Why is Whoopi Goldberg so bored on The View?

Have you ever paid attention to Whoopi Goldberg when the panel is interviewing a guest (most celebrities, obviously).  For the most part, she doesn’t say a word to the guest, rarely asks a questions, and if you really pay attention, count how many times she looks either off to the side or out toward the audience with raised eyebrows and a “who is this person” look on her face.  The alternative to that is a scrunched up eyebrow with the same “who is the person” look.  I’ve even seen her look right toward the guest with these same looks.  If she’s not interested, why be on the stage with them.  Is it in her contract that she must appear on stage with these guests.

Now she may use the excuse that she can’t get a word in edgewise, which I can almost understand considering her co-hosts, but as the moderator of the show, she can get a word in if she wants to.  She does it all the time during the “Hot Topics” segments at the beginning of the show.

So is Whoopi just not interested, unimpressed, or bored with the guests?  Only she can answer that.  Now I love Whoopi, but after today, when she was hawking her new line of “bedding” on (oh yea) QVC, if she wants us to be interested in what she’s doing, she could maybe show some interest in what others are doing.  It’s just not all about you Whoopi, and the eye rolls and funny looks are getting tiresome.


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