New Yorkers show their true colors at the 2008 All Star Game

The All Star game is really nothing more than a celebration of baseball.  It doesn’t really matter whether the American or National League wins or loses, except the winner get a home field advantage at the next World Series.

There have been rivals in sports since the beginning of sports, but none more contentious than that of the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.

But here’s the deal.  The are in the same league, and therefore on the same side in this matchup. 

And when Terry Francona and Manny Ramirez were announced in a very long lineup of starters, all the New York crowd could do was “BOO” them.  That shows a lot of class doesn’t it.  Red Sox players and coaches go to Yankee Stadium to celebrate the game of baseball, celebrate the hall of famers who were there, and even celebrate Yankee Stadium itself in its final year, all the New Yorkers could think about was booing the Red Sox players, their teammates in this game.

Well, New York, you showed your true colors like you always do, for good or bad; this time for bad, I think you are disgusting.