and “emotional” and need to “heal”, I swear to god I’m going slap somebody.  SHUT….THE…..FUCK…..UP….already.  We GET IT, you’re NOT HAPPY.

It’s been over two month’s now, what’s happened has happened and you can’t do a damn thing to change it.  I gave this a lot of thought and did some real soul searching.  If Barack Obama didn’t win, I’d be pissed.  But I would also realize that as much as I don’t like Hillary Clinton, she would be the person I am supporting because her platform is essentially the same as Obama’s.  She doesn’t deserve anything and didn’t earn anything any more than he did.  And it’s not his fault that he won.  Do you really want John McCain as your president?  Because I don’t and if Hillary were my other choice, well, that’s it, I would vote for her.  Even Hillary Clinton is giving up her delegates because even she has finally realized that she didn’t win the nomination.  This is about what is good for the country and is about the Democratic party.  It’s not about Hillary Clinton and it’s not about her supporters.

So to you Hillary Clinton supporters, we get it; life didn’t turn out perfectly for you; your candidate didn’t win.  Now let’s hold hands, do a group hug, pass out the Kleenex, sing Kum Ba Ya, change our tampons, take a Midol, wipe the flop sweat off our brow, take a water pill, drive badly, not read maps, wear our Birkenstock, go to Home Depot, adopt an African baby, make a vegetarian lasagna, watch Oprah and a good movie on Lifetime and then  SHUT….THE…..FUCK…..UP….already.

This is about the future of our country.  Not your need for validation.  Barack Obama is the Democratic Nominee for President of the United States.  I’m writing this here because somebody needs to look you in the face and tell you the truth.  Oh, and there is not such thing as the Easter Bunny.

Barack Obama will fight for you and your rights while you are trying to stab him in the back and not vote for him or vote for John McCain to try and get back at him.  Are you in high school?  No, I mean really!

Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention

For Hillary Clinton supporters, the lack of oxygen in the Mile High City must be taking its toll.  First of all, isn’t it time to just move on.  Senator Clinton’s Kool-aid drinking followers feel some need to get her name in nomination just so that, well, just so that they can say….so they can say….they got her name in nomination.  Right?  Am I missing something?  They want Hillary’s name in nomination just so they can say they did it, only to then have her lose the Democratic Presidential Nomination AGAIN!? in public, on national television for all the world to see.

I could understand if the flock wanted to present this as if Hillary Clinton was going to be the first woman ever to be placed in nomination on behalf of a major political Party for President of the United States.  It would be some sort of ceremonial “first”.  But it is not.  Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith was placed in nomination at the 1964 Republican convention, and New York Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm was placed in nomination at the 1972 Democratic convention.  So what is the point?

The Kool-Aid drinkers wanted to be able to say “SO THERE!.  They want the political equivalent of stomping their feet and crossing their arms, nodding their head quickly forward and saying “HUH!” only to ONCE AGAIN see their candidate LOSE!!!!!   Talk about glutton’s for punishment.   And they will still blame Barack Obama himself, rather than the people that voted for him, for winning.  When did Democrats become such immature cry-babies.  Maybe they always have.  There has always been something holding me back from officially registering with the Democratic Party, and behavior like this plays a huge roll in that decision.

So the Clinton Kool-Aid drinkers don’t want to win the White House, they don’t want a Democrat there, they just want Hillary Clinton there and to prove their point they’d rather vote for John McCain than another Democrat who actually has the same core values that they do.  This is among the stupidest things I have ever heard and in my mind, no better than the Bush Administration lying to the American public about reasons for going to war, except this time they are only lying to themselves.

We already know that Hillary got a lot of votes.  We already know that some people find her to be quite captivating and strong; able to lead, yadda, yadda, yadda.  SHE LOST!  OK?  Do you need yet another spectacle to distract the Party and America from the real issues.  The fact that Hillary Clinton “came close” is not an Election 2008 Issue.   It is now just a small part of the story and I find no reasonable explanation for focusing attention on what Hillary Clinton almost did.  You had plenty of time to do that when it was happening.  Stick a fork in it, it’s done!

Hillary Clinton Supporters – it’s time to MOVE ON

Back in 2004 when George W. Bush won the presidential election, I was so mad, I cried.  I was so angry I could not go to work the next day.  I sat in front of the television hoping that somehow, something went wrong and they had miscounted,  I kept waiting and waiting for “Breaking News” saying that someone had found severe voter fraud or someone found a whole bunch of ballots that were never counted and the Democrats really won.  But that day never came.

I was mad.  I was mad as hell and I wasn’t going to take it anymore.  But where was I to point my anger?  Who was I to blame?   Someone should pay. 

Was I mad at Bush.  Sure, but it wasn’t his fault he won the election.  Who was to blame?  Was it the media?  Yeah, the media.  The convinced the American voters to vote for Bush, or they didn’t do a good enough job convincing the electorate what the facts were and that they should vote for Kerry. 

Or maybe it was those 527 Organizations.  The Swift Boaters.  Those bastards, it was all their fault.

But when i peeled back all of the layers of my anger I realized that there was only one source of blame for the betrayal I felt; the American People.  The American voters picked George W. Bush.  Yes, it was a close race.  But in the end, their just were not enough people willing to vote for John Kerry.  How was I going to be angry at all of America, or at least the roughly half that didn’t vote the way I wanted them to.

I found out you can’t go around being mad at everyone.  In my recent foray into the world of blogging, I have blamed those who voted for Bush for this mess we are in.  I do point fingers at this collective group when I can and when it makes sense.  Like, if you don’t like the fact that we are still in Iraq, blame George Bush.  If you don’t like $4.00 gas prices, blame Bush.

So now we have Hillary Clinton supporters who have displaced anger.  They are mad at Barack Obama and will go so far as to not vote for him, even though he intends to bring about the same change that Hillary Clinton wanted to affect.   They still support Hillary, and still, to this day, think there is some way they can MAKE her win the 2008 nomination.   And she’s not helping; neither is her husband.  When she’s out on the stump saying things like “For all of you who voted for me in the primaries….and caucuses….I want you to know that the best thing you can do for the Democratic Party is to throw your support for Barack Obama“.

Hmm, did she really need to say “primaries and caucuses”.  Did she need to make that statement so specific that it actually brings back the bitter memories these people have of the nomination process?  And now I hear she wants to at least have her name put in the Conventions first round ballot box just to show, or to prove, that she was a real contender.  And why is Barack Obama responsible for the millions and millions of dollars that Hillary owes in debt.  He didn’t rack up her debt, he didn’t leverage her campaign to the hilt assuming it would all work out in the end because she WOULD be the nominee because she DESERVES to be the nominee.

It’s over people.  Barack Obama is the nominee.  If you want to be MAD at somebody, the only people you can be mad at, if you really feel the need, are the people who did NOT vote for Hillary Clinton.  It’s not Barack Obama’s fault that people didn’t vote for Hillary.  If you want to blame the media for misogyny, go ahead.  But don’t blame Obama.  And who’s paying now for what Hillary said about him back during the primaries back then?  Barack Obama.  Hillary didn’t do him any favors, and still isn’t.  But Hillary still lost and Barack still won.  You can’t change that.  So stop acting like a fourth grade who got picked last for the dodge ball team, stop stomping your feet and folding your arms in front of you and screaming and pointing and blaming anyone and everyone you can.  It was the people, the American people, who did not agree with you enough, enough to bring Hillary to the promised land like you think she should be.

Don’t throw away the entire democratic agenda, an agenda that you stood behind when Hillary was talking about it, just because the person delivering the agenda isn’t who you wanted.  That is just plan ridiculous and its time to move on.

Hillary supporters would rather have John McCain win, a man who will bring this country even further down the rabbit hole (or shit hole) that Bush has for eight years; than vote for a man who has the same basic platform as Hillary Clinton.  My god, what are you people thinking.  You are offically part of this countries problems, not part of the solution.

The 2008 Presidential Election – Where we stand right now.

Hillary Clinton finally conceded on Saturday, June 7.  I was a bit skeptical at first since she started her speech with “This isn’t the kind of party I wanted to throw…” and continued to bring up the 18 million voters who supported her in the primary; historical by her standards but you first need a classs in “Hillary math” to understand it all.

She first needs to stop her surrogates like Governor Rendell of PA, and Terry McCauliffe, her campaign manager, who continue to say things like “Barack Obama will make a good President but Hillary Clinton is still very popular”.  If they are truly dedicated to winning the 2008 Presidency, they should just shut up.

Finally, this election is not about Hillary, it is about Barack Obama.  In listening to the cable talk shows they keep bringing up the fact the Hillary captured the white female vote and that Obama will need her as VP to garner those voters.

I don’t think so.  Surprisingly enough, the white women I have talked to don’t think highly of Hillary Clinton and don’t see her winning or losing as a social commentary about what Americans think about women in positions of power.

The one most recurring theme among the women I have talked to is first, they don’t trust her, and second, how could she have stayed with such a slime ball of a husband just for her own political gain.  That disgusts them.  The Democrats need to consider this, and deal with it.  As much affection as people may have for the Clinton’s, there are just as many that are completely turned off by them.  In my opinion, Obama should operate as if Hillary just wasn’t an option and move on with the VP selection process. 

I was truly shocked.  I honestly had no idea that woman felt this way about Hillary.  Every time I saw a Hillary rally, I saw many, many white women clapping in the background.  Was this a well choreographed television stunt, done over and over again?  I don’t know.Read More »

The bickering continues about Vice President and it must stop

I realize that Hillary Clinton needed to make a graceful exit from the official Presidential campaign.  And although her concession speech on Saturday afternoon was a great speech, it still, in some way, continued to draw attention to the one and only Hillary Clinton.

Her staunch supporters like McCauliffe and Rendell are running the talk show circuit and are saying “well, Barack Obama will make an excellent President”.  But it all sounds so insincere. If you read between the lines, and based on their body language, they are still pissed off, trying to be manipulative, and not helping the situation at all.

McCauliffe and Rendell, and Ickes (yup he’s still around) are still bucking for a job somehow.  Now, Rendell doesn’t need one, he’s the governor of Pennsylvania.  But who knows what his agenda is.  The others don’t have a career right now.  They felt as entitled to a position in Hillary’s administration as she felt about being President.

Obama’s supporters who were part of his campaign are also on the talk show circuit.  And if you really listen to what they have to say, (I’m talking about people like Wexler) they don’t think that Hillary is the best choice for Vice President.  Many democratic strategists are saying the same thing.

So everybody is walking a fine line.  Support Obama. Support Hillary’s concession but keep her name in the air for Vice President.

Everybody, including Hillary, needs to take a break.  Obama needs a vacation.  It’s going to be a long summer if we argue all summer about whether or not Hillary should be the V.P. candidate.

Let Barack have some time, let his team do their job and give everybody a chance to take a deep breath before the bickering tears the party apart just like the Republicans want.  Stop playing into their hand.  Have you learned nothing.  Hillary, herself, pointed out how few democratic Presidents have been around lately.  And the reason is the disorganization of the Democrats.  So just stop it.


Women, Hillary, Obama, and McCain

As an Obama supporter, I would have been extremely disappointed, even mad, if he did not get the nomination for Democratic Presidential Candidate.   There was a time when things looked bleak and I said to myself that I would vote for ANYBODY rather than Hillary Clinton.  So I understand what Hillary supporters are feeling.  I watched the Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting aftermath and the women who were so angry; they were yelling and screaming and crying.  Their emotions were overflowing and they felt betrayed by somebody.

In trying to keep this in perspective, I tried to put myself in their shoes.  How would I have felt if it were Obama who was “robbed”?  Who would I lash out at on my blog or elsewhere?

After much thought, I came to some conclusions.  Barack Obama himself was not the reason that Hillary Clinton did not win the nomination.  He did not decide how the Bylaw Committee would vote.  He did not say anything even remotely misogynistic about Hillary Clinton or any other woman.  He has no control over how the press decides to cover Hillary and her campaign.  Yet these fervent Hillary supporters, with all of their displaced anger, are willing to punish Barack Obama by not supporting him, or voting for him.  I understand that they may want to punish the Press, or even specific pundits or on-air journalists.  I understand that they may be enraged at publications like the New York Times, or the Washington Post, a specific Blog or Blogger.  But to punish Barack Obama and cause such polarization within the Democratic party because of things beyond the candidate’s control seems misguided.

The same would be true if roles were reversed.  I could not blame Hillary Clinton herself if Barack Obama did not win the nomination.  She would have had nothing to do with it, other than run her campaign as best she could.  She has no control over what the Press says, what bloggers say, or how people vote, etc.

I find it hard to believe that any voting Democrat would punish the other candidate and vote for John McCain.  If they did cast their vote for McCain, or refuse to vote at all, they would realistically only be punishing themselves.

We all know the differences between the platforms of Obama and Clinton are few and far between.  However, if you compare the collective platforms of Obama and Clinton as “Democrats”, to those of the Republicans and John McCain, you will see the polar opposites. 

McCain can bellow as loud as he wants that he is not a continuation of the Bush presidency.  But the basic tenets of McCain and the Republican agenda are the same as George W. Bush.  There may be some minor differences, but if McCain were to take office today, you would not notice a difference in our Foreign Policy, our Economy, our Health Care System, or anything else that makes a difference to each of us as Americans.  In fact, unless someone told us that McCain took over, we would never notice.

For Democrats, this election is NOT about Barack Obama, and I think Barack himself would agree.  This election is about us; each and every one of us as individuals.  It is our responsibility to get the word out about Barack Obama as our vehicle for the kind of change this country needs.  He is our vehicle to restore our place in the world as the best country in the world, to inspire us to be the best we can be, to solve huge problems like the Iraq War, ignoring Afghanistan, high gas prices, the economy in general, education, and health care.  It is our responsibility as Democrats to talk to Independents and Republicans and try to convince those on the fence that Obama is the right choice for this country.   There are those in the Republican base whose mind you will never change so don’t waste your time there.

I do not tend to stand on my soapbox and herald the Democratic Party.  I am not even registered as a Democrat; I am unaffiliated.  I wasn’t even “political” until Bush’s second term.  I was absolutely blown away, depressed, angry, sad, and bewildered that he was elected to a second term.  And I blame every person who cast his or her ballot for George W. Bush for the condition in which we find our country today.  That’s a lot of anger and baggage to carry around and I am trying to let it go.  But I feel if I don’t speak out, and speak out loud and early, that it might happen again.  I can’t imaging how I would feel on November 4th, or 5th depending, if McCain is elected as the 44th President of the United States.  We will pay for it in cash, tears, and blood.  The middle class will disappear, and we will never restore our place in the world as a beacon of hope.  The Iraq War will trudge onward and Al Queda in Afghanistan, where the real war should be, will continue to be ignored.

Now is the time, and I challenge each of your who truly wants the right kind of change in this country, to go out and do something about it.  Help restore the United States of America to its former glory.  I don’t want to sound corny or poetic, but it is time for America to rise like a phoenix to a place high enough that the rest of the world can see the light.


Hillary won’t concede and McCain thinks he’s won the Iraq war

Last night I was in a reflective mood, happy about Obama winning the nomination, a bit forgiving of Hillary, and overall just enjoying the moment.

This morning, I’m fired up again.  Last night, Hillary refused to actually concede the election to Obama.  She spoke to her “supporters” in New York and treated it more like a rally or call to arms.  Neither she, nor her misguided mouth pieces like Terry McCauliffe, and Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, will answer point blank questions like “Isn’t it over for Hillary”.  All you get is “Listen, she ran a great race, millions of people supported her, she won the popular vote (if you use Hillary math), and blah, blah, blah”. 

Neither the candidate nor her surrogates can seem to muster up the strength to say, “Congratulations Barack, you won, we didn’t”.  I find it self serving, insulting to Obama, and it is like she’s living in some fantasy world; and so are her supporters.  They were yelling and screaming last night like SHE had won the nomination.  All of them refusing to admit the truth to themselves.  And the media is giving them a pass.  Both CNN and MSNBC gave the Clinton campaign lots of latitude and never forced McCauliffe or Rendell to answer the question; instead letting them get away with continuing to campaign for Hillary Clinton rather than forcing them to concede.   They need to let it go. 

They need to let Barack Obama get on with his Presidential Campaign and launch his team into overdrive against John McCain.  Instead the Clinton campaign continues to attract attention to themselves that, at this point, is unnecessary.  She didn’t win, it’s over.   And if she is bucking for a VP position or some other position in Obama’s administration, it’s not like Obama is going to forget she’s out there.

All the while, McCain on TV last night is talking about how “different” he is from George W. Bush.  Really?!  Who is is trying to convince; him or me.  He said that we are finally winning the war as a result of the “Surge”.  Really?!  Ask to troops on the ground, as my nephew, as the local Iraqi people who, after 5 years, still have no running water or electricity.  If that’s winning, what does losing look like. 

McCain claims that at times he was a lonely voice on Capitol Hill, speaking out against how the Bushies were handling the war.  So apparently when he is sitting in the Capitol cafeteria, talking to his secretary over a cup of herbal tea and saying “You know, I’m not sure they did this quite right” constitutes as a Beacon of Change regarding the Iraq War.  So which is it, are we already winning or are speaking out against how the war was handled.  You can’t have it both ways, Johnny.  McCain has always maintained that Barack Obama did not serve in the military and therefore makes Obama less qualified to be President.  Well, I think that just because you were in the military, does not make you more qualified to be President. 

Around the World today, I have realized that this is not just about us.  From France to Kenya and many other nations, there is excitement that America has grown up, they finally matured enough to realize that color has nothing to do with the process.  It’s been said more than once but I will say it again.  What happened yesterday was an historic moment in the history of the United States of America.  The least that Hillary could have done was acknowledge that Barack Obama WON the nomination.  But she is too self-centered, and egotistical for that.  She’s no different than her husband.

Hillary – stop lying to yourself and your supporters, it is over, so just admit it.  Stop wasting MY time with your ungracious double-talk.

McCain – you know, good luck to you.  There is not a man, woman, or child, that can not see you are nothing more than an extension of Bush.  You can double-talk all you want but America is not stupid.  As you stand there and say we are winning the war, I wonder what the families and friends of the 4100 dead soldiers, untold thousands wounded, untold thousand of dead civilian Iraqis, and the people of Iraq trying to survive every day will think about that.

Obama wins the nomination

I don’t have a lot to say about this.  I still need time for this all to sink in.  We, as Americans, and all the baggage that comes with that, have elected a young black man to represent the Democratic party in the race for the Presidency.

I am proud of America, and Americans.  I have new hope that America can become the strongest, most respected country on the planet.  It will be a long road to the White House but I just can not imagine any reason why John McCain should be the next President. 

We needed inspiration and we got it.  I know that Hillary Clinton supporters are disappointed.  I would be too if Obama did not win the nomination.  I stood by my beliefs and said I never would vote for Hillary Clinton and I said I would vote for McCain before I voted for Clinton.  But the reality is, I would not elect a Republican to the White House at any cost.

I congratulate Hillary and Barack for the most fascinating and interesting race for the Presidency in my lifetime.  Just keep an eye out for the spin and the lies.  Keep on seeing through the smokescreen that the Republicans will put in your way.




To Clinton Supporters: Please explain yourself

I need help trying to understand this situation and I am being honest here.  I don’t get it.

Before Michigan and Florida delegates were reinstated, Barack Obama was ahead in number of states won and number of delegates.  After the reinstatement, Obama is ahead by number of states won and number of delegates.

Neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton decided themselves how the Michigan and Florida primary debacles were resolved.

I understand the anger, and the passion behind the anger, for supporters of Hillary Clinton.  If Barack Obama were in the same position, I would feel similarly. 

But Hillary Clinton has been behind Barack Obama for the majority of this primary cycle, if not the entire cycle.  Clinton has been clawing and scraping up every possible delegate, super or regular, just as she should, and so has Barack Obama.

If Clinton Supporters were mad at the Democratic Party, the DNC, the party leaders themselves, State governments, then I get it.  But to blame Barack Obama for what the DNC decided just does not make sense to me.  The DNC could have stuck to the rules and negated all delegates in both states.

The American political system is based on Delegates.  That’s what we have to deal with, and those are the rules under which we must operate.  I don’t like it either but I can’t control it.

The only possible item up for contention is the popular vote.  There may be an argument for that but I have two problems with it.  First, the numbers are sketchy considering a lot of the caucus numbers are either estimates or pure speculation.  Second, if you make your argument to try and convince super delegates to make up their mind, or change their mind, and they don’t move towards Clinton, then you’re done.

Again, all of this number crunching has nothing to do with the Campaigns themselves.  Neither Barack nor Hillary are controlling most of this process.

So I think Hillary should do whatever she can to try and win the nomination, but don’t take it out on Obama or his supporters if it doesn’t happen.  The attitude of “if we don’t win, then you don’t win, and so we’re voting republican” is ridiculous.  So you’re not a Democrat, you’re just someone who single-mindedly supports one candidate; not a party, not a concept, not a movement, just a person. 

I probably don’t like Clinton any more than you like Obama.  In fact, I’ve said some nasty things about Hillary.  But when you get down to the end, I would vote for Hillary Clinton rather than ANY republican.  I am emotional about this issue, but I am also practical and realistic.  You have to play with the cards you were dealt.  Trying to divide the party by acting like 4 year old stomping his feet and pouting isn’t really doing anybody any good at all.

So you can make all these arguments about misogeny, threaten to vote for McCain, talk about popular versus delegate votes, but what does it accomplish.  Keep in mind that you have people out there who won’t vote for Obama simply because he is black and/or believe he is a Muslim (and extremist at that).  Is that the group of people you want to associate yourselves with because you think you have been wronged.  It’s not about you.  It’s about our country and about the men and women trying not to die every day in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It’s about the poor, the uninsured, the lost and forgotten; all the things the Democratic Party stands for.

So the question is, are you really part of the Democratic party or not.  Do you want real change or not.  How can you be for everything Hillary Clinton stands for, but be against Barack Obama who essentially has the same platform.  The word “Party”, in this case, does not necessarily mean it’s going to be fun all the time.

Please help me understand by using rational arguments how you want to punish and blame Barack Obama because Hillary Clinton did not win the nomination.  It’s not his fault.