The Birthers – most not born in the U.S.

Who knows where all the Birthers were born.  Does it matter?  We’ll just make shit up.  It seems to work for them.

If case you don’t know what a Birther is (meaning you live under a rock and don’t partipate in society),  a Birther is someone who believes Barack Obama was not born in the United States (yes, Hawaii is a state) and therefore, has no legal right to be President.

If during George W. Bush’s Presidency, you know, those god-awful years between 2001 and 2008 when the world hated us and still does, someone had told me W. wasn’t born in this country and therefore was not legally the President, would I have believed them? You bet your ass I would.

I despised Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Rove, the whole ugly bunch.  I would have looked for any reason to start a movement to get rid of any one of them.  So in some ways I understand why the radical right wing conservative movement in this country is perpetuating the idea that Barack Obama was not born in the U.S., is not a U.S. Citizen, and therefore, not legally the President of the United States.  It is brilliantly simply.  If you are not a natural U.S. citizen, you can’t be President.

Let’s not get too confused about this, however.  The Obama Birther movement was born out of extreme hatred which is based on extreme racism.  There is some scary kind of hatred involved in this.  The birther movement is a cover for racism.  Birthers hate Barack Obama and is blackness so much that they will scratch the bottom of any barrel to get rid of him.

I felt the same way about the Bush Administration; not the racism part, but the willingness to do anything necessary to get rid them.

However, if someone on the Democrat, or Liberal, or Progressive side of the map who I trusted or believed said to me “Hey, don’t be an idiot.  As much as we want to believe this stuff, it is simply not true”.  I would have had no choice to throw my hands in the air and give up the fight.  I would have tried other tactics but why spend so much time dealing in lies.

So why is it that few, if any, radical conservatives can’t utter the words “Hey folks, it’s just not true”.  From Limbaugh to Glenn Beck to the halls of Congress, these people and their “believers” can’t bring themselves to say “This is stupid and it’s not true”.  Even when they pretend to debunk the myth, they say things like “Barack Obama is a citizen” but won’t actually say the words “he was born in this country” leaving a sliver of room to back out and re-interpret what they said at a later date.

On the surface the Birther movement appears almost harmless because it is so ridiculous.  The following is what they want you to believe:  In 1961 Barack Obama was born in Kenya and secretly shipped on a cargo tanker (I guess) to Honolulu, Hawaii where someone who knew that he would run for and win the Presidency some day, planted a birth announcement in the Honolulu newspaper all so that in 2009, a forged birth certificate could be disproved by said newspaper announcement.   Hmm.  Sounds plausible to me; you?

Chris Matthews on MSNBC the most trustworthy G. Gordon Liddy (ahem!) as a guest,  so that Matthews could show Liddy all of the facts and copies of the paperwork first hand proving Obama’s birth and citizenship.  Matthews hoped that the irrefutable evidence would convince Liddy to go back to the listeners of his radio show and say “OK guys, I know we want this to be true, but it simply isn’t; Enough is Enough”.  However, Liddy stared at the evidence in what can only be described as an Alzheimer Haze, twitching and mumbling something about wanting to see originals and some woman in Kenya and an affidavit about seeing Obama being born in Kenya and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  It would have been funny if it wasn’t one of the saddest things I’ve even seen on Television.  Search for the video on Google, it’s easy to find.  I do question Chris Matthew’s motives in bringing on one of the most famous liars in the world in an effort to reform him on conspiracies.  But I guess Matthews was trying to start with someone on the radio who had a following.  Liddy was probably the only conservative talk radio host who would accept an invitation from Mr. Matthews.

Some believe that the birther movement is harmless.  But if you undersand that the people involved in the movement are using it as a cover to hide (and not so well) their extreme racism and hatred of Black America then you won’t think it’s so harmless anymore.

It is time now for those of us who are adults with working brain stems to call our Senators and House Representatives demanding that they speak out on this issue and put the Birthers in their place.  Force your legislators to have a spine by speaking out against the fringe right wing.  I’m all for freedom on speech, but when you are inciting riotous and violent acts based on your speech or actions, i believe you forfeit some of those rights.  The Birthers are full of hatred and are trying to spread it around.  That’s just plain wrong.  Nobody should have the freedom to do that.

There are two trains of thought on debunking lies.  First is to never address is; therefore not giving the idea any traction.  You don’t dignify the accusation by responding to it.  The second method is to nip it in the bud.  You run the risk of drawing out the amount of attention the lie gets but you look strong in your defiance.

The Democrats, and in fact the White House itself, have chosen option one.  Ignore the accusation and you won’t give it any traction.  Let’s see.  How did that work our for John Kerry and the Swift Boaters?


Glenn Beck – CRYBABY or a Cry for Help – maybe both.

The first time I saw Glenn Beck break into tears, he was on CNN Headline News, when he used to have his 7:00 pm comedy hour (or whatever).  When CNN first gave Glenn Beck his own show, I thought he must be a leftist, I mean come-on, it’s CNN, well known as the “Clinton News Network”.  I can’t say as though I am a huge fan of CNN even when I thought they were more leftist.  But I checked in on this Beck guy because I didn’t really know all that much about him.  Had I given it more thought, I would have realized that the CNN Headline News Channel is NOT the same as regular CNN.  From what I know his ratings were good, at first, at CNN-HL but I, like others apparently, just could not stand to listen to him drone on with conservative, Neo-Con, Evangelical, born-again rhetoric about George W. Bush, the entire Bush Administrations, and Republicans in general.  I did not realize he was a Limbaugh in training.   And lied just as much.


Glenn Becks’ television crying sprees are all over the Internet now, so I won’t bother to waste more space and bandwidth by linking to them or uploading them to my site.  You can find them anywhere, just Google it.


He does a radio show, coast-to-coast, every day as well.  I don’t listen to him much except to sneer at him as I scroll through the dial.  I don’t recall hearing him cry on radio.  I guess because radio just doesn’t have the same punch if you’re going to do the “ugly cry” or the “televangelist cry”.   So, CNN-HL fired him.


His ratings are supposedly pretty good at Fox.  But then again, so were the ratings for the 9/11 attacks live on TV.  And speaking 9/11, Beck e started a new club called the 9/12 club to try and rekindle the feeling we all felt in the days immediately following 9/11.  Well, I think he’s trying to get to Patriotism, on the surface anyway.  But for me, the day after 9/11, which happens to be my birthday, was filled with deep, deep sadness, fear, confusion, uncertainty.  I DO NOT WANT TO JOIN A CLUB FOR THAT.  So, Beck, take it somewhere else.  And all of this faux patriotism, shrouded over neo-conservative double-speak,  isn’t’ fooling anybody. 


Some of Glenn Back’s most recent, infamous quotes are below (and remember, in your head, read them like Jimmy Swaggart when he was crying on TV saying “I have sinned”)  along with my responses to them:

  • GLENN- “Are you ready to be that person you were the day after 9/11? – ME: – NO
  • GLENN – “You are not alone” – ME:- I know, and I’m glad you’re not in my 5 favorites
  • GLENN – “You are the secret, you are the answer” – ME:  To what?  I thought “The Secret” was a self-help book – maybe you should read it.
  • GLENN – “To our military bases in Iraq where real heroes have gathered” – ME: Well I can’t argue with that.  Even the crazies have lucid moments.
  • GLENN: “I’m like you, I just love my country and I fear for it” – ME: Hmm, I love my country; too, conservatives don’t corner the market on that.  But unlike Glenn, I’m not afraid for it.
  • “It seems like the voices of our leaders, and the special interest, and the media…they’re surrounding us and it sounds intimidating” – ME: Glenn, we’ve talked about this.  If you start hearing voices in your head, you need to tell the doctor so he can up your medication.  Actually, I think it would be better if he just started drinking again.  He’d be WAY more fun at parties”
  • “I’m a guy who cares an awful lot about my country” – ME: Couldn’t agree more. You do love it an “awful” lot.  It’s obsessive, dysfunctional, co-dependent, and I hate the be harsh but… The country just isn’t that into you.

I just want to be clear.  I cry at Hallmark commercials.  I have no problem with crying.  But this man is coming unglued.  He makes no bones about being a recovering alcoholic.  I’m well aware of the 12 steps.  But this is out of hand.  What step is “I’m a blubbering idiot who can’t formulate a complete thought and even though I know the whole world isn’t really against me, they really are”.

If this is how Glenn Beck behaves, if this is his platform on the Fox Network, if they simply stand by and allow this guy to mentally implode on a regular basis on national television just for the ratings, then Ruppert Murdock and the Foxtones are stark, raving mad; that’s what I first thought.  Then I realized what Fox is doing.  It’s all a ploy.



And what’s up with the big ratings?  Is that because watching him is like watching a train wreck in slow motion?  YES!  That’s exactly what it is.  People can’t possibly be tuning in to hear what he has to say because he isn’t saying anything, he just blubbering.  Here’s the deal – People are tuning in because the economy sucks, nobody has any money, and watching this piss-ant have a nervous breakdown on live TV is fun…and free.



Glenn Beck says he loves his country so much. Well I’ll say it out load because nobody else will.  He only loves the 39% of our country that doesn’t think Obama is doing a good job.  As for the 61% of us who want to give Our President a chance, even though we don’t agree with everything Obama says and does, Glenn Beck doesn’t give two shits about us.  He’s not crying for the democrats, the liberals, the gays who want to get married, the gays in general, the blacks and Hispanics, the middle easterners, the Asians, etc., etc.


What is he going to do for his next trick, pull a Howard Beale from the movie “Network”.   I mean really, what is he going to do next to keep the viewers attention span?  After all, he is an actor.



He’s not a journalist – he admits that quite frankly.  So what is he?  He’s an actor who can cry on queue to wrap up a neo-conservative message in a packet of tears, wrapped in fake patriotism and serve it to the hungry masses that are looking for entertainment.    If Glenn Beck, or Fox, thinks that people are tuning in because they like the guy, and agree with him, then they all belong in the loony bin.



The Glenn Beck Show, brought to you this hour by … “Glenn Beck Facial Tissues:  now with even more Scoville Units..”For those times when you’re own fake tears just aren’t enough”.  This is America damn it.   The Republicans are hurting.  Cry Already!!!!

Whether or not the tears are real or fake, this is a man who needs help.  If they are real, it is even more disturbing.  But if a conervative talk show host feel that the walls are closing in on him, who am I to suspend the Republican-backed gun laws in this country.  Go for it Glenn.

Eric Cantor says “No republican wants the President to fail”

On This Week with George Stephanopolis, Eric Cantor (R-VA) said (and the exact quote is) “No Republicans and No Democrats want the President to Fail”.  Well, it may be true of Democrats, nobody kmows for sure.  But it certainly is an out and out LIE when talking about Republicans.

Yesterday’s key note speaker at C-PAC was Lush Windbag (sorry I mean Rush Limbaugh, I just can’t help myself).  C-PAC is the annual convention of Conservative Political Action Committees.  These are the Republicans.  More clearly these are the Republicans who cook up innacurate media releases, invent the Republican talking points, and produce political attack ads).  With no real leader in the Republican party, Limbaugh has taken it upon himself, with a lot of help from the right wing who is too busy spinning out of control, and is so out of touch with America, they can’t find someone, anyone, to lead the Republican Party.

How the hell did a lying, manipulative, fear-mongering, radio talk show host (also known in English as a Comedian) become the leader of the Republican Party.  I don’t know, do you?  Is that really the best they can come up with?  Well, they tried Bobby Jindal and we all know how that worked out earlier this week.  On Tuesday, in a response to Barack Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress, he told a story which was an out and out lie.  I guess we should have known since he told the story as if he were reading a fairy tale during story hour at the local children’s library. 

Back to Windbag, he blatantly said on his radio show, and has repeated it several time, that he wants President Obama to fail.  He doesn’t deny saying it.  So how can Eric Cantor say that no Republicans want the President to fail when the de facto leader of the Republican Party said so, and doesn’t deny saying it.  In fact, Limbaugh continues to say it.

It is truly said so see the Republican party reduced to nothing more than a fringe political group in America.  The Republicans are the party of Abraham Lincoln; the first Republican every elected to the Presidency.  And now we have Rush Limbaugh as the person carrying the torch, more like a torch wielding villager than poetic symbolism, as the new Republican idol.  Hmm.  Republic Idol, that would be an awesome reality show.  I’d like to be a judge.

Limbaugh’s lies about PDF files

A PDF file is essentially a scan of a document.  PDF means Portable Document Format created by Adobe Systems in 1993.  For the most part, anyone with a computer has been using PDF files on a regular basis for AT LEAST 10 nyears.

While it true that at one time, PDF files were not as sophisticated as they are now, that is how software works.  If it is good software, it will stay around a while and evolve, grow, and improve.  I’ll be honest, I don’t remember when Adobe added the search functinality to PDF files because it has been so long ago now that I don’t remember.

Now to Lush Windbag.  He actually said that the Stimulus package dcouments were converted to a PDF format by the Democrats becuase the Dems didn’t want YOU (his words, not mine) to be able to see what was really in the bill.

So one of two thing is happening here.  Either “comedian Rush Limbaugh” is a complete idiot or “comedian Rush Limbaugh” knows exactly how PDF files work and is relying on his listeners that might be less educated to not question his premise.

Almost every piece of widely-used, text-based software produced in the last 10 or 15 years has had a built in search function by using the CTRL+F combination.  Not only do these software packages have the CTRL+F function, they also have search bars.  HOW COULD ANYONE WHO USES A COMPUTER REGULARLY NOT KNOW THIS?  And if you watch Limbaugh online during his radio show, the computer is sitting right there.  And hes been on the air for almost 20 years.

It’s not like this is some obscure keyboard shortcut.  There are a ton of them.  Control+U is underline, Control+B is bold, Control+I, is Italicize, this list goes on and on and on.

So is Rush Limbaugh stupid?  Is he pretending to be stupid to insight a riot against Democratic conspiracy?  Or is he just relying on the fact that when he says something, he uneducated minions won’t question anything?  The only reason he has such a widespread audience is because the ignorant and uninformed need a power greater than themselves to worship.   My bet is on premise #3.  Lush Windbag know exactly how PDF files work and tried to rely on the stupidity of the uninformed, Kool-aid drinking Ditto-heads (there’s a reason they call them that, they just agree with anything he says – “ditto”)

Did he really thnk we wouldn’t notice?  He’s getting sloppy.

Obama Wins and it’s a new game in town

I know I should be a gracious winner.  As gracious and incsive as Barack Obama was in his victory speech and as gracious as John McCain tried to be in is concession speech.  I say “tried” because he still refused to stop the booing when he mentioned Obama’s win.   McCain couldn’t muster up the decency to tell the crowd that booing is not acceptable.

But there is a part of me that needs to vent.  I just need to say:

So long Hannity and O’Reilly and the rest of the knuckleheads at Fox.  You make me sick and your team LOST.  You are irrelevant.

So long to Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sarah Palin.  Your talking points memos have no place in this world except maybe to line bird cages.  You are both irrelevant.

And to the blow hard, politically abusive Rush Limbaugh, your tactics didn’t work, your lies didn’t work, you are irrelevant.

To people like Mary Matalin, Mitt Romney, Rudy “9/11” Giuliani, and Tucker Bounds, it’s time for you to just SHUT UP and I would prefer also that you GO AWAY.  You are irrelevant.

And especially to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney whom I believe should rot in hell for the crimes they have committed against the American people and against the U.S. Constitution; you and your cronies are irrelevant.

All of the people mentioned above will pay the price.  Looking back, these people could not think of one nice thing to say about Barack Obama, who is, by any measure, an intelligent, thoughtful, inclusive man deserving of at minimum an inferred compliment.  But no, they just couldn’t bring yourselves to do it.  And so they will pay the price by being considered “out of the loop”, and “on the wrong track” and nobody will want to hear your opinion anymore.  Not even the new Republican Party that will emerge from the muck as something new and different; or perhaps old and familiar, back to their roots, so to speak.

The Presidential Election of 2008 was not just an election and was not just about politics.  The Obama campaign was a movement.  As defined by Random House a “movement” in this context means: “a diffusely organized or heterogeneous group of people or organizations tending toward or favoring a generalized common goal”.  That is exactly what President Elect Obama tied to do through his entire campaign.  And he stayed on topic for almost 2 years.  None of the people mentioned above in this post, and many, many people not mentioned in this post, ever recognized the difference between an election campaign and a movement.  They missed the boat and missed the historical significance of what happened on November 4th2008.  Americans stoop up to be counted and stood up to say “We’re not going to take it anymore”.  The Republican tactics of fear don’t work and were not appreciated by the electorate based on exit polls.  Every negative ad, every mangling of the truth, or outright lie convinced a few more Independents and Republicans to vote Democrat

I’m sure you saw the people around this country who gathered in predetermined locations to await and then celebrate the victory of Barack Obama.  But did you see the hoards of Americans who gathered spontaneously in town squares to do the same thing.  You probably caught this phenomenon on television but did you also notice people from countries all over the WORLD who gather to celebrate America’s huge step forward.  The American Dream is an experiment that has so far lasted 232 years.  And when times are tough, like they are now, Americans can unite for the greater good.  And Americans can think for themselves independently, they can analyze the conditions set before them, and they have the ability to think and look forward instead of backwards to what used to be.  I don’t care how it sounds but for the first time in my life I am truly proud to be American.  That doesn’t mean I wasn’t proud before; it means I am MORE proud.

So when have Americans ever poured into the streets to celebrate and support the newly elected President of the United States.  For that matter when have Americans ever done this to celebrate anything, political or otherwise.  One on-air personality from a cable TV show said that it was possible that the first moon landing/walk may be the only other event in history that created this level of pride and exuberance.  I don’t know because I was too young to remember, but that sounds accurate to me.  And we’re talking about GOOD NEWS celebrations not bad news vigils.

The political torch is being passed to a new generation and a new philosophy.  I am at the cusp (the older side, unfortunately) of a generation who doesn’t see color, religion, sexual orientation, and more as divisive issues.  We doesn’t see differences, but rather similarities.

The right-wing cancer on the American phsyche is finally in remission.  Those of us with clearer, more mature heads have been waiting for this day since it all went wrong when Ronald Reagan took office in January of 1981.  Since that time we have been on a course, either stemming from the President himself or the Republican-controlled Congress, that grew progressively more extreme in its Evangelical values.  For whatever reason, a large group still believes in this philosophy; they believe in subscribing to culture wars.  They believe in “us versus them”.  They believe in exclusion over inclusion.  If you ever watched the critically acclaimed televisionshow called “Jericho” which was about the aftermath of a large scale terrorist attach on the United States, you would have seen the not-so-subtle overtones of what it is like under the Bush Administration or under Republican rule in general.  Americans pitted against Americans instead of Americans helping other Americans.  We are nothing if not generous with our time, money, and support of those in trouble or less fortunate than ourselves.  But the fundamental idea of America’s generosity was swept out when Reagan was swept into power in 1981.  I am overjoyed that America’s self-esteem and its zest for inclusion has returned with gusto.

As for Barack Obama I hear people, including myself, refer to him (before today) as “Senator Obama”, “Barack Obama”, or “Mr. Obama”, or just plain “Obama”.  He has earned the right to be called “President Elect” and/or “President”.  But for some reason, my admiration for him and the fact that he makes me feel included, makes we want to call him “Barack”.  Just plain Barack.  He is the only political figure in my life that I have ever wanted to meet and the only one with whom I ever wanted to sit down and have a chat.

In closing I want to say that I have only recently involved myself in politics.  Barack’s speech at the DNC in 2004 started it all for me and then I began my own personal grass roots movement through communicating with friends and family, acquaintances, and visitors to my Blog.  Prior to this election I voted in every election for President, Governor, and/or Senator.  However, this is the first time I truly “fell” for a candidate.  If it is possible to love somebody that you have never met, then that’s what happened to me.  Love comes in many forms.  In my case my love for Barack comes in the form of respect and admiration.  He makes me want to be a better person; a better American.

I look forward to the future of America and the World.  Maybe someday I’ll forgive myself for not being as gracious as I could have been.

Monica Crowley – Republican Whore

I can’t believe I listened to this as I was AM-Radio-channel-surfing.  I can’t believe I heard it, and I can’t believe she said it.

Monica Crowley, forever now in my mind known as, and added to the big list of, republican whores, actually said that William Ayers was Obama’s BFF.  For those of you who don’t do texting, it was originally used by middle school girls to mean Best Friends Forever and has now moved to the public vernacular.

First, I’ll say it again, Obama was 8 years old when Ayers was an active political activist; some say terrorist.  Second, they were on the same school improvement board and probably sat in the same room for that as board members do.  They may have had an occasional lunch or dinner together with other board members.  Beyond that, there’s not much but this is what the Republicans are saying make Barack Obama himself a terrorist.  That is what they are implying.  They are implying that Barack Obama and William Ayers (who is now a college professor) are skulking around Washington D.C. in the middle of the night, dressed all in black with ski masks and carrying ropes and guns and C4 explosives.  They also want you to conjure up an image of Barack Obama in a robe and turban training with Al Qaeda in the dusty Afghanistan countryside.  That is what they mean when they try to link Obama to Ayers and when the emphasize Obama’s middle name (Hussein).  Doesn’t anybody understand that Hussein is the Arab equivalent of “Smith”.  It is the most common first, middle, and last name in the world.  The King of Jordan, one of the few Arab countries that America has a pretty good relationship with, is named King Hussein.  Does that mean we should cut off all diplomatic ties and not meet with him “without pre-conditions”; because of his name?

So to come back full circle, this is what Monica Crowley, just a few days before the election, is trying to get you to imagine in your mind.  Barack the domestic terrorist.  Barack the secret member of Al Qaeda.  Barack the Muslim (as if being a Muslim is a crime of some sort).  Yes the party that says it can bring America together through reform and “mavericky-ness” is telling you that Barack Obama is really a terrorist in disguise.  I find this to be repugnant, disgusting, cheap, evil, and qualifies as something only a Republican Whore would say.  There’s along list of them.  Monica Crowley is only one.

This next one falls into another category entirely.  Monica Crowley is a hateful, lying, manipulating skank.  Barack Obama left on Thursday of this past week to go see his grandmother.  The grandmother that raised him and gave up so much so that he could have a good life and go to college.  She is gravely ill and while it hasn’t been said, it has been intimated that she could very well be on her death bed.  This is a scenario that I can not imagine a man would have to endure just days from the end of his Presidential Campaign.  Can you imagine a woman in such dire condition, a woman who scrimped and saved and took care of Barack every day of his life, including after her daughter, his mother, died of cancer at such a young age.  She devoted her life to him and in many ways he just wants to make her proud.  And god forbid if he gets elected and she misses this historic event by just a few days.  It would be awful. 

But Monica Crowley doesn’t think so.  She got the Republican talking points memo.  I heard Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity talk about it so why was I surprised when I heard Monica Crowley talk about it.  She said that Barack Obama’s trip to Hawaii was all a lie.  It was all a ruse to hide the fact that he is not really a U.S. Citizen and he is going to Hawaii to further cover up this fact in the documentation of his birth.  She said it, I heard it; and you read it correctly.  If you need proof that she said it go to her web site or Youtube or just Google it.  It’s not just Crowley that is saying it.  All of the neo-con wacko’s got the same memo on what lies to perpetuate to try and get something to stick to stop the Obama revolution.  So they are saying Barack Obama is not really a U.S. Citizen and there is some conspiracy to hide it.  Obviously he would not be eligible to be President if he were not a U.S. born citizen.  Do they really think that everyone will question his citizenship because the Republicans say so and then NOT vote for him because we’re just so unsure of the whole thing.  I don’t know what’s more offensive; Crowley and the rest of the Republican whores saying this stuff or the fact that they think we’re so dumb that we’ll buy it.

Based on current U.S. Law, Crowley and the rest of them should be at minimum sued for libel and at most, thrown in jail for treason.  To say such horrible things about a man who could be leading our country in a week or so should go to jail.  If there were any hint, any iota of truth to even the idea that it could be true I would just let it go as one more political attack.  But this is too much.  I can’t wait until this election is over.  I can’t walk around all day staring off into space thinking about this stuff and shaking my head.  People are beginning to think I’m a crazy person.

Keeping the Republicans honest (well I can try can’t I)

I am re-posting a portion of a previous post because it needs to be restated.

At one time John McCain was ostracized and criticized by the right wing media.  They shunned him, called him a joke, and blatantly stated that they would never vote for him.  Now he is a neo-con messiah?

I don’t understand why somebody isn’t comparing, word for word, that the right wing media said about McCain before his nomination, versus now, when he is all they have as a chance to keep a Republican in the white house.  Maybe somebody has and I just missed it.  But to me, the contrasts are startling. 

In just one example I can remember, because I wrote about it, is when talk show host Laura Ingraham (yes, the once referred to as the “ultimate Republican whore) in February of this year, berated John McCain on her radio show,and claimed she was voting for Romney in the primary.  She went on to say that anyone voting for McCain was destroying conservatism “at its very core”.  She continued to talk about McCain the next day; exposing her hatred of McCain; calling him an out and out liar.  She commented on human psychology and explained “when you tell a lie over and over again, just look into the camera or talk into the microphone and lie over and over again, if you say it enough times, people will believe it”  She found that to be repugnant. 

Are you kidding me?  Republican whore Laura Ingraham apparently needs to fill several hours of radio programming every day without any regard for the actual truth, and without any actual integrity about what she is saying.  And the AM Talk Radio Neo-cons just go on and on, from her to Glenn Beck to Rush Limbaugh, to Sean Hannity.  It is as if they pass their notes from one to the next so they all stay on topic.  Have you ever heard of a right wing talk show host saying they don’t agree with one of the other right wing talk show hosts?  No, because it would never happen.  The talking points fax that they all receive is real.

At least the Democrats will be honest and say something like ” Well Obama wasn’t my first choice, I wanted Hillary”.  They will support their party but don’t mind telling you what they really think.

And the other thing about the two parties;  Democrats will tell you what the are FOR.  Republicans will tell you, in fact they will force it down your throats, what they are AGAINST.

Isn’t that interesting?  They are against gay marriage, they are against taxing the rich, they are against pulling out of Iraq, they are against telling the truth about how we got into Iraq based on lies in the first place, they are against government programs that help the poor and middle class.

Now think about all the things the Democrats are FOR.  I don’t need to go through the whole list.  You can basically go through what the Republicans are AGAINST and just do the opposite.  Republicans don’t have a platform that explains what we should be doing but they have a long list of things we SHOULDN’T be doing.

Hasselbeck to receive new talking points memo soon

I’ve been saying for quite some time that Elizabeth Hasselbeck, on “The View”, doesn’t really have her own opinions, she’s a regurgitator.  And for whatever reason, she actually has some fans on that show, even though her arguments are at best weak, and at worst, statements she heard someone else make; essentially she’s a puppet.

Well there’s a new book out by David Freddoso who builds an extreme case against Barack Obama for President.  Freddoso twists the truth and manipulates the facts to build his case.  In an interview on CNN you could see the little Swift Boat and Limbaugh puppets sitting on his shoulder whispering in his ear.  He couldn’t even feign fairness.  It’s the same one-sided, political attack common to the republican party for the last 40 years.

Back to Hasselbeck.   Here’s my prediction.  She will probably never quote this new book (The Case Against Barack Obama) specifically because she would never give credit to someone else for a point of view she is stealing.  But I can guarantee you that she will use the accusations in this book at some point during the chicken coop exchange called “Hot Topics” on the View this week, or next, to end up in some fight with Joy or Whoopi.  She’ll probably cry on cue (I mean on camera) playing the ganged-up-on, wounded little bird.  “Oh poor Elizabeth, everybody picks on her”  WAAAAA!!!!!

It has already been proved that the Fox Noise (News?) Channel actually receives talking points memos from the White House.  I don’t believe that they are the only ones who receive them.  Everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Laura Ingraham to Mike Gallagher (I can’t pick the one who is the biggest Republican Whore so just pick one yourself) will somehow, someway, say the exact same things, the same phrases, during their radio talk shows.  They all talk as if they have independent thoughts, and it is just a coincidence that all of the right wing talking heads said the same thing on the same day.

So I just thought I’d warn you.  I don’t watch the View everyday, but I like to find the YouTube “ViewFights” whenever I can. 

Freddoso made a poor choice this week.  He should have skipped the CNN morning show (nobody watches it but then again, they are probably the only network who would take him), and tried to get on the View where he could at least take credit for his own rhetoric.  But then again, Southern White boys really like those skinny blond haired girls so maybe that works best for the overall republican attack machine.  It’s so hard to figure out where and how they hate.

The republicans keep trying to Swift Boat candidate Obama.  But, Obama and his team are a smart group.  Luckily they can turn these attacks into Slow Barges without a lot of effort.

Barack Hussein Obama – Cunningham isn’t the first

As ugly as it was, conservative radio talking head Bill Cunningham wasn’t the first to emphasize Barack Obama’s middle name in an attempt to instill fear.  Mike Gallagher, another right wing blow hard, has been doing the same thing for a long time.  I couldn’t tell you which one of them did it first.  Maybe they both got it from the daily RNC talking points memo.

I already wrote about this several days ago in a post I entitled “Conservative Talk Show Host Mike Gallagher thinks YOU are stupid”.  I’m not normally ahead of the curve when it comes to hot topics of the day but I noticed this trend happening a little while back.

Don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with middle names, I have one, you have one.  Many times there are meaningful translations.  Mine means “king” or “crown”.  But let’s not kid ourselves.  We know what both Cunningham and Gallagher are trying to do.  They want you to associate Barack Obama’s name with terrorism in your brain simply because Saddam’s last name was Hussein.

Gallagher, in my mind, is worse, because he thinks you are so stupid that he had to spell it out for your by saying, and I quote “Nobody with the name Barack Hussein Obama, is ever going to get elected in this country”.  Yes he actually said those exact words on his radio program, check the transcripts.

Or is Cunningham worse by not being honest about what he is really trying to say.  I’m not sure.  They should both remove themselves from any national dialog, including their talk shows, based on the obvious crime of slanderous speech.  Isn’t this really a hate crime?

Conservative Talk Show Host Mike Gallagher thinks YOU are stupid

Mike Gallagher really thinks you are stupid. When he mentions Mr. Obama’s name, he uses Obama’s full name:  Barack Hussein Obama, and puts EMPHASIS on the HUSSEIN.  He wants you to be chimp-like and thinkg “oh, Hussein, just like Sadam, Sadam bad, Hussein bad, Obama bad”.  It is offensive and manipulative and I am sickened by what Gallagher does. 

The final blow is that he said today “Nobody with the name Barack Hussein Obama, is ever going to get elected in this country”.  Wow, Gallagher, I do believe that statement is probably the most racist, bigoted, manipulative, hateful thing I have ever heard somebody say on talk radio.  And that includes anything Ann Coulter ever said.

We’re not stupid Mikey, we know what you’re doing.  Mybe you don’t know what you’re really doing compared to what you think you are doing.  You are convincing us, the unaffiliated and undecided, exactly who to vote for.  I guess I should thank you.  Hate-speak isn’t the new “where’s the beef”.

Since I originally wrote this, I’ve noticed this “Hussein” thing has caught on among conservative talking heads.  In fact, it is getting so bad that even John McCain distanced himself from conservative talk show host Bill Cunningham who used this same tactic at a recent McCain rally.   McCain actually apologized for the incident.