Signs the World is coming to and End

There’s no other explanation for the events that have unfolded than the earth as we know it will cease to exist, just like “they” predicated.


Now I know what you are thinking. That can’t possibly be true. But it is. And here’s what happened.

Most of you know by now that the US Department of Health and Human Services has mandated that Catholic institutions that employ non-Catholics must provide a health care plan that includes birth control coverage. Now, think about that. HHS is not saying that Catholic hospitals have to dole out birth control, and they certainly aren’t saying that Catholic institutions have to PERFORM ABORTIONS. Although if you listen to the right wing media, this is the spin they have put on it. What HHS said was that they must provide for birth control benefits in the insurance plan that they provide to their employees. And if by chance the Catholic institution is self-insured, they have the opportunity to arrange for birth control coverage FROM A THIRD PARTY. All HHS is saying is that under the law, everyone is equal. Just because birth control is a coverage offered in the health care plan doesn’t mean Catholics are forced to use it. But I can guarantee you that most Catholics would use birth control.

When it comes to Catholic Hospitals and Universities, the majority of the EMPLOYEES are most likely not Catholic. We’re not talking about the executives of such who probably are. We’re talking about regular people who applied for and got regular jobs that happen to be at a place of business operated by the Catholic Church. So not only are these non-Catholics not obligated to follow Catholic doctrine, even Catholics aren’t obligated to follow Catholic doctrine. It’s a well-known fact the most Catholics do not follow the churches teaching on contraception. Mika Brzezinski being one of them.

While Joe Scarborough and his republican cronies have tried to turn this into a first amendment issue (Freedom of Religion) and they are saying that Barack Obama is blurring the lines between church and state, AND he is trouncing on the rights of Catholics, the argument has also been expanded now to include abortion and the whole “slippery slope” bullshit. Anything to distract people from the real issue. And here’s the real issue:

The Catholic Church doesn’t want anyone to know that the majority of their own “flock” does NOT follow the birth control doctrine. All that’s happened is that the White House, by trying to provide equality under its health care rules, has exposed this dirty little secret. Catholics use birth control. The Pope doesn’t have as much control over his minions as he’s like everyone to believe. Nowhere in the Bible did Jesus say, don’t use birth control. And the Old Testament doesn’t talk about it either. Birth Control doctrine is a man-made doctrine.

Is there any difference between using a condom, or a birth control pill, and having a Man simply pull out before he ejaculates? Is pulling out before ejaculation a form of contraception? Of course it is. So birth control isn’t something that Rome is against, obviously. But they are if birth control involves a gizmo or pill, and it’s made public knowledge that Catholics use it. The Catholic Church is hypocritical on so many issues, but especially on this one. Why do they allow any man and woman to get married if they don’t plan on having children (“Be fruitful and multiply”)?

Now as far as Mika Brzezinski is concerned, she is a Catholic. I am a recovering Catholic (one day at a time, fingers crossed). She stated this morning that she believes that this issue is about Health Insurance Coverage and is not a cultural or religious issue. She also said that she believes in contraception, as do most Catholics. I agree with Mi……

I can’t even type it. I’ll try again. I agree with Mika Brz……. Nope, couldn’t do it. One more time. Deep Breath, Heavy Sigh.

I agree with Mika Brzezinski. THERE. I said it. She actually gave this some thought. She also talked to the White House, as a reporter, to get their statement on what was intended by this recent decision. She is not pro-choice and she knows that this is not about abortion. This whole argument is about two things. First, the right wingers want any chance they can to distort the facts and claim that President Obama is forcing Catholic Hospitals to provide abortions. Second, the Catholic Church doesn’t want the laid back approach that most Catholics have to contraception to be well-known. It diminishes the churches power, and exposes their lack of it.

Joe Scarborough and speaker of the house, John Boehner (get real, it’s pronounced BONER, NOT BAYNOR), need to check the right wing conspiracy shit at the door. The saddest part of all of this is that most American’s will only hear the filtered media frenzy of the right wingers and never do their own research to figure out what is really going on. The truth, I mean.

So today is the day I agreed with Mika Brzezinski. I will be watching the skies for meteors, comets, and asteroids.


Mika Brzezinksi is now the full blown food police

I have seen and heard Mika Brzezinski say a lot of stupid things over the years but this has to take the cake.

She’s beyond being the “food police” and is now the “Body Police”.  On this morning’s “Morning Joe” she ranted into yet another diatribe that went way beyond her usual “Sugar kills, sugar is bad, you should be killed if you eat sugar” and went right into “Meat will kill you”.  The human race has been eating meat since its existence.  In fact, it was because of the human bodies ability to process meat protein that the human race developed and flourished into what it is today.

Brzezinski then said that she had no problem if other people ate meat as long as they “paid more”.  Paid more for what?  Taxes, health insurance premiums?  When is this going to stop?  When is enough, enough?  I hate the term “slippery slope” but if we were ever on one, now is the time.

Mika Brzezinski hates fat people; she thinks that most American’s are obese monsters who should just die.  Well let me tell you something.  Listening to her, and her fascist views on obesity, give me so much stress that I think SHE should pay more to be on TV because the stress levels I must endure by listening to her are going to kill me.

Second, she thinks there should be a tax on people who are overweight.  So what is it, 30 cents a pound?  How does this work? And what about when Brzezinski was pregnant having her babies.  Maybe she fell outside the “normal limits” of weight gain for her pregnancy.  Should she pay more taxes, or more in insurance premiums for that?  I say YES. On top of the FAT tax.

Willie Geist said to her “So you don’t think it is OK, or my choice, to have a Big Mac once in a while?”  Brzezinski first said “NO” because it’s bad for you”.  (According to whom?)  And when Willie said “why”, Brzezinski said “because I have to pay for your bad health”.

Really.  Really!  Really?  I believe Willie has his own insurance.  Mika is not paying his co-pays or deductibles.  And if she’s talking about the fact that she has to pay more in insurance premiums to cover the cost of people in bad health?  Then I say, If she was paying for Willie, or me, then I would have WAY better insurance than I have. 

Does that also mean that I pay more for health insurance because Mika has children.  I must right?  If Mika thinks that all health care costs are spread out equally among then I must be paying for her pregnancy, pre-natal vitamins, the birth, the afterbirth, and any “special needs” her children might have, or devlop.  Well, I don’t want to pay for that.  I don’t have kids and don’t want to pay for people with kids or the kids themselves.  So screw her.  If she had a premature baby, LET IT DIE, because I don’t want to pay for it.  Fuck her.  That’s exactly what she is saying about people who DARE to eat meat.

I am confused about whether she is a Republican or Democrat; but she is acting like a typical Republican.  She thinks she can legislate what you put in your body and if you don’t think and eat like her, she has no use for you.

Who knows what bottled hair bleach does to your health.  I don’t want to pay for that either.  She suffers from Self-righteous indignation, from a woman with such low self-esteem that she lashes out at everyone and anyone who isn’t perfect in her eyes.  It is sad.  It is maddening.  And most of all, it is a slippery slope when we project our own fears, opinions, and moral judgment on everyone else around us and never take a look at ourselves.  She is doing EXACTLY what she accuses others of doing.

She acts like a woman who was molested by her father, brother, or close family member.  She is addicted to being thin and eating right all in an effort to gain acceptance by somebody who harmed her.  Politically and journalistically, she is in WAY over her head.  And I don’t know how you go from majoring in “Sitting in a chair” and minoring in “Talking at the Camera” (they go together, you know) to thinking that she is the self-appointed, spokes-model for the American diet.  What is really going on here?  Why would someone who outwardly has a pretty good life get SO worked up about a Big Mac.  Me think she doth protest too much.  Something doesn’t add up.

Mika Brzezinski hits new low on Grayson comments

What is worse than Mika Brzezinski using “Morning Joe” (weekday mornings on MSNBC) as a platform to pretend she’s a journalist?  Having to watch Mika Brzezinski pretend to be a journalist without Joe Scarborough there to put her in her place.  I watch “Morning Joe” for the guests.   It seems as if anyone involved with current events is a guest on that show.  Joe Scarborough pisses me off and co-host Mika Brzezinski annoys the hell out of me.  Yet still I watch.

This morning, Joe was not there again.  He had some surgery on his sinuses which can’t be pleasant, so I do wish him well.  But what his absence has left is a political talk show with only Mika Brzezinski to steer the ship.  Permanent guests Willie Geist and Mike Barnicle help, but Mika Brzezinski running the show? Oh man, what a week.

So today they were talking about Alan Grayson’s apology.  He didn’t apologize in the manner the Republicans wanted, but he did apologize to all the families and other loved ones of people who DIED as a result of not having health insurance.  He apologized for not getting the job done; the job being providing reasonable health insurance to all Americans.

Another semi-permanent guest, Pat Buchanan, weighed in.  Pat said something about how Alan Grayson was getting his 15 minutes of fame, and that he was the hottest thing going right now for the Democrats (see previous article on why that is).  Mika then asked the producer to put up the picture of Grayson again.  It was a picture of Grayson on the floor of Congress with his “charts” that say “Die Quickly”.  Mika actually said, while she was sort of laughing  (this is paraphrased but close enough) “So this is what’s considered HOT in the Democratic Party”.  She was taking
pot-shots at his appearance.  Alan Grayson was dressed nicely enough.  He appeared to be a bit portly and maybe didn’t belong on the cover of G.Q., but her best argument against him is that he’s not pretty enough?

For someone like Mika Brzezinski who talks almost everyday about how the media should have more decency, more integrity, and watch what they say, she comes out with a pot-shot against a politician because he isn’t skinny enough for her standards.

Well, Mika, I’m talking to you directly now and here’s my take.  First, take your own advice and keep the comments to yourself if they have nothing to do with the real story.  That’s what you preach.  Second, we all know that you are a runner and run 8 miles a day, every day.  You act as if a potato chip has never entered your virgin mouth (which bring me to a whole new topic on frigid women but that’s for another day).  Let’s face it, you are of Polish descent.  I don’t believe for one second that you haven’t gone to a family gathering where they are serving kielbasa and pierogies and you aren’t scarfing them down.  And third, I think you doth protest too much.  You are literally running a crusade against people who are overweight.  The reason you run your ass off everyday and preach about good eating habits is because you have such an inferiority complex, text book insecurity issues, and you live with the fear that other people will judge you in the same wat you judge others.

Making a comment about Alan Grayson’s looks, or appearance, is not right, not fair, not professional, and certainly not journalism.  You are not raising the journalism bar, your are doing the limbo right under it, and then claiming that other journalists aren’t up to your standards.  You are a hypocrite.

Scarborough is wrong, Carter is right on racism

I think Joe Scarborough can be a complete idiot at times.  I rarely agree with him but I usually respect him.  Not this time.  He is one of many who misconstrued and oversimplified what President Jimmy Carter said about racism.

Former President Carter said the majority of “organized protests” against President Obama were racially based.  He didn’t say all opposition to the President was racially based.  He also said that the people who were racially motivated in their hate speak were vigilant about it.  I mean how else would you construe “Welcome to our plantation” on a sign at the Glenn Beck/Fox News/Freedomworks.Org rally in Washington.

Scarborough went on to say that President Carter was playing the race card because Obama’s approval rating had lost 20 points from January.  Scarborough claimed that Obama was elected by a majority and that people just don’t “turn into racists”.  It’s “all about approval ratings”.

No it’s not.  Here’s the point Joe Scarborough missed:  If Obama had a 70% approval rating that means 30% don’t approve.  Of that 30% a large proportion of them are racist.  They hate blacks just like they always have in the South.  If Obama’s approval rating dropped to 50%, that means 20% more people disapprove of the direction he is taking the country.  Hell, I am not happy with the President right now.  But that original 30% or a large portion of it, is still there.  Again, Carter never said all criticism of Obama is based in racism, he said the majority of the “organized protesting” is based in racism.  And he’s right. 

And Carter should know.  He was born and raised in the south and was the Governor of Georgia.  President Carter is a smart man, and a humanitarian.  I trust his judgement over Scarborough’s any day of the week.  When an 80-year-old white man from the South says that there is a severe hatred being displayed towards the President and it is based in racism, I believe him.  That doesn’t mean all people who disagree with the President are hate-mongers.  Just some of them.

Scarborough also said that Jimmy Carter has lived in a bubble since 1976 and continued with “What America does Jimmy Carter live in?”.   He lives in your America, Joe, and mine.

Scarborough says that Bill and Hillary Clinton were treated much worse by their detractors than Barack Obama is being treated.  But the Clinton’s did not continually have their lives threatened on blatant protest signs painted by Birthers who miss the days of the KKK.

Maybe the Clintons and George Bush were called mean, hateful things.  But those words and those emotions were never based in racial hatred.  I can NOT believe that you, Joe Scarborough, believe that the good ol’ boy network of Negro-haters in the South doesn’t still exist.

There are people alive today whose great-grandparents owned slaves in this country.  There are people alive today whose grandparents and parents used different building entrances and different water fountains than Black folks.  And there are children alive today who live in an American where anti-black views and values still exist and are passed down from one generation to the next in Southern White families.

Racism is about treating people differently because they are a different color than you.  It is based in ignorance, arrogance, and fear.  Do you really think that a poster of Barack Obama as a monkey, or Hitler was brought to a rally to have an informed discussion on health care?  These people, the ones that Jimmy Carter is talking about, are so filled with hate and anger because a Black man is President, that they can’t see straight.  All they see is red.  Scarborough may refer to these racists as the “fringe”, but what else is left of the Republican party than the fringe.

The Republican Party is the party of the white South who fought for, and died for, the right to own slaves.  There are some who still resent losing that war and are proud to carry the Confederate flag.  Joe Wilson, they guy from South Carolina who screamed “YOU LIE” at the President, voted to keep that Confederate Flag flying at the State Capitol because it was part of South Carolina’s heritage.  Joe Wilson is right.

Celebrate Good Times, Come on! Brzezenski still missing from Joe

It is highly unusual to write a blog post about a topic when you just posted one about that same topic a few days ago.  But I just can’t say it enough.

MORNING JOE IS FUN AGAIN!!!!   And informative.  And most importantly, Watchable. Why?  Because Mika Brzezenski is on Vacation this week!!!!  No one word comments, no glazed over looks when guests use big words or talk about big ideas.  No pretending to understand what the topics are really about.  No judgement and eye-rolling at comments she disagrees with even though she has no idea what the topic really is.  It has been simply divine.

Joe Scarborough, Willie Geist, Mike Barnicle; talking news, politics, pop culture.  This week they talked freely and openly.  They were sometimes irreverent, sometimes serious, often funny, and didn’t have to waste precious time explaining things to Mika or defending their opinion to Mika.  It’s not as if the three co-hosts agree on everything and it’s not as if they all agree with the guests.  But when you don’t have Mika Brzezenski around to completely stop the natural flow of conversation with such pertinent interjections like “yes”, and “oh yeah” and “there are other opinions on that” (not that she has one or could verbalize one), Morning Joe becomes an insipid, unpalatable soup of words and opinions that makes no sense.

Dear MSNBC:  Thank and for the retooling of Morning Joe without that ridiculous co-host, Mika Brzezenski.  I know you tried, we all try sometimes, and fail.  It is a shame that a man with a brain, like Zbignew Brzezenski (whether or not you agree with him) can produce offspring that borders on mentally retarded.  She can read a teleprompter, I’ll give you that.  But if it is not written down for her to read, Mika has no independent thought.  But we forgive you.  You didn’t know.

So here’s the plan.  We tell Mika that the Morning Joe studios have been moved to the family room in her house.  And the show will now be all hers.  She can set up her own live camera feed (or ask for help, more than likely) and she can interview all of the people that appear on that box in the corner, you now, the one with the word “Sony” on it and it has a power button and other buttons that say “volume” and “channel”.  Tell her she got a promotion.  She is now the producer, director, and star of her own version of Morning Joe except Joe won’t stop by that often.  Unless you see him on the “Sony” box at which point you can feel free to speak to him and even interview him.  Now, he may act like he’s not answering your questions but that’s just Joe’s way.

She’ll buy it, trust me.  And then the rest of America who used to enjoy Morning Joe, and has done so again this week, can continue on in peace.  And she’ll be none the wiser.  Mika may even get nominated for an Internet award for funniest video outtakes for a web-only broadcast show.

I can’t wait until Monday; does anyone know if Mika took TWO weeks off?  Oh please, Oh please, Oh please.  If I were a religious man I would pray my heart out that Mika took an extended vacation.  But I”m not, so I have to rely on luck.

Morning Joe is finally palatable with Mika Brzezenski on Vacation

Morning Joe on MSNBC can be, and used to be, informative, funny, and opinionated.  Over the past several months the show has been hijacked by Mika Brzezenski’s righteous judgement of absolutely everything discussed on that show.  One of her daily “tasks” is to simply read the days top news stories at the top and bottom of every hour.  She can’t even get through that without rolling her eyes at something she’s reading from the teleprompter.  The holier-than-thou attitude she brings is annoying and is by no means funny or professional. 

Finally. Finally. Finally. Mika Brzezenski temporarily relinquished her position as Joe Scarborough’s lap dog for just a few days while she’s on vacation. As a result, Morning Joe is actually watchable this week (August 3 – 7, 2009).  Let’s enjoy it while we can.

It is not common for many news or commentary television programs to have an opening or parting “shot”.  Morning Joe often uses skyline pictures of major U.S. cities featured from live web cams around the country.  Is there really anything wrong with that?   I don’t think so.  But Brzezenski does.  It’s safe to say that almost 100% of the time when MSNBC airs one of these “scenery” shots, Brzezenski will say something like “OK enough, that’s just a waste of time” or “I don’t get it, what’s the big deal and how is that news”.  IT’S JUST AN OPENING SHOT YOU IDIOT!  Nobody said that a web cam shot of a sunrise over the White House is news.  But neither is your face; so why is that on TV?

This is just one example of the ridiculousness that passes for Mika’s journalistic talents. Do you think she knows she is just a foil for the rest of the bunch.  The producers only read emails from viewers when the emails contain commentary about what Mika is wearing or that she looks “hot” in her glasses.  Scarborough, Geist, and the rest of the gang of merry men often play her like a fiddle, making her feel important yet all the while making fun of her.  Does she know?  Is this all for entertainment value?  Or does she really think the show wouldn’t be the same without her.

I’m here to tell you that Morning Joe will do just fine without her.  And this week while she’s on vacation proves it.  The show moves along, is irreverent when necessary, and doesn’t take itself too seriously all the time.  They discuss current events, give their opinions and move on.  This week, the show has been easy to watch.  My suggestion to MSNBC and the Morning Joe producers is to reconsider whether or not they really need Brzezenski.   She is the reason most people watching are likely to change the channel.  When Scarborough takes a day off and Brzezenski runs the show, it is unwatchable.  I don’t even bother.  I don’t need to waste an hour of my day watching someone pretend to have independent thoughts and opinions.  And I certainly don’t need Brzezenski preaching to me the dangers of sugar in my coffee, obesity, fast food, reality television, celebrity gossip and any number of subject that “big sister” doesn’t think I should be exposed to – in her opinion – which she got from somewhere else.

 I hope you enjoy your time off, Mika, and with any luck, you’ll be able to enjoy more of that real soon.

The Birthers – most not born in the U.S.

Who knows where all the Birthers were born.  Does it matter?  We’ll just make shit up.  It seems to work for them.

If case you don’t know what a Birther is (meaning you live under a rock and don’t partipate in society),  a Birther is someone who believes Barack Obama was not born in the United States (yes, Hawaii is a state) and therefore, has no legal right to be President.

If during George W. Bush’s Presidency, you know, those god-awful years between 2001 and 2008 when the world hated us and still does, someone had told me W. wasn’t born in this country and therefore was not legally the President, would I have believed them? You bet your ass I would.

I despised Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Rove, the whole ugly bunch.  I would have looked for any reason to start a movement to get rid of any one of them.  So in some ways I understand why the radical right wing conservative movement in this country is perpetuating the idea that Barack Obama was not born in the U.S., is not a U.S. Citizen, and therefore, not legally the President of the United States.  It is brilliantly simply.  If you are not a natural U.S. citizen, you can’t be President.

Let’s not get too confused about this, however.  The Obama Birther movement was born out of extreme hatred which is based on extreme racism.  There is some scary kind of hatred involved in this.  The birther movement is a cover for racism.  Birthers hate Barack Obama and is blackness so much that they will scratch the bottom of any barrel to get rid of him.

I felt the same way about the Bush Administration; not the racism part, but the willingness to do anything necessary to get rid them.

However, if someone on the Democrat, or Liberal, or Progressive side of the map who I trusted or believed said to me “Hey, don’t be an idiot.  As much as we want to believe this stuff, it is simply not true”.  I would have had no choice to throw my hands in the air and give up the fight.  I would have tried other tactics but why spend so much time dealing in lies.

So why is it that few, if any, radical conservatives can’t utter the words “Hey folks, it’s just not true”.  From Limbaugh to Glenn Beck to the halls of Congress, these people and their “believers” can’t bring themselves to say “This is stupid and it’s not true”.  Even when they pretend to debunk the myth, they say things like “Barack Obama is a citizen” but won’t actually say the words “he was born in this country” leaving a sliver of room to back out and re-interpret what they said at a later date.

On the surface the Birther movement appears almost harmless because it is so ridiculous.  The following is what they want you to believe:  In 1961 Barack Obama was born in Kenya and secretly shipped on a cargo tanker (I guess) to Honolulu, Hawaii where someone who knew that he would run for and win the Presidency some day, planted a birth announcement in the Honolulu newspaper all so that in 2009, a forged birth certificate could be disproved by said newspaper announcement.   Hmm.  Sounds plausible to me; you?

Chris Matthews on MSNBC the most trustworthy G. Gordon Liddy (ahem!) as a guest,  so that Matthews could show Liddy all of the facts and copies of the paperwork first hand proving Obama’s birth and citizenship.  Matthews hoped that the irrefutable evidence would convince Liddy to go back to the listeners of his radio show and say “OK guys, I know we want this to be true, but it simply isn’t; Enough is Enough”.  However, Liddy stared at the evidence in what can only be described as an Alzheimer Haze, twitching and mumbling something about wanting to see originals and some woman in Kenya and an affidavit about seeing Obama being born in Kenya and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  It would have been funny if it wasn’t one of the saddest things I’ve even seen on Television.  Search for the video on Google, it’s easy to find.  I do question Chris Matthew’s motives in bringing on one of the most famous liars in the world in an effort to reform him on conspiracies.  But I guess Matthews was trying to start with someone on the radio who had a following.  Liddy was probably the only conservative talk radio host who would accept an invitation from Mr. Matthews.

Some believe that the birther movement is harmless.  But if you undersand that the people involved in the movement are using it as a cover to hide (and not so well) their extreme racism and hatred of Black America then you won’t think it’s so harmless anymore.

It is time now for those of us who are adults with working brain stems to call our Senators and House Representatives demanding that they speak out on this issue and put the Birthers in their place.  Force your legislators to have a spine by speaking out against the fringe right wing.  I’m all for freedom on speech, but when you are inciting riotous and violent acts based on your speech or actions, i believe you forfeit some of those rights.  The Birthers are full of hatred and are trying to spread it around.  That’s just plain wrong.  Nobody should have the freedom to do that.

There are two trains of thought on debunking lies.  First is to never address is; therefore not giving the idea any traction.  You don’t dignify the accusation by responding to it.  The second method is to nip it in the bud.  You run the risk of drawing out the amount of attention the lie gets but you look strong in your defiance.

The Democrats, and in fact the White House itself, have chosen option one.  Ignore the accusation and you won’t give it any traction.  Let’s see.  How did that work our for John Kerry and the Swift Boaters?

The wheels on the Republican bus have officially fallen off

I didn’t think that the Republican Party could fall out of favor any further than it has.  But in true Republican fashion, they never let you down when it comes to disappointment.

I would not have believed if I didn’t see it.  Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher blamed Barack Obama for the violence and death on the streets of Iran.  He said that if Obama had spoken up and denounced the violence three days ago, the violence would have been avoided.  That woman who was shot and died on live television would be alive if it weren’t for Barack Obama.  Yes, this guy actually said it.

And what if John McCain was our President.  According to his recent remarks, we would be at war with another Islamic country; further degrading the standing of the United States around the world.  And thousands upon thousands more would be dead.  McCain couldn’t even answer this question:  Is Barack Obama on the side of Majmud Ahmadinajad or is he on the side of the factions that are protesting an unfair election.  McCain said “Well I know what side I”M on” insinuating that Barack Obama was on the side of the tyranical President.  He’s kidding right?  No he’s not.

Then, Republicans like radio host and columnist Mark Savage, and a Maryland Republican women’s group, and many others too numerous to mention, have been, just in the last few days, comparing Barack Obama to Hitler.  They are litterally trying to make direct comparisons between Obama’s actions and policies to Hitler’s reign of terror.  It is amazingly ridiculous and hateful, and so far off base that I can’t figure out who these people are trying to convince to join or support their party.  They should have stuck with the idea that Barack’s birth certificate is a fake.  At least that is a conspiracy theory the right wingers can REALLY get behind. 

And now Mark Sanford, South Carolina Governor, admits to infidelity with an Argentinean woman, which explains where he was over Father’s Day Weekend when neither his wife, his sons, nor his administration  knew where he was.  And all the while they thought he was hiking the Appalachian Trail.  He was lost in the woods, alright, metaphorically speaking.  I can’t wait to see how Sanford’s close friend, Joe Scarborough handles this tomorrow morning on “Morning Joe”.  Will he defend Sanford using tax payer money to go to Argentina for a booty call?  Just this morning (Wednesday) Joe was defending Sanford’s behavior.

This is like a bad plot in a bad daytime soap opera.  Even Luke and Laura knew when it was time to give up the Ice Princess plot line.

So Mark Sanford goes on TV today and gives a very long list of all the people he hurt; beginning with his sons.  The young people behind him in his news conference were giggling.  I don’t know who they were or why they were there.  But it was sad, demeaning, and even somewhat humorous.  If there were ever a reason to have a pre-planned speech or tele-prompters, that news conference was it.  This is a man who said President Clinton should resign for such sexually deviant behavior.  Well, Mr. Sanford, will you now resign, because you should based on your own moral compass.

Is it any wonder why the Republican Party is falling apart.   What comes next; calling Barack Obama a extra-terrestrial being while some other Republican congressman gets arrested for molesting pre-school boys. 

Barack Obama is poised to strike and get whatever he wants out of Congress; Republicans or Democrats.  Now is the time Barack.  DO IT!  Get health care passed.  Clean up the environment, Get all the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, create millions of jobs, send America over into the financial abyss; finance our asses off.  Who cares?  It can’t possibly be worse than anything that brain trust we call the GOP can come up with.

And just yesterday, the GOP had begun to lay out plans to take back Congress in 2010.  Sorry guys, I don’t think so.

And the cherry on top?  Rush Limbaugh said about Sanford – “he could have been our JFK”.

I can’t even keep up anymore with the train wreck and casualties that make up the GOP.

It’s time to Fade to Black.

Mika Brzezinski gloms onto Scarborough even more than usual

If Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough were on a media tour for the television show “Morning Joe” then I would understand.  But right now they are on a book tour for Scarborough’s book “The Last Best Hope”.  They openly talk about their tour and how Mika also signs Joe’s book.

Now I’ve heard of riding someone’s coat tails but this is ridiculous.  Even if I were a fan of Joe Scarborough’s work, why would I want someone who didn’t write his book to sign it for me.  If Mika Brzezinski wants to sign a book, let her write one.  Or she can sign one of her father’s books posthumously when the time comes.

I find this just a bit odd.  It’s one thing if they are on, or claiming to be on, a combined press tour for “Morning Joe” AND Joe’s book.  But it’s a different thing entirely when they refer to these events as “book signings” and then Mika participates in the dog and pony show followed by her signing Joe’s book right along side him.  I really, really don’t get it.  And I don’t understand why nobody has questioned this.  I keep doing Google searches and I can’t find anything about anyone questioning why Mika is signing Joe’s book.

So now, along with her making faces at everything people say on that show, and along with her feigned holier-than-thou attitude towards anything slightly off-color, and despite the fact that she acts like an idiot as she repeats everything that Joe says (and then purrs like a kitten, it’s weird), and then makes these little orgasmic sounds as she feigns embarrassment when someone call her pretty, she NOW signs someone else’s published work?

I watch “Morning Joe” most mornings, not because of Joe or Mika, but because they have guests that I respect like “Newsweek” editor Jon Meacham, one of my personal heros.  For a time I thought putting up with Mika Brzezinski was something I was willing to do for guests like that.  But I’m not so sure anymore.