Judgement at Washington-berg

For the first time, I saw the 1961 movie called “Judgment at Nuremberg”.  Spencer Tracy played Judge Dan Haywood who presided over the 3 Judge Tribunal who were given the task of hearing the cases of 4 German Judges charged with war crimes while under Hitler’s rule.

The defense of 3 of the 4 judges on trial was that they had no idea that Hitler had gone to such lengths with Concentrations Camps and that everything they did in their roles as judges was for the their country, their precious, righteous Germany.  The fourth judge on trial, Ernst Janning, admitted that there was no way that he, nor the others on trial, could not have known about the mass killing of millions in their own back yard.  He admitted to sentencing Jews to go to the concentration camps, admitted to false allegations, sterilization of Jews, torture, murder, you name it, these judges were involved in it.  Janning went on further to say that a man can not hide behind his patriotism to commit such atrocities.  Janning was most ashamed of himself because he was one of the most respected judges in the country, a man who had written several books on the rule of law and justice itself.

Some of the actors in this movie were quite astonishing.  A young Maximilian Schell played the part of the defense lawyer with incredible passion and credibility.  His character spoke to tribunal judge Haywood in Haywood’s chambers arguing that Germans were so eager to forget the past and so eager to live in denial of what had really happened under Hitler, that whatever judgement Haywood passed down would be overturned on appeal so that the Germans never had to admit to it in their own minds.

In the end each judge on trial received a life sentence.  BUT, within 10 years each judge that was on trial (and many others not depicted in the movie) were out of jail, free, and in many cases living in other countries.  As for the Germans, they then had to deal with communism and the bisection of their country, all the while still hating America for attempting to make them see the truth of the Third Reich.

This brings me to the war crimes of the Bush Administration.  Were they any better, were they any different than the judges on trial at Nuremberg?  The Bush Administration condoned and actively participated in torture and rendition.  They did it all in the name of their country, their patriotism and loyalty to the United States.  Is Guantanamo Bay really that much different from a concentration camp?  I don’t want to belittle what happened at a concentration camp.  The murder of 6 million people can not be compared directly to holding suspected insurgents against their will for 7 years.  But does it matter how bad a war crime is on a scale of one to ten?  A crime is a crime.

Barack Obama said he wants to look forward.  On the 1/11/09 edition of “This Week” on ABC, Obama said that the new Attorney General is the “lawyer for the people” of the United States.  So I can see that he doesn’t want to be directly involved in prosecuting George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and the many minions, because the country is hurting.  There are so many things on which he needs to concentrate and act quickly.  But if you read between the lines he is saying that if the Attorney General, this “lawyer of the people”, is directed by those people to take action against Americans who committed war crimes then so be it.  And I say, let the criminals pay.

Some will say it is simply not true; no war crime were committed.  They will call us crazy.  They will call us “liberals”.  They will call us call kinds of things.  But many Americans, and in fact many people from around the world, do believe that the Bush Administration committed crimes of torture.  For the sake of our sanity, for the sake of our reputation around the world, and for the sake of justice itself, we need to investigate and prosecute anybody, regardless of their position, who committed war crimes; crimes against the Geneva Conventions.   And what better way to show the world that we are ready to take our place as a beacon of hope and change, and all that is right in the world, than to show George W. Bush and/or Dick Cheney being escorted to their prison cell for the rest of his life.

We can not allow ourselves to be like Germany after World War II.  We can not stick our heads in the sand. We can not live in denial.  Would it be easier to just look forward, never look back, and pretend that none of it happened?  Yes it would.  But since when do we as Americans take the easy way out.  If we wanted to do that we would have left Europe to its own devices during World War I and World War II.  We would have let Saddam Hussein invade Kuwait.  And we would never answer the call from anywhere in the world that truly needed our help due to natural disaster or evil invader.

America is an experiment.  We are a young country, comparatively, only a few hundred years old.  When compared to most of the other super powers of the world whose history goes back centuries, we are in our infancy.  America is an experiment in democracy.  Our ideals and our freedoms are the reason why so many have come here, and why another so many hate us.  But we can not stop being the shining city on the hill, even if we have to expose our raw nerves, expose the underbelly of our society, the ones that commit war crimes, and we need to punish them to the fullest extent of American and International Law.

When will it be our turn for “Judgment in Washington”?


Joe Scarborugh needs more mouths

You’ve heard the expression “talking out of both sides of your mouth”.  Well, Joe Scarborough on MSNBC needs at least one more mouth to hold all of the different “cover my ass” opinions he has.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  To me Scarborough should have his mouth sewn up, but if MSNBS is going to allow him to speak, give him enough mouths to cover the bases.

This morning, December 30, Scarborough defended Dick Cheney regarding the Iraq war saying “he was happy to have someone like Cheney on the bench” and further he was glad that Bush and Cheney had tunnel vision when it came to their ideology.  He then said the Bush Administration made a lot of mistakes in the days leading up to the Iraq war, some with dire consequences.  So which is it Joe, did they make mistakes or are you glad they were there?

Mika Brzezinski in a rare opinion of her own said that to her, Cheney only told Bush what Bush wanted to hear.

None of this ridiculous discussion has any value whatsoever.  They are trying to fill air time since they can’t talk about Israel vs. Hamas since nobody wants to listen to it for that long.

Mike Barnacle, a co-host on “Morning Joe”, was talking to Joe and Mika from Boston and had the only reasonable voice in an unreasonable conversation.  His opinion was that it’s great to have a single minded war monger on your bench as long as you have a strong President to control him.  And therein lies the problem.

I hate sports analogies but Cheney was like the 350 pound line-backer with blood in his eyes and Bush was the quarterback who didn’t know how to hold him back at the right times.

Bush led us into the Iraq War through lies that were criminal in nature.  Cheney helped him,or maybe organized it himself, and nobody was there to stop either one of them.

Why are some people’s memories so short.  On September 12, 2001, this country was scared.  But we weren’t afraid of Iraq.  We were afraid of the unknown.  We went to Afghanistan first, and that’s where we should have stayed.  But Bush and Cheney were going to blame Iraq one way or another and somehow convinced someone, not me, that invading Iraq was the only answer.  We now know that the Iraq war didn’t have to happen.  Had we put our efforts into Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden would have been taken care of by now.  Instead we sent 150,000 troops to Iraq for 5 years where we have accomplished nothing, a net loss.  All we have is a long list of dead soldiers, dead Iraqi civilians, and a country that has been torn apart and still doesn’t have electricity in some parts.  So the idea that Bush was the perfect leader after September 11, bringing the country together in a time of fear, is a joke.  He played on those fears and along with Cheney constructed a false pretense for war.  To Bush and Cheney it was as if they were just playing the game of “Risk”.  No real consequences, it’s just a game.

Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski have become a joke.  Their supporting players, including Barnacle, Willy Geist, and host of other drive-by guests are way smarter than Scarborough and Brzezinski pretend to be.  I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again.  It is sickening to watch Brzezinski pretend to be a journalist while she swoons and flirts with the males on the panel, even the gay ones, and all the while throwing her hair back and batting her eyes when the conversation gets too real.  Her most used expression is “We’re not even going to go there”.  She’s pretending she has an actual unbiased opinion when in reality she has no opinions and no independent thoughts.  She just defers to Scarborough’s double speak.

McCain and Obama – Now I understand the meaning of “history repeating itself”

In October 1962, the United States came perilously close to an all-out nuclear war with the Soviet Union.  I recently watched the movie “Thirteen Days” which chronicled the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  It reminded me of current events and even future events that can affect the very lives of every person in this country and every person on this planet.  Personality, temperament, ideology, and guts all play a part in who should be the President as shown during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

John F. Kennedy was up against his own military advisers and cabinet who were literally looking for a reason to go to war.   Many of them were trying to save face after the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion that occurred several months prior.  Our military leaders were trigger happy and it took all of the diplomacy that John Kennedy and his inner circle (Bobby Kennedy, Adlai Stevenson, and Kenneth O’Donnell) could muster to control those who were gunning for war.  JFK’s inner circle was hand picked by Kennedy for a reason and he proved that he was a good judge of character.

I had a major revelation about our current day situation while I was watching this movie.  What would happen today if a major world event put the U.S. on the brink of a World War?  Better yet, compare the differences between what would happen if it were John McCain or Barack Obama at the helm.

Barack Obama is extremely thorough and doesn’t make a move without going through an intense thought process.  He is not a hot-head, does not make quick decisions, and has a pure belief in diplomacy.  If Barack Obama were President in 1962, I firmly and categorically believe that he would have made the same or similar decision as John Kennedy, even though the people around him who were not part of his trusted inner circle were making the case for war.    I also believe that Barack Obama would behave similarly if a crisis like that happened today.  He has the right temperament; he won’t fly off the handle, or let his ego or his anger affect his decisions.

John McCain is a hot head, makes quick decisions, and wants to get to the finish line fast, at all costs.  John McCain has a big ego and believes in war.  He says war is a last resort, but I think John McCain’s decisions would be based more on his pride than on what is right.  And as for diplomacy, have you seen John McCain in an interview or on a stage.  Whether it is one-on-one or in front of a crowd, John McCain is uncomfortable, squirmy, shifty-eyed, and jittery.  When talking temperament, I don’t think I could trust John McCain to have the self-discipline and humility it takes to be diplomatic.  In his own words he has a temper and is famous for that temper in Washington D.C.   In the end it was diplomacy that ended the Cuban Missile Crisis.  At the time America didn’t know all the details and it appeared that it was just America’s pure might that ended it, but that wasn’t really the case.

Watching “Thirteen Days” scared me.  I did not realize how close we came to a disastrous outcome.  And I could not help but put our candidates in the position of John F. Kennedy during that time and wonder what it would have been like.  Please watch this movie and ask yourself the same questions.  If you do I think you may come to some of the same conclusions that I did.

We need a steady hand, and a calm head, in the oval office.  Some say that Barack Obama is just a good speaker, but in reality people communicate with words, whether it be face to face, on paper, on in a crowd.  And if you use the crisis in 1962 as an example, in the end it was advice from Kennedy and his confidantes and the right choice of words exchanged  between Adlai Stevenson and  Soviet representative, Valerian Zorin, in front of the United Nations, that ended this conflict without a bullet,or a bomb.

When will Conservatives finally admit the truth about this war

Scott McClellan, Joe Wilson, the Downing Street Memo, and now Ron Suskind.  When will right wing conservatives finally admit that this administration has lied, manipulated, and committed actual crimes against the American people; and against the world.  We’re talking about the Bush Administration and the CIA actually forging documents, buying off Iraqi officials, and sending these officials into hiding with millions of dollars just so that we could go to war with a country that never attacked us.  They fabricated evidence to say that Al Queda had ties to Saddam Hussein.

I an not going to go into the details of each of the examples above and how they fit this case; it is common knowledge.  If you don’t know by know, you should so go look it up.

What amazes me is how willing Americans (both neo-cons and to some extent liberals) are to overlook this stuff.  I can only think that they overlook things they don’t understand, and things that are too hard to figure out.  And this stuff is too scary.  They won’t like what they see after all the work they do to figure it out for themselves.  And Americans are lazy, so there you have it.

There is way more than enough information out there to impeach Dick Cheney, George Bush, Condie Rice, Rumsfeld, the whole sinking bunch.  Cheney has insulated GWB from most of what has transpired; and it was calculated.  Although I believe GWB knew full well what was going on, I believe that Cheney masterminded everything so that nobody could prove Bush was involved.  Somehow Bush would be untouchable.  That is Cheney’s real legacy.

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Jaw-dropping: the evidence of Bush Administration War Crimes

Quote courtesy of MotherJones.com:

“Alberto Gonzalez renders [the] Geneva [conventions] obsolete for U.S. purposes in a policy-setting memo. When Secretary of State Colin Powell reads it, he immediately sets up a meeting with the president, telling him the document, if followed, “will reverse over a century of U.S. policy and practice.”

I believe that it is in your best interest to take a look at everything you know happened but may have forgotten.  And when you put it all together in a timeline, the evidence of abuse of presidential power (or rather the president’s perception of his own power) are astounding.

This is just one example of the “tip of the iceberg”.  When I began searching for information about the timeline of the Iraqi war, knowing now the lies and manipulations, criminal in nature, perpetrated by the Bush Administraiton, I knew I would find evidence.  I just didn’t realize that it was probably 100 times worse than I thought it was.

I know that in an election year, especially when we are this close, nobody is going to rock the boat for fear of eithe losing their incumbent seat or not winning a seat if they are not the incumbent.  So who should do what?  Well, a crime is a crime.  President Bush has invoked executive privilege so many times that it really cant’ be considered a privilege anymore, it’s just business as usual.  But after January 20, 2009, Bush and his cronies will be regular citizens and there is nothing to stop anyone from bringing war crime charges against the lot. 

McCain will never seek to bring the republicans to justice.  My only hope is that the democrats will do the right thing, appoint a special investiator, and bring them all down.  I want to see arrests, public trials, and jail times for the pile of indefensible crimes committed by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and anybody else involved in these autrocities.

This is America, people.  Justice is justice and our constitution guarantees that we have the right to speak out against an unjust or illegal government.  I have only one voice.  We all need to speak out.  Seeing Bush in handcuffs lead off to jail would be far more satisfying than watching Saddam Hussein hanged in public.

The Bush Administration makes the war personal, to me

A few years ago my 16 year old nephew came to visit us in Maine with my brother and the rest of his family.  He was always a bit of a trouble maker and his parents always said he was a lot like me.  The last time I saw him on that Thanksgiving weekend, I couldn’t stand him.  He was arrogant, egotistical, and just plain flippant with everyone.  I tried to talk to him and give him advice; set him straight so to speak, but to no avail.

Fast forward about one year or so.  I heard through the family grapevine that my nephew had decided to join the service.

WHAT!?  Keep in mind this was in the midst of the lowest points of the Iraq War.  Not that they aren’t all low points and the measuring stick keeps hitting new lows all the time, but I couldn’t bear the thought of my own nephew, no matter how abnoxious he was the last time I saw him, on the battlefield, and fighting a war that began on a stack of lies.  I was aghast.  I was in disbelief.  I was scared to death.  A boy whose parents are now born again Christians must have been scared out of their minds. 

Time passed, I didn’t hear much.  I presumed things were OK with my nephew since I didn’t get the “bad news”.  It was all so strange and so surreal.

A week ago, my nephew came to Maine to visit the family.  He was on a month long leave and all he wanted to do was spend time on the lake in the Maine countryside.  And as far as I am concerned, any soldier deserves exactly what they want when they are on leave, or otherwise for that matter.  They are risking their lives for us over ther, because, as is told to them by their commanding officer and the American Right Wing Media, so we don’t have to fight them over here.

When I saw him I gave him a big hug.  He looked somehow the same, yet somehow different.  I didn’t really know how to talk to him.  Partly because there were so many people around, relative and friends and such, and party because I just didn’t know what to say since the last time I saw him I wanted to kill him myself.

As the long weekend progressed, I found my one opportunity to talk to him.  I started out slow.  I had a million questions but didn’t want to overwhelm him.  I wanted to know what it was like to be in the Army, to be in Afghanistan or Iraq.  What did he do everyday for his job.  How did he have fun.  And then the blogger in me came alive.  Do you get news from home?  Do you get American TV?  Do you talk about the war among your co-workers (I don’t even know the right terms like Platoon, or Squadron, or Brigade)?

He began to open up to me.  He told me that he worked on the supply line.  Six of his buddies had been killed, four by IEDs.  I asked him if he agreed with the war and he said no.  I asked him if his buddies believed in the war and he said no.  He didn’t understand why they was over there or what they were really supposed to be doing, in the big picture.  He knew the soldiers on the front line (wherever that is) needed supplies and that was his daily work.  He didn’t understand the big picture.

I couldn’t figure out if his confusion was because he is nineteen years old or because he was uninformed.  And if he was uninformed was it intentional by Army in general?

He told me about talking to some guys from Special Ops.  According to my nephew, the Special Ops guys had Osama bin Laden in their sights, on more than one occassion.  And when, at the final moment, the Special Ops guys asked for a final “shoot to kill” order, they were told to stand down.  My nephew was heartbroken.  He thought that getting OBL was part of his mission.  And if they are not allowed to complete their mission and go home, then why were they there.

I tried to explain to him that if Bin Laden were killed now, America would feel safer and then vote Democrat in the 2008 election.  As long as there is fear in the hearts and minds of Americans, the Republicans have a chance at keeping the White House. It is sick and twisted, but it is true and it is American politics.

He is still a bit young to understand politics.  He is very isolated from politics and could not even remember the name of the Republican nominee, John McCain.  it didn’t matter to him.  He had his job to do ever day and it is extremely difficult and all-consuming.  He wants to do his job and come home to his girlfriend so he can get married and start his life.  He was hoping that the new G.I. bill would go through and just a few days ago I emailed him and let him know that both he and his family would be taken care of in terms of their education.

So I have this nineteen year old nephew, who has grown up a lot in just a few years.  What man wouldn’t grow up after seeing the horrors of war.  He wants to serve his country, learn all he can from it, come home, get married, have children and try to carve out his piece of the American Dream.  And I want that for him, too.  He’s is pretty sure that when his tour is up, he will be stop-gapped; something he never even knew about when he enlisted.

He enlisted because he didn’t want to turn out like his friends; drinking and partying every weekend, living in their parent’s basements.  He did the right thing for himself at the time.  But the only way that he will have a chance at the American Dream, and the only way we, as Americans, will repay him for his service by helping him attain his goal, is to end this ridiculous, un-winable war. 

It’s time, people, do the right thing.

Issues for the 2008 Presidential Election

WOW am I getting tired of issues that are not really issues.  I’m not sure if cable news just needs to fill time, or if conservative think tanks are trying to convince voters that certain issues exist just because McCain is so far behind, or maybe it’s is a little bit of both.

I have said this before and I will say it again.  Abortion and Gay Marriage are not issues.

How many of you out there are dealing with abortion right now.  How many are dealing with gays getting married.  Sure maybe there are one or two reading this blog that are dealing with this issue.  But I’m pretty sure it is not a number that makes a bit of difference.

But really now.  Does a woman get an abortion every day, every week, what, how often.  And take one woman you know as an example and think about all of the other women she knows.  How many of them are dealing with an unwanted pregnancy right now.  Abortion is something that, even if you are pro-choice and having unprotected sex, you would only have to deal with once, maybe twice in a lifetime.  There are NOT huge swarms of pregnant women in every small town in America sitting around at forums or symposiums talking about their pregnancies and whether or not they should ABORT, ABORT, ABORT.

Come on people.  This is not an issue in this or any other election.  Even if you are pro-choice, Abortion is a life-changing decision, the hardest decision of your life, and a decision not made easily, no matter what your beliefs.  So let’s just stop pretending that liberals are so liberal that they think every baby is on the table as a candidate for cut-and-run.

Now, Gay Marrriage.  How many people to you know that are gay and want to get married.  And because they want to get married, this is affecting your life somehow.  I’m gay and I don’t even know any gay people that want to get married.  So let’s stop pretending that Gay Marriage is an issue.   JUST STOP IT ALREADY.

The issues are the economy and the war.  Luckily, thanks in part to Barack Obama (at least he was on the right side) got emergency extended benefit for those who are unemployed and whose benefits ran out.  That’s a tough thing to handle and this type of help is the kind of assistance that real Americans need.  I know on a first hand basis what it is like to lose your job, then lose your car, then lose your home and then lose your unemployment benefits.  I find it hard to believe that suicide isn’t more prevalent.  Maybe there is, and it’s just not on the news.

And the war.  Come on.  Is there not yet enough information available to each and every person in the world to prove the George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, and Karl Rove made up a war, lied to the American people, cost untold number of lives, both American and otherwise; cost untold numbers of maimed and scarred-for-life soldiers that will never be the same again.  All for the sake of Bush’s ego and a bundle of money that he and Cheney made off this whole thing.

I’ll be writing another post shortly about the my personal reflections on the war as the result of my own nephew who is 19 years old…..19 years old…..and putting his life on the line ever day for me, and you and doesn’t have a clue why he’s doing it.

Other than the economy and the war, the only thing left is our dignity, as Americans.  Barack Obama isn’t perfect, nobody is.  But if it takes a man with eloquence, charisma, charm, empathy, patriotism, and genuine care for his fellow human beings to inspire this country to heal itself, then I trust him.  And I want him to represent me as an American around the world. 

Women, Hillary, Obama, and McCain

As an Obama supporter, I would have been extremely disappointed, even mad, if he did not get the nomination for Democratic Presidential Candidate.   There was a time when things looked bleak and I said to myself that I would vote for ANYBODY rather than Hillary Clinton.  So I understand what Hillary supporters are feeling.  I watched the Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting aftermath and the women who were so angry; they were yelling and screaming and crying.  Their emotions were overflowing and they felt betrayed by somebody.

In trying to keep this in perspective, I tried to put myself in their shoes.  How would I have felt if it were Obama who was “robbed”?  Who would I lash out at on my blog or elsewhere?

After much thought, I came to some conclusions.  Barack Obama himself was not the reason that Hillary Clinton did not win the nomination.  He did not decide how the Bylaw Committee would vote.  He did not say anything even remotely misogynistic about Hillary Clinton or any other woman.  He has no control over how the press decides to cover Hillary and her campaign.  Yet these fervent Hillary supporters, with all of their displaced anger, are willing to punish Barack Obama by not supporting him, or voting for him.  I understand that they may want to punish the Press, or even specific pundits or on-air journalists.  I understand that they may be enraged at publications like the New York Times, or the Washington Post, a specific Blog or Blogger.  But to punish Barack Obama and cause such polarization within the Democratic party because of things beyond the candidate’s control seems misguided.

The same would be true if roles were reversed.  I could not blame Hillary Clinton herself if Barack Obama did not win the nomination.  She would have had nothing to do with it, other than run her campaign as best she could.  She has no control over what the Press says, what bloggers say, or how people vote, etc.

I find it hard to believe that any voting Democrat would punish the other candidate and vote for John McCain.  If they did cast their vote for McCain, or refuse to vote at all, they would realistically only be punishing themselves.

We all know the differences between the platforms of Obama and Clinton are few and far between.  However, if you compare the collective platforms of Obama and Clinton as “Democrats”, to those of the Republicans and John McCain, you will see the polar opposites. 

McCain can bellow as loud as he wants that he is not a continuation of the Bush presidency.  But the basic tenets of McCain and the Republican agenda are the same as George W. Bush.  There may be some minor differences, but if McCain were to take office today, you would not notice a difference in our Foreign Policy, our Economy, our Health Care System, or anything else that makes a difference to each of us as Americans.  In fact, unless someone told us that McCain took over, we would never notice.

For Democrats, this election is NOT about Barack Obama, and I think Barack himself would agree.  This election is about us; each and every one of us as individuals.  It is our responsibility to get the word out about Barack Obama as our vehicle for the kind of change this country needs.  He is our vehicle to restore our place in the world as the best country in the world, to inspire us to be the best we can be, to solve huge problems like the Iraq War, ignoring Afghanistan, high gas prices, the economy in general, education, and health care.  It is our responsibility as Democrats to talk to Independents and Republicans and try to convince those on the fence that Obama is the right choice for this country.   There are those in the Republican base whose mind you will never change so don’t waste your time there.

I do not tend to stand on my soapbox and herald the Democratic Party.  I am not even registered as a Democrat; I am unaffiliated.  I wasn’t even “political” until Bush’s second term.  I was absolutely blown away, depressed, angry, sad, and bewildered that he was elected to a second term.  And I blame every person who cast his or her ballot for George W. Bush for the condition in which we find our country today.  That’s a lot of anger and baggage to carry around and I am trying to let it go.  But I feel if I don’t speak out, and speak out loud and early, that it might happen again.  I can’t imaging how I would feel on November 4th, or 5th depending, if McCain is elected as the 44th President of the United States.  We will pay for it in cash, tears, and blood.  The middle class will disappear, and we will never restore our place in the world as a beacon of hope.  The Iraq War will trudge onward and Al Queda in Afghanistan, where the real war should be, will continue to be ignored.

Now is the time, and I challenge each of your who truly wants the right kind of change in this country, to go out and do something about it.  Help restore the United States of America to its former glory.  I don’t want to sound corny or poetic, but it is time for America to rise like a phoenix to a place high enough that the rest of the world can see the light.


Hillary won’t concede and McCain thinks he’s won the Iraq war

Last night I was in a reflective mood, happy about Obama winning the nomination, a bit forgiving of Hillary, and overall just enjoying the moment.

This morning, I’m fired up again.  Last night, Hillary refused to actually concede the election to Obama.  She spoke to her “supporters” in New York and treated it more like a rally or call to arms.  Neither she, nor her misguided mouth pieces like Terry McCauliffe, and Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, will answer point blank questions like “Isn’t it over for Hillary”.  All you get is “Listen, she ran a great race, millions of people supported her, she won the popular vote (if you use Hillary math), and blah, blah, blah”. 

Neither the candidate nor her surrogates can seem to muster up the strength to say, “Congratulations Barack, you won, we didn’t”.  I find it self serving, insulting to Obama, and it is like she’s living in some fantasy world; and so are her supporters.  They were yelling and screaming last night like SHE had won the nomination.  All of them refusing to admit the truth to themselves.  And the media is giving them a pass.  Both CNN and MSNBC gave the Clinton campaign lots of latitude and never forced McCauliffe or Rendell to answer the question; instead letting them get away with continuing to campaign for Hillary Clinton rather than forcing them to concede.   They need to let it go. 

They need to let Barack Obama get on with his Presidential Campaign and launch his team into overdrive against John McCain.  Instead the Clinton campaign continues to attract attention to themselves that, at this point, is unnecessary.  She didn’t win, it’s over.   And if she is bucking for a VP position or some other position in Obama’s administration, it’s not like Obama is going to forget she’s out there.

All the while, McCain on TV last night is talking about how “different” he is from George W. Bush.  Really?!  Who is is trying to convince; him or me.  He said that we are finally winning the war as a result of the “Surge”.  Really?!  Ask to troops on the ground, as my nephew, as the local Iraqi people who, after 5 years, still have no running water or electricity.  If that’s winning, what does losing look like. 

McCain claims that at times he was a lonely voice on Capitol Hill, speaking out against how the Bushies were handling the war.  So apparently when he is sitting in the Capitol cafeteria, talking to his secretary over a cup of herbal tea and saying “You know, I’m not sure they did this quite right” constitutes as a Beacon of Change regarding the Iraq War.  So which is it, are we already winning or are speaking out against how the war was handled.  You can’t have it both ways, Johnny.  McCain has always maintained that Barack Obama did not serve in the military and therefore makes Obama less qualified to be President.  Well, I think that just because you were in the military, does not make you more qualified to be President. 

Around the World today, I have realized that this is not just about us.  From France to Kenya and many other nations, there is excitement that America has grown up, they finally matured enough to realize that color has nothing to do with the process.  It’s been said more than once but I will say it again.  What happened yesterday was an historic moment in the history of the United States of America.  The least that Hillary could have done was acknowledge that Barack Obama WON the nomination.  But she is too self-centered, and egotistical for that.  She’s no different than her husband.

Hillary – stop lying to yourself and your supporters, it is over, so just admit it.  Stop wasting MY time with your ungracious double-talk.

McCain – you know, good luck to you.  There is not a man, woman, or child, that can not see you are nothing more than an extension of Bush.  You can double-talk all you want but America is not stupid.  As you stand there and say we are winning the war, I wonder what the families and friends of the 4100 dead soldiers, untold thousands wounded, untold thousand of dead civilian Iraqis, and the people of Iraq trying to survive every day will think about that.


What a remarkable and inspiring thing it would be to have a woman be our President.

Women bring and uncanny sensibility to everyday life.  They have raised the children of the world.  They have instilled in these children the values of compassion and kindness, intelligence and humor.

As far as I know, and it is what I believe, no woman would ever think that war is a good option.  It don’t believe that a woman would think that war is even in the top ten options as a way to deal with conflict.  Women believe in talking things out.

While fathers hurt just as much when a son or daughter is killed at war, there is nothing like a mother’s love.  A mother has an incomparable bond with a child because she carried that child inside her body and gave it life.  True, she needed a man in the process.  But motherhood, and the process of parenting as a mother is a unique skill ingrained in the genetic code of women.

For these reasons and a host of others, how great would it be to have a woman as President of the United States.  A woman who thinks of the country as one of her own children.  Guiding and protecting with love.

I hope that in my lifetime I get to see a woman President, and I believe that America is ready, in fact eager to see what it would be like.  We want a woman, we just don’t want this one.  Goodbye Hillary, it’s time for you to go away.