The Birthers – most not born in the U.S.

Who knows where all the Birthers were born.  Does it matter?  We’ll just make shit up.  It seems to work for them.

If case you don’t know what a Birther is (meaning you live under a rock and don’t partipate in society),  a Birther is someone who believes Barack Obama was not born in the United States (yes, Hawaii is a state) and therefore, has no legal right to be President.

If during George W. Bush’s Presidency, you know, those god-awful years between 2001 and 2008 when the world hated us and still does, someone had told me W. wasn’t born in this country and therefore was not legally the President, would I have believed them? You bet your ass I would.

I despised Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Rove, the whole ugly bunch.  I would have looked for any reason to start a movement to get rid of any one of them.  So in some ways I understand why the radical right wing conservative movement in this country is perpetuating the idea that Barack Obama was not born in the U.S., is not a U.S. Citizen, and therefore, not legally the President of the United States.  It is brilliantly simply.  If you are not a natural U.S. citizen, you can’t be President.

Let’s not get too confused about this, however.  The Obama Birther movement was born out of extreme hatred which is based on extreme racism.  There is some scary kind of hatred involved in this.  The birther movement is a cover for racism.  Birthers hate Barack Obama and is blackness so much that they will scratch the bottom of any barrel to get rid of him.

I felt the same way about the Bush Administration; not the racism part, but the willingness to do anything necessary to get rid them.

However, if someone on the Democrat, or Liberal, or Progressive side of the map who I trusted or believed said to me “Hey, don’t be an idiot.  As much as we want to believe this stuff, it is simply not true”.  I would have had no choice to throw my hands in the air and give up the fight.  I would have tried other tactics but why spend so much time dealing in lies.

So why is it that few, if any, radical conservatives can’t utter the words “Hey folks, it’s just not true”.  From Limbaugh to Glenn Beck to the halls of Congress, these people and their “believers” can’t bring themselves to say “This is stupid and it’s not true”.  Even when they pretend to debunk the myth, they say things like “Barack Obama is a citizen” but won’t actually say the words “he was born in this country” leaving a sliver of room to back out and re-interpret what they said at a later date.

On the surface the Birther movement appears almost harmless because it is so ridiculous.  The following is what they want you to believe:  In 1961 Barack Obama was born in Kenya and secretly shipped on a cargo tanker (I guess) to Honolulu, Hawaii where someone who knew that he would run for and win the Presidency some day, planted a birth announcement in the Honolulu newspaper all so that in 2009, a forged birth certificate could be disproved by said newspaper announcement.   Hmm.  Sounds plausible to me; you?

Chris Matthews on MSNBC the most trustworthy G. Gordon Liddy (ahem!) as a guest,  so that Matthews could show Liddy all of the facts and copies of the paperwork first hand proving Obama’s birth and citizenship.  Matthews hoped that the irrefutable evidence would convince Liddy to go back to the listeners of his radio show and say “OK guys, I know we want this to be true, but it simply isn’t; Enough is Enough”.  However, Liddy stared at the evidence in what can only be described as an Alzheimer Haze, twitching and mumbling something about wanting to see originals and some woman in Kenya and an affidavit about seeing Obama being born in Kenya and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  It would have been funny if it wasn’t one of the saddest things I’ve even seen on Television.  Search for the video on Google, it’s easy to find.  I do question Chris Matthew’s motives in bringing on one of the most famous liars in the world in an effort to reform him on conspiracies.  But I guess Matthews was trying to start with someone on the radio who had a following.  Liddy was probably the only conservative talk radio host who would accept an invitation from Mr. Matthews.

Some believe that the birther movement is harmless.  But if you undersand that the people involved in the movement are using it as a cover to hide (and not so well) their extreme racism and hatred of Black America then you won’t think it’s so harmless anymore.

It is time now for those of us who are adults with working brain stems to call our Senators and House Representatives demanding that they speak out on this issue and put the Birthers in their place.  Force your legislators to have a spine by speaking out against the fringe right wing.  I’m all for freedom on speech, but when you are inciting riotous and violent acts based on your speech or actions, i believe you forfeit some of those rights.  The Birthers are full of hatred and are trying to spread it around.  That’s just plain wrong.  Nobody should have the freedom to do that.

There are two trains of thought on debunking lies.  First is to never address is; therefore not giving the idea any traction.  You don’t dignify the accusation by responding to it.  The second method is to nip it in the bud.  You run the risk of drawing out the amount of attention the lie gets but you look strong in your defiance.

The Democrats, and in fact the White House itself, have chosen option one.  Ignore the accusation and you won’t give it any traction.  Let’s see.  How did that work our for John Kerry and the Swift Boaters?


The wheels on the Republican bus have officially fallen off

I didn’t think that the Republican Party could fall out of favor any further than it has.  But in true Republican fashion, they never let you down when it comes to disappointment.

I would not have believed if I didn’t see it.  Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher blamed Barack Obama for the violence and death on the streets of Iran.  He said that if Obama had spoken up and denounced the violence three days ago, the violence would have been avoided.  That woman who was shot and died on live television would be alive if it weren’t for Barack Obama.  Yes, this guy actually said it.

And what if John McCain was our President.  According to his recent remarks, we would be at war with another Islamic country; further degrading the standing of the United States around the world.  And thousands upon thousands more would be dead.  McCain couldn’t even answer this question:  Is Barack Obama on the side of Majmud Ahmadinajad or is he on the side of the factions that are protesting an unfair election.  McCain said “Well I know what side I”M on” insinuating that Barack Obama was on the side of the tyranical President.  He’s kidding right?  No he’s not.

Then, Republicans like radio host and columnist Mark Savage, and a Maryland Republican women’s group, and many others too numerous to mention, have been, just in the last few days, comparing Barack Obama to Hitler.  They are litterally trying to make direct comparisons between Obama’s actions and policies to Hitler’s reign of terror.  It is amazingly ridiculous and hateful, and so far off base that I can’t figure out who these people are trying to convince to join or support their party.  They should have stuck with the idea that Barack’s birth certificate is a fake.  At least that is a conspiracy theory the right wingers can REALLY get behind. 

And now Mark Sanford, South Carolina Governor, admits to infidelity with an Argentinean woman, which explains where he was over Father’s Day Weekend when neither his wife, his sons, nor his administration  knew where he was.  And all the while they thought he was hiking the Appalachian Trail.  He was lost in the woods, alright, metaphorically speaking.  I can’t wait to see how Sanford’s close friend, Joe Scarborough handles this tomorrow morning on “Morning Joe”.  Will he defend Sanford using tax payer money to go to Argentina for a booty call?  Just this morning (Wednesday) Joe was defending Sanford’s behavior.

This is like a bad plot in a bad daytime soap opera.  Even Luke and Laura knew when it was time to give up the Ice Princess plot line.

So Mark Sanford goes on TV today and gives a very long list of all the people he hurt; beginning with his sons.  The young people behind him in his news conference were giggling.  I don’t know who they were or why they were there.  But it was sad, demeaning, and even somewhat humorous.  If there were ever a reason to have a pre-planned speech or tele-prompters, that news conference was it.  This is a man who said President Clinton should resign for such sexually deviant behavior.  Well, Mr. Sanford, will you now resign, because you should based on your own moral compass.

Is it any wonder why the Republican Party is falling apart.   What comes next; calling Barack Obama a extra-terrestrial being while some other Republican congressman gets arrested for molesting pre-school boys. 

Barack Obama is poised to strike and get whatever he wants out of Congress; Republicans or Democrats.  Now is the time Barack.  DO IT!  Get health care passed.  Clean up the environment, Get all the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, create millions of jobs, send America over into the financial abyss; finance our asses off.  Who cares?  It can’t possibly be worse than anything that brain trust we call the GOP can come up with.

And just yesterday, the GOP had begun to lay out plans to take back Congress in 2010.  Sorry guys, I don’t think so.

And the cherry on top?  Rush Limbaugh said about Sanford – “he could have been our JFK”.

I can’t even keep up anymore with the train wreck and casualties that make up the GOP.

It’s time to Fade to Black.

Maine gets Gay Marriage just right

When I listened to Governor John Baldacci of Maine give his speech following his signing of the of the Gay Marriage Bill  just a few short hours after receiving the bill, all I could think of was “He got it right”.

I watched and listened to what he said, not as a gay man,  but as a citizen of Maine, and the United States.  Even though I am gay I have not always agreed with the arguments FOR or AGAINST gay marriage. 

It wasn’t until I heard the Governor explain that the new law is about affording equal rights to all Maine citizens as outlined in Maine’s Constitution that it all made sense to me.  The Constitution’s first Article states “All people are born equally free and independent, and have certain natural, inherent and unalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing and protecting property, and of pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness.”

Baldacci used this first and most important Article to first understand for himself that allowing Gay Marriage in Maine is not about granting the same rights to gay people that are affording to heterosexual people.  He said we are all equal and all deserve the same rights and when he looked at the issue from that perspective, he could not come up with any reasons not to allow Gay Marriage.

 He went on further to say that that no religion will be required to conduct same-sex marriages, or even recognize same-sex marriages within the realm of their own belief system because Maine has strict policies about the division of church and State.  And Maine whole-heartedly abides by the Church/State tenet.

These are ideas that I had never heard anyone express in this specific manner before; the idea that the State will allow gay civil marriages but it won’t force any church to recognize them.  So if, for example, the Catholic Church doesn’t want to recognize gay marriage because it goes against their belief system, they don’t have to.  But the Catholic Church can’t tell a gay couple what civil rights they can or cannot have.  The same applies to any other religion.  On the flip side, a gay couple cannot force a religious organization to perform or recognize their marriage and cannot claim discrimination if that church will not recognize their marriage or perform their marriage ceremony.  Under these circumstances, anybody against same-sex marriage CAN hide behind their religion, and take comfort there.  But they can not deny rights to others.

I believe that this is as close as anybody is going to get to writing a law that makes sense when defining gay marriage.  It covers all the bases.  Nobody is forcing anyone to “believe” in anything and those who call themselves “believers” can’t squelch equality and civil rights by hiding behind their religion.  So, like the U.S. Constitution has done so many times, it was Maine’s constitution that acted as the final document to guide us through this divisive issue. 

Governor Baldacci was never comfortable with the gay marriage issue.  But, he found it in himself to understand that legislators, or politicians if you wish, need to take a stand and can not continually defer to public opinion.  All of the far lefties, and far righties have had more than enough time to express their viewpoints on this issue, and they have.  Neither is a shy group. 

The Governor said that he realizes this will not be the last word on the issue.  In my opinion, it should be, but it won’t be.  Instead of worrying about real problems, the whack jobs are going to come crawling out of the woodwork.  

The Maine Legislature and the Governor have laid down the gauntlet.  There are no “reasonable” arguments against this law as it was written.  First, anybody who protests this law must first say to themselves, and then the public, “I intend to take away the civil rights of others”.   Secondly, anybody who intends to use the Bible or their religion as an argument can stop right there.  The law clearly states that you don’t have to religiously recognize gay marriage or perform gay marriage if you don’t want to.  So what’s left?

Well, there’s the “I simply think it is wrong” argument.   Hmmm?  Are they also against heterosexual couples who get married and never intend to have children, or those who get married for convenience, or those who get married to obtain property, money, or social status (you know, the reason marriage was invented in the first place).  What one “thinks” or “believes” is wrong is immaterial.  Because under the Constitution of the State of Maine, all citizens have equal rights and included in that is their right to marry whom they choose as long as it is not breaking any other laws (like the minimum age for marriage or harm to animals). 

There is only one argument against Maine’s Gay Marriage law and it’s a faux-argument called “hate, fear, and ignorance” none of which are viable arguments against ANY law.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean some people in Maine won’t mind standing up and saying “I hate, I fear, and I am ignorant” to try and get their way.

The Bush Presidency for Dummies – 8 years in 8 minutes

On the eve of the Inauguration of Barack Obama it is natural to reflect upon from where we have come and how we got to this one moment in history.  We can all sit around and argue about what went right or wrong with the Bush Administration but to do so the opposite side would have to admit that indeed Bush made mistakes.  They must admit there is a possibility that he lied, or worse, committed crimes.  That in and of itself is a tough thing to find.  Even today with Bush’s approval rating at 18%, it is still the voices on Fox News who refuse to admit the truth and the voices on CNN who don’t want to admit that there is a reason to reflect.  They simply want to move forward. 

Keith Olbermann put things in perspective by encapsulating Bush’s 8 years into 8 minutes; a time frame of the mistakes and lies.  It is worth a watch.  And if you combine what he says (video highlight below) with his “Special Comment” today (you can easily find that on MSNBC (, how we need to move forward is clear.   Start here, just take a listen:

For those with a slower computer be patient.  It has to load and the player will show a short commerical; but it’s well worth the wait.  You can just copy/paste the URL above into your broser as well.  While you’re there check out “Special Comments” about prosecuting torture.


Racism in the 2008 Election

The latest statistics I’ve heard indicate that 15% of voters admit that race will still play a role in their decision for President.  The statistics don’t say whether or not it will be a positive role or a negative role, just that 15% will take race into consideration.  I was not raised to consider race in anything, so it is something I don’t understand.  I didn’t know what racism was until at least high school and even then I didn’t hang around with a crowd that was racist so it wasn’t something I thought about.

In the early 1970’s I was in grammar school at Verplank Elementary School in Manchester, Connecticut. I learned how to jump rope, Double Dutch style, from my friends Janet Cooper and Audrey Gaines.  I got so good at Double Dutch that I was better than they were.  But they weren’t mad.  The were proud of me.  We were friends.  I knew that they came to school every day on a bus.  I knew that they lived in Hartford and that is where the buses took them home to every night.  But I didn’t know why, or think about why.  I didn’t care why, I didn’t even question why.   I think I just assumed that there weren’t enough schools in Hartford.  It certainly wasn’t something that I thought was out of the ordinary.  In fact, I was jealous that they got to ride the bus (until I got older and actually rode a bus to school every day).  My parents never mentioned anything about busing and it wasn’t talked about in school.  It wasn’t until many, many years later when busing kids from the inner city out to the suburbs became an issue again sometime in the 1990’s that I even realized that my grammar school was part of desegregation.

My 3 older brothers went to a vocational technical school in Manchester as well.   My oldest brother had a best friend named Eric Coke.   They were much older than I was back then.  My oldest brother and I are only 6 years apart but back then it seemed like generations.  Eric lived in Hartford.  Eric would often stay at our house on weeknights when they boys had a night game or something and it was just easier for Eric to stay with us rather than have his parents or mine drive back and forth to Hartford.  He would come to our house for things like Halloween and dress up with all of us.  We used to laugh because back then with the Polaroid instant cameras, the quality was so bad, and Eric had such a dark, very dark, complexion, he would disappear in the picture unless he smiled.  It wasn’t something racist to us, it was just a funny matter of fact.  We laughed, he laughed, we went trick-or-treating, and that was just another normal day at our house.  I was the youngest of 6 and we’re all about a year apart.  So having one more, or two more people around wasn’t unusual.

Many years after my father died in 1984, my mother and I met for lunch somewhere.  We got to talking about the old days.  I was still in my “I’m going to write a novel” phase.  So I started asking a lot of questions about my father, his past, his upbringing, etc.  My mother told me a story about how my Dad helped the one and only black family in our neighborhood get a mortgage.  He spent weeks going from bank to bank with this man until somebody would give him a mortage.   I didn’t know any of this.  And I certainly didn’t know that banks could be so blatantly racist as to not give a black man a mortgage for a house in a white suburb.  Of course it happened right before I was born.  But it wasn’t something my father bragged about and it wasn’t part of our family story.  It was just something my father did because that’s the kind of man my father was.  He didn’t brag about it because he didn’t want to teach his children that people were different and those differences led to people being treated differently.  I think he wanted to shield us from the evils of life as long as he could.

I am somewhat of a loner.  I don’t like people all that much.  I have always hand-picked the people who are an integral part of my life.  There are a lot of reasons to hate people.  They are crazy.  They are selfish. They are self-centered.  They are dumb, racist, bigoted, loud, misinformed, uncaring, childish.  The list goes on an on.  I can’t image that of all the reasons there are to hate people, someone is going to go with color????  I was raised better than that.

I did not have the best of childhoods and I never really identified with my parents.  They never truly understood me and I did not understand them.  I don’t recall them being very affectionate and loving and I don’t recall really loving them all that much.  Of course that has changed and I have re-evaluated many things over the years.  I learned to understand my mother better and I learned that I am so much like my father that it’s scary.  The big difference between me and him is I don’t have a problem telling people how I really feel.  But when I look back and think about all the things my parents did, and didn’t do, I thank them because I was not raised to hate anybody.  I was not raised to hate those who were different; different from me, or different from the norm, or different from what society said they should be.

I know I am probably living in a fantasy world about the subject of racism.  When I first heard Barack Obama give a speech at the 2004 DNC, I was in awe of him.  I thought, “what a great President he would be”.  And I never even gave race a minute of thought.  I just thought to myself, “Finally, someone who is smart and can inspire me and others to be proud Americans”.

So to me, even if one person refused to vote for a man or woman for President simply because of skin color, that’s one too many.

What the hell is going on: Palin, McCain, Bay Buchanan, ugh!

Sarah Palin has withdrawn from testifying on the “Abuse of Power” case against her.  The others involved, including her husband, are ignoring subpoenas, refusing the testify.  Can you refuse a subpoena?  I know I can’t, why can they?  It was George Bush and his administration who used “Executive Privilege” as an argument against testifying.  They even used the argument for people who were appointed; you know the “non-elected” people.  If you are not ELECTED, then you certainly have no argument for exectuvie privilege.

So that’s my first beef.  Second, what is up with John McCain these day.  He said “The fundamentals of our economy are strong”.  He and half the world have used that expression and when called on the carpet for it this past Monday, he suddenly changed the meaning of fundamentals to mean people.  Have you ever heard of anyone using the word Fundamentals in the context to mean people?  I doubt it.  But his campaign spun it to mean people so that McCain wouldn’t look like such a buffoon.  And people bought it?  Then he said, in the midst of the AIG bailout, among others, that if he were President he would “fire the head of the FEC”.  First of all, it’s not the FEC, it’s the SEC.  The FEC is the Federal Elections Committee.   I guess he could try to fire them, it wouldn’t bother me much.  But anyway, the President does not have the authority to fire the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission.  So he wants to just fire people at random even if he doesn’t have the authority to do so.  He is turning into a grandfather whom you wheel out on holidays and pray he doesn’t fart at the dinner table.

Third is Bay Buchanan.  Who is this hag.  She looks exactly like Sarah Palin will look in about 20 years.  A bit jowly, a furrowed brow, and most importantly, constipated.  She is like a bad imitation of an old Joan Rivers stand-up routine.  OH, OH.  I mean, come on, she’s Pat Buchanan sister. That should tell you something right there.Read More »

What are Barack Obama’s Accomplishments?

I’m getting a little tired of some people saying that Barack Obama’s entire presidential campaign is based solely on words.  They say he doesn’t have a platform, his supporters can’t name one thing that he has “done” to make him a viable candidate.  This point of view comes from, you guessed it, the conservatives.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a conservative talking head say something like “if you stop any Obama backer on the street and asked them what Barack Obama’s accomplishments are and what makes him qualified to be president, they would look at you and say, Duh, I don’t know, I just like him”.  I find that offensive.

One thing Mr. Obama has done is run a successful campaign.  When you look back a year ago and then compare that to where he is now, he obviously knows how to rally his supporters, he knows how to organize and run a large scale operation, all while instilling optimism, a quest for the truth, and genuine hope for the future.  I’d say that is quite a bit. 

I must admit that I have not done a lot of research on Barack’s specific accomplishments as a Senator.  I know he cares a great deal about our troops and fought for legislation to give the returning troops, wounded or otherwise, the kind of treatment they deserve; the kind of treatment that was not given to them by our current president.  I also know he was instrumental in the Federal Funding Accountability legislation which was designed to keep all Americans informed of government spending in an open, transparent manner.  He also wants to end the war.  He has said he want all the troops home by the end of 2009 but I know that he knows he must end this war in a way that does not cause more harm or problems.  He has said he wants to talk to world leaders without “conditions”.  I don’t know what Hillary Clinton means by conditions or why she thinks that is a problem, but there is certainly nothing wrong with starting a dialog with world leaders with which we must begin the process of healing a relationship.

This brings me to something else I know about Barack Obama.  I believe in my heart that he must have read and believed in something that Abraham Lincoln once said. 

Lincoln said “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.”

This, to me, is the touchstone of Barack Obama’s message.  He believes in the truth, and bringing that truth to the American people.  And again, he wants to bring all Americans to the truth, not by talking down to them, but by empowering them and treating them with dignity, all the while instilling a sense of hope and a renewed sense of pride in America.

I can’t say that about any other candidate.  Barack Obama happens to be a talented and eloquent speaker.  But that is NOT all there is to him.  If you don’t want to really pay attention to him, if you don’t want to believe in him, and if you think his grand speeches overshadow any real talent he has, then there is nothing I can say that will change your mind.  But I realized when I sat down to write this post that I know more about Barack Obama than I thought I did.  But some things are difficult to put in words and I don’t know if I could state them all eloquently if I was stopped on the street.

So, to answer my own questions, I like Obama because I like who he is as a person, and I like what he has accomplished so far.  As for his platform, it is based on truth.  He wants to know the truth, and he wants to tell you the truth, so that together, we can deal with the truth and do what needs to be done to get our country going in the right direction.  It may sound simple, it may sound trite to some, but his message — and, HE — is one I believe in.

McCain and the New York Times? The Obamas Hate America?

First let me say that I am not affiliated with a political party.  Yes, I do tend to lean more liberal or progressive in my opinions, but I don’t blindly walk and talk the liberal game plan.

Second, I do NOT agree with what the New York times has said about John McCain regarding some mysterious woman and the insinuations they made that McCain has some sort of inappropriate relationship (whatever that means) during his 2000 bid for the presidency.  They have no real sources, and just recently, the Times endorsed McCain, only to now try and discredit him.  I think that is wrong.  I’m still not voting for McCain but he’s a decent enough guy that I’ll stick up for him where I can.

Mike Gallagher talked about this today on his show and how he had strong feelings that the NY Times was involved in a smear campaign and I actually agreed with him.

In an attempt to stir up even more trouble, he went a bit too far.  I don’t know why he didn’t stick to the McCain subject.  He would have been fine because his argument made sense.  But no.

He went right into talking about Barack and Michelle Obama saying that they both hated America.  He brought up Michelle Obama’s comment about being the first time in her adult life that she was proud to be American.

I do understand where she is coming from.  I believe what she meant is the same thing that is similar to what I feel.  When I was younger, I was proud to be an American.  But now after these long arduous Bush years, and the “me” generation that preceded that, being a proud American was not necessarily something I thought about every day. 

But now things are different.  It’s not that I am now proud for the first time.  But it feels as if it has been so long since I felt as proud as I am to be an American, that the words  “it’s the first time in my adult life that I feel proud to be an American” could easily roll of my tongue the same way they did hers.  Michelle said later, in her explanation, that she doesn’t remember a time when there was a movement in this country, a groundswell of patriotism, based on everyday Americans being proud to be part of the political party. 

Don’t let Gallagher fool you.  He said “the worst thing you can do to a liberal is call them unpatriotic”.  And so he called Barack and Michelle unpatriotic because NY Times publisher Arthur Salzberger crafted an unusual speech for a graduation commencement where he apologized that his generation did not fix all of the problems in this country that they promised themselves and their children that they would fix (like unlawful wars, a woman’s right to choose, and same sex marriage).  I really didn’t get the connection of Salzberger’s speech to the Obamas other than that he grouped them all together as America Haters.  Maybe there was more to it, I had to get out of the car and could listen no longer (thank god).  But realistically, it doesn’t matter how he might have justified saying all of that.

Well, liberals don’t hate America.  Hate is a strong word anyway but since Gallagher used it, I will.  Liberals hate the Bush Administration, they hate Bush’s cronies and their policies, they hate the Bush Administrations manipulations and lies, they hate conservative talk radio hosts base their shows on “truthiness”.  But they don’t hate America.  They are doing what they do because they love America and want everyone to have any equal shot in this world.

What is all this talk about Obama and plagiarism

All day long, in the news, on talk radio, all I heard was how Barack Obama had plagiarized Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts.

Back off right-wingers. Mr. Obama used similar words like “yes we can” that Deval used in speeches. So did Hillary. Well let me ask you, how many times have you said the words “yes, we can”. It is so ridiculous to me for anyone to take a phrase like that and try to make something out of it that isn’t there. It must be a slow news day and conservative talk radio needs some Democrat to malign and complain about.

And if they really want to compare, let’s talk about how all of the conservative talk radio hosts get their “talking points” memo every day from god knows who; the Republican National Committee, Rush Limbaugh himself, the White House. I know it’s not W because he can barely speak English, let alone put together a talking points memo.

But if you want to accuse someone of plagiarism, how about talk radio hosts themselves. Did you flip through the talk radio stations last week when every single one of them said the exact same thing: “McCain is not a real conservative”, “McCain is not a real conservative”, “McCain is not a real conservative”. I know those words were never uttered out of my mouth, how about yours.

Give me a break.  Can we see through this smoke screen?  YES, WE CAN.

Conservative Talk Radio is helping the Democrats

I quickly scanned the CTR circuit of radio stations today and found the same thing.  They were playing up Barack Obama’s recent wins over the weekend and playing up Hillary Clinton’s loses in those same states.

I think that the conservative talking heads are so afraid that if Hillary is the Democratic nominee, she’ll win the Presidency.  They are so afraid that she will win that they would rather the democrats, or the independents, unaffiliated, undecided (whatever you want to call them), and even Republicans vote for Barack Obama than Hillary Clinton. 

Keep in mind that the conservatives don’t think that McCain is conservative so they were absolutely aghast when Romney pulled out.  They couldn’t back McCain after all the things they said about him, never thinking for a minute that Romney would back out.  And honestly, unless John McCain dies, Huckabee can not mathematically get enough delegates to win the republican nomination.

So in the eyes of conservative talk radio heads, its McCain against Hillary.  They don’t want either.  So without actually saying it, they actually want Barack Obama to win the Presidency.  I think they know that the Republicans just won’t win this time.  I have heard underpinning that sound like they are willing to take the loss.  But they can’t come out and say that.  That would be throwing in the towel early, admitting defeat, skulking away with their tail between their legs, insert your own metaphor here.  I have no idea what the talking points memo is going to look like in the weeks and months to come, but it will be interesting.

So let me be the first to thank Conservative Talk Radio for helping to elect Barack Obama as MY 2008 President of the United States of America.