Keeping the Republicans honest (well I can try can’t I)

I am re-posting a portion of a previous post because it needs to be restated.

At one time John McCain was ostracized and criticized by the right wing media.  They shunned him, called him a joke, and blatantly stated that they would never vote for him.  Now he is a neo-con messiah?

I don’t understand why somebody isn’t comparing, word for word, that the right wing media said about McCain before his nomination, versus now, when he is all they have as a chance to keep a Republican in the white house.  Maybe somebody has and I just missed it.  But to me, the contrasts are startling. 

In just one example I can remember, because I wrote about it, is when talk show host Laura Ingraham (yes, the once referred to as the “ultimate Republican whore) in February of this year, berated John McCain on her radio show,and claimed she was voting for Romney in the primary.  She went on to say that anyone voting for McCain was destroying conservatism “at its very core”.  She continued to talk about McCain the next day; exposing her hatred of McCain; calling him an out and out liar.  She commented on human psychology and explained “when you tell a lie over and over again, just look into the camera or talk into the microphone and lie over and over again, if you say it enough times, people will believe it”  She found that to be repugnant. 

Are you kidding me?  Republican whore Laura Ingraham apparently needs to fill several hours of radio programming every day without any regard for the actual truth, and without any actual integrity about what she is saying.  And the AM Talk Radio Neo-cons just go on and on, from her to Glenn Beck to Rush Limbaugh, to Sean Hannity.  It is as if they pass their notes from one to the next so they all stay on topic.  Have you ever heard of a right wing talk show host saying they don’t agree with one of the other right wing talk show hosts?  No, because it would never happen.  The talking points fax that they all receive is real.

At least the Democrats will be honest and say something like ” Well Obama wasn’t my first choice, I wanted Hillary”.  They will support their party but don’t mind telling you what they really think.

And the other thing about the two parties;  Democrats will tell you what the are FOR.  Republicans will tell you, in fact they will force it down your throats, what they are AGAINST.

Isn’t that interesting?  They are against gay marriage, they are against taxing the rich, they are against pulling out of Iraq, they are against telling the truth about how we got into Iraq based on lies in the first place, they are against government programs that help the poor and middle class.

Now think about all the things the Democrats are FOR.  I don’t need to go through the whole list.  You can basically go through what the Republicans are AGAINST and just do the opposite.  Republicans don’t have a platform that explains what we should be doing but they have a long list of things we SHOULDN’T be doing.


2 thoughts on “Keeping the Republicans honest (well I can try can’t I)

  1. Brought up a Catholic I can remember the two groups of people most reviled in our religion classes. The first was the heretic. The second was the fallen away Catholic. Sarah Palin was brought up Catholic and as I understand went to a Catholic Church for some years before she changed ship. She has every right to do this. What I wonder is what the Catholic Church thinks of this and how Catholics will react to it.

  2. Great point, I never thought about it that way. I was raised catholic but don’t really practice anymore. My mom is a devout catholic and I know she doesn’t think too highly of “the reborn”. I would think that most of the organized religions, whether catholic, protestant, Jewish, Muslim, or Buddhist, probably don’t think too highly either.

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