BluCigs ( Don’t waste your time or money

For anyone interested in electronic cigarettes (Ecigs or E-cigs) you’ll probably find it as difficult as I did to figure out which company you should do business with.

First, you need to understand how Ecigs work.  I didn’t know a thing about them and even after watching an online video I was still a bit confused.   Once I got them and read the instructions, I figured it out, obviously.

To be honest, I fell in love with the concept.  It was like a real cigarette.  It tasted good (at least the classic tobacco flavored cartridges did) and you inhaled and exhaled and “smoke” came out and it was GREAT!   The flavored cartridges were AWFUL and with BluCigs, they don’t give you an option in the Starter Kit.

That’s why I was so disappointed when it stopped working.  There are so many pieces to this that it was difficult to tell whether the problem was with the battery (equivalent to the white part of a classic cigarette), the cartridge (equivalent to the filter of a classic cigarette), the atomizer (this connects the two aforementioned pieces, or with the USB charged, the cable, wall outlet, or the fancy “Pack” that you charge to then charge the batteries (I know, it’s confusing).  After about twelve phone calls, I gave up and mailed the whole thing back for a refund.  Of those 12 phone calls, only one person, her name was Hayden, was nice.  The rest were mean, nasty people who only wanted to get off the phone.  With all the problems I had I was never offered any compensation, not a discount on a purchase or a package of free cartridges for my trouble, nothing.  Even when I asked for a little something I was told they couldn’t do that.

During these tech support phone calls I got so worked up I asked for a supervisor.  I was told that there weren’t any supervisors available.  ALL TWELVE PHONE CALLS OF VARYING TIMES, no supervisor available.  When I asked for their name, I got some fake name and they wouldn’t give me a last name.  When I say fake – how many people have a first name like “Kennedy” or “Manhattan” or “Carpenter” –  A FIRST NAME?  I asked for their employee number and was told that they don’t have employee numbers.

I had my BluCigs starter kit for one week.  Of that time, I thoroughly enjoyed “smoking” for about 2 hours total.  Every single piece of this thing had troubles and I gave up.  And I was pissed because I liked not smoking real cigarettes.  They didn’t stink, and I didn’t stink, and my car didn’t stink.  It was great.  I am still waiting for a refund and also a refund on some replacement cartridges I ordered before I decided to cancel.  I can tell already just from some initial inquiries that getting my money back is going to be a nightmare.  Plus I’ve read some seriously bad reviews of BluCigs online that I wish I had found before I did business with them.

Do your homework.  I thought I did mine.  So when you think you know the right company with whom you should do business, do some more homework.

I decided to try a company called “Pro Smoke”.  After I placed my order, I read somewhere online that they are affiliated with BluCigs, but I haven’t been able to corroborate that story.

Here’s one more piece of information:  BluCigs does not have any other mailing option but regular USPS.  No options for UPS, FedEx, or even USPS Priority.  It’s regular mail or nothing.  So if you don’t order your supplies a week or two ahead of time, you will run out.  And to make matters worse they use that MailExpress company.  For those of you not aware of MailExpress, it’s like a contractor for the armed forces.  They attempt to do the leg work for the Post Office and I’m sure they get paid highly to do it.  They undercut even the Post Office on their own prices.  MailExpress is a courier mail service that you, as a consumer, cannot use, but businesses use them.  MailExpress picks up packages from a retailer for dirt cheap.  Then the truck it through their own distribution system across the country and deliver it to the local Post Office.  The Post Office then delivers it to your house.  There is a “tracking” system which is completely unreliable and you never know where you package really is.

Bottom line – Ecigs are a great alternative to regular smoking.  I’ve been smoking for 30 years, and never thought I would stop.  But Ecigs have changed my opinion and my options.  I got to the point where I enjoyed my Ecigs more than my regular cigarettes.  But BluCigs? – Absolutely DO NOT bother doing business with them.  Try a different company and do your research.