Hasselbeck to receive new talking points memo soon

I’ve been saying for quite some time that Elizabeth Hasselbeck, on “The View”, doesn’t really have her own opinions, she’s a regurgitator.  And for whatever reason, she actually has some fans on that show, even though her arguments are at best weak, and at worst, statements she heard someone else make; essentially she’s a puppet.

Well there’s a new book out by David Freddoso who builds an extreme case against Barack Obama for President.  Freddoso twists the truth and manipulates the facts to build his case.  In an interview on CNN you could see the little Swift Boat and Limbaugh puppets sitting on his shoulder whispering in his ear.  He couldn’t even feign fairness.  It’s the same one-sided, political attack common to the republican party for the last 40 years.

Back to Hasselbeck.   Here’s my prediction.  She will probably never quote this new book (The Case Against Barack Obama) specifically because she would never give credit to someone else for a point of view she is stealing.  But I can guarantee you that she will use the accusations in this book at some point during the chicken coop exchange called “Hot Topics” on the View this week, or next, to end up in some fight with Joy or Whoopi.  She’ll probably cry on cue (I mean on camera) playing the ganged-up-on, wounded little bird.  “Oh poor Elizabeth, everybody picks on her”  WAAAAA!!!!!

It has already been proved that the Fox Noise (News?) Channel actually receives talking points memos from the White House.  I don’t believe that they are the only ones who receive them.  Everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Laura Ingraham to Mike Gallagher (I can’t pick the one who is the biggest Republican Whore so just pick one yourself) will somehow, someway, say the exact same things, the same phrases, during their radio talk shows.  They all talk as if they have independent thoughts, and it is just a coincidence that all of the right wing talking heads said the same thing on the same day.

So I just thought I’d warn you.  I don’t watch the View everyday, but I like to find the YouTube “ViewFights” whenever I can. 

Freddoso made a poor choice this week.  He should have skipped the CNN morning show (nobody watches it but then again, they are probably the only network who would take him), and tried to get on the View where he could at least take credit for his own rhetoric.  But then again, Southern White boys really like those skinny blond haired girls so maybe that works best for the overall republican attack machine.  It’s so hard to figure out where and how they hate.

The republicans keep trying to Swift Boat candidate Obama.  But, Obama and his team are a smart group.  Luckily they can turn these attacks into Slow Barges without a lot of effort.


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