Frank & Oak is taking itself seriously, finally. Offers Discount Code.


It’s been a little over a year since I wrote my review of Frank & Oak – the online men’s clothing box service.  To my surprise, in the past year I’ve had about 14,000 people visit/read that one individual posting.  It’s received far more attention than anything else I’ve written on this blog.

Two days ago I received another comment from a visitor which I did not approve to be posted onto my blog.  The comment was from someone who worked at Frank & Oak.  It was an apology to me and my readers for the troubles that I or anyone else had experienced.  It went on to say the F&O had done a lot to improve and then, at the end, offered a 10% discount code to me and/or my readers.

I wasn’t too happy with that.  First, I didn’t feel that an employee of a company should use a comment section my blog as a marketing tool in response to a bad review of their company.  My blog is personal opinion.  I have no agenda other than to tell the truth about things that have happened to me.  Second, 10 percent??  That barely would cover the sales tax for most people.  So it all came off a bit hollow.  I responded to the commenter with my thoughts.  But it all turned out much differently than I thought it would.

As it turns our Roger Emeka is a very sincere gentleman (guy) who is truly trying to restore the Frank & Oak brand.  He’s honest, and generous, and very straight-forward.  There was no disrespect intended.  I asked him to change the comment a bit and offer a:

20% discount to my readers. 

which he did,

The discount code is FRANKCARES20

I approved his edited comment.  To see his comment, go to the original post and scroll down to the comment section:

I’ll have more on Frank & Oak coming soon.  To anyone who was disappointed with Frank & Oak, at this point, at least consider giving them a second look.


3 thoughts on “Frank & Oak is taking itself seriously, finally. Offers Discount Code.

  1. I really wanted to like F&O, but my experience was horrible. I received some items that were clearly shoddy made. I returned the items. Fine, I can deal with all that and move on. 1 week after I returned the item, I emailed twice w/o a response to get a status update. I tried calling to get a status update on return. I was on hold for 20 minutes. Still not upset yet. My biggest issue was the arrogance of the F&O person whom I talked to when getting the status update on the return as my emails and messages went unanswered.. She was apathetic on the phone and didn’t offer any ETA on when the return would be processed. She simply said F&O doesn’t have enough resources and people to deal with all the cases. That should be a red flag right there.

  2. I’m on the same page as Panerai. I wanted to like F&O so much! I’ve been trying to love them for the last 6 months. And every time I try, I am disappointed yet again. Every order I’ve made is delayed in getting to me or missing some articles that I paid for. The return process is horrendous. Twice now, I’ve waited over a month to get a refund and confirmation that my return was received. Customer support is lacking or non-existent. An automated email saying you’re sorry and that you’ve mess up doesn’t win over your customers. Not when it happens every time.

    F&O has a great concept, but fails miserably in terms of execution. If you’re resources are truly that limited, than figure your stuff out before you promise customers something that you can’t keep.

  3. they have just disabled the code 😦 what a shame, there is a spring sale right now and the prices seem nice with the discount

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