The world’s most beautiful men

It’s time for a subject change.   No politics, no rants, it’s time for a fluff piece.

Usually, when I get inspired to write, it’s about something that has struck a chord with me, either positively or negatively, from the news, current events, or pop culture. But as a gay man, I admit I have some other more “typical” interests. While I don’t talk about being gay all that much, and while I don’t like the fact that the world, it seems, is one big beauty contest especially in the gay world, I can’t avoid some basic truths.  Beautiful men are interesting.  More interesting than beautiful women.  I would even be willing to bet that overall in the world, male beauty is far more alluring, far more interesting, and far more reactionary than female beauty. Beautiful men get attention from everyone; starting with women due to basic biology.    Most “straight” men won’t admit it, but there is an allure that exists for them in the stunning beauty of the male form.   But there is the envy factor as well which can turn ugly very fast.  And of course, gay men know a beautiful man when they see one…. it’s a gift.

It is difficult to define beauty.  Many definitions exists.  My favorite definition is simply “an excellent or exceptional example of something.  This definition doesn’t talk about attractiveness, and that’s good because much of beauty is not defineable in that way.

So what is beauty?  Psychologists, Anthropologists, and Modeling Agencies might say that beauty can be calculated by bone structure, facial symmetry and other tangibles like that.   And still others will say that true beauty is beyond the facade of ones outer appearance. That last one is bull and you know it.  We are exposed to men via the media: TV, film, and magazines.  We rarely get to see much beyond the external facade.  Looking into a man’s eyes gives you a glimpse into their soul but even that isn’t enough.  Watching a man move, and watching his face when he turns back to notice something; or watching a man when he doesn’t think anyone is looking at him; that’s when you get to see real male beauty.

I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; this is obviously not a new concept.  Some men have a magnetism that goes beyond the air brushed pages of fashion magazines, or the makeup plastered on in the movie and TV industry to cover up flaws.

I’ve been thinking about the kind of men whom I consider to be beautiful.  For me, it is about men you can’t help but notice, stare at, or that make you feel good simply by looking at them.  Personally, I always look bad on film.  Whether a still camera or video, old fashioned film or digital; I look awful.  Not all men are like this.  And I envy them.   Some men have a complexion that simply radiates back to the viewer.   Here a few examples.  I don’t want to run the risk of copyright infringement so I will not actually post pictures; you can look them up on the Interwebcloud if you so choose.  So based purely on my own opinion, these are arguably some of the most beautiful men in the world based on the ideas I just described:

Chris Evans: Pick a movie that he’s been in; he look’s fantastic.  “Cellular”, “The Nanny Diaries”, or “Fantastic Four”, the man looks phenomenal.  And I don’t just mean his body.  His eyes, his smile, all perfection.  The camera simply loves to watch his every move.  Woman love him, men are envious of him. But he’s such a nice guy that nobody is threatened by him.  Tha’s beautiful.
Santiago Cabrera:  He is much less known.  He was in”Love and other Disasters” and very recently played Lancelot in the NBC series “Merlin”.  Again, his physical beauty, gentle manner, and the fact that he is so comfortable in front of the camera make you not want to take your eyes off of him.  I believe he is from Venezuela.   There is something about latin men, let’s face it.  But Cabrera isn’t “typical”.  He’s not that dark, mysterious, overly confident Latin-lover type.   He’s just a great looking man, with magnetism, but softer, more subtle, almost shy.  That’s beautiful

 Logan Marshall-Green – the hyphenated hunk.  And not very well known.  The first time I saw Logan was in a movie called “The Great Raid”; a fantastic movie about the freeing of some WWII soldiers from a Japanese POW camp.  He looked so different in that film from what he looks like now on TNT’s “Dark Blue”.  The one thing that remains constant?  That fantastic face.  His eyes and lips are unmistakable and I could pick them out of a lineup.  He must be an intense method actor as he seems to transform himself for the roles he plays.  That’s beautiful.

Paul Walker:  Again, he’s a man whom some may know, some not.  He’s not exactly a household name.  But if I told you he was the cute guy in the Fast and Furious movies, you would know who I mean (no, not Vin Diezel, the other guy).  Paul Walker was also in “Into the Blue” with Jessica Alba where they both spent most of the movie in their bathing suits.  It was quite a sight.  He is by far the most “All-American” of the men on my short list.   He’s a good actor and I think a very underrated actor. When he smiles, he outshines the sun.  He is beautiful. 

Nicholas Gonzalez:  Another lesser known actor. One of the worst movies ever made was “The Princess and the Bario Boy”.  The move has a typical plot — boy from the wrong side of the tracks meets rich girl; her father hates him, and then the boy is able to redeem himself in some way in the father’s eyes and they all live happily ever after.  Gonzalez has a smile that knocks you out.  Which makes sense considering he was a boxer.  And he played one on the Showtime series “Resurrection Boulevard”.  He seems to play a lot of bit parts these days, but his on camera presence is magnetic.  Keep looking for him, and at him.  You’ll see what I mean.  And he posed nude for photographer Gregg Gorman, so there is proof that he has an incredible mystique, and body.  He’s beautiful.

James Franco:  I hesitated to put him on my list.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because he doesn’t have the same palpable inner beauty that some of the others have.  I think he’s a terrific actor.  He was in “The Great Raid” too, as well as two of my favorite films “Flyboys” and “Tristan & Isolde”.  James Franco has star power for sure, in that when he’s on film, you can’t help but keep your eyes on him.  He is strong, and vulnerable all at the same time.  And when that one piece of hair hangs down in his face… OK, never mind, he definitely should be on this list.  Beautiful.

As you can tell by now, my list doesn’t include George Clooney or Brad Pitt.   You may agree that some of the men on my list are striking.  You may think that some of these men are ugly, who knows.   I believe that actors are more beautiful than a male model because models are simply captured for one moment on then printed on a page.  Male models might be considered more classically beautiful than some of  my men but male models are one dimensional.  It is a man’s ability to move, smile, react, run, jump, and show emotion, that defines their beauty. 

I would be interested to hear who’s on your short list.