Conservative Talk Show Host Mike Gallagher thinks YOU are stupid

Mike Gallagher really thinks you are stupid. When he mentions Mr. Obama’s name, he uses Obama’s full name:  Barack Hussein Obama, and puts EMPHASIS on the HUSSEIN.  He wants you to be chimp-like and thinkg “oh, Hussein, just like Sadam, Sadam bad, Hussein bad, Obama bad”.  It is offensive and manipulative and I am sickened by what Gallagher does. 

The final blow is that he said today “Nobody with the name Barack Hussein Obama, is ever going to get elected in this country”.  Wow, Gallagher, I do believe that statement is probably the most racist, bigoted, manipulative, hateful thing I have ever heard somebody say on talk radio.  And that includes anything Ann Coulter ever said.

We’re not stupid Mikey, we know what you’re doing.  Mybe you don’t know what you’re really doing compared to what you think you are doing.  You are convincing us, the unaffiliated and undecided, exactly who to vote for.  I guess I should thank you.  Hate-speak isn’t the new “where’s the beef”.

Since I originally wrote this, I’ve noticed this “Hussein” thing has caught on among conservative talking heads.  In fact, it is getting so bad that even John McCain distanced himself from conservative talk show host Bill Cunningham who used this same tactic at a recent McCain rally.   McCain actually apologized for the incident.


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