Greed and Stupidity cause the music industry to lose money

I was on a web site recently. It was a discussion forum.  One forum visitor, replying to a another who was having a particularly difficult struggling with an emotional issue, posted a link to a music video.  I was curious so I clicked the link.  I was brought to YouTube and a video for a song called “Jealousy” by Will Young.  I had no idea who Will Young was, nor had I ever heard that song.  I loved it. (See bottom of this posting for the video link.)

After a little research I found out the Will Young was the original “Idol” from the very first year in the U.K.  The original version of the show is called “Pop Idol” and when it later came to America, “American Idol”.  But Will Young was the very first ever in that franchise to win. And he’s had a VERY successful carreer.  I couldn’t believe that even with all that I had never heard of him.  I’m not a kid anymore but I try to keep up with what’s going on in the world.  So finding the song, and the artist was a pleasant surprise.

I immediately fired up iTunes (as much as I hate iTunes, sometimes that’s just where you have to go) and did a search.  A pop up box said he couldn’t be found.  I was surprised and a little bummed out.  But the pop up box also said that what I was looking for was available on the UK iTunes site.  Cool!.  So I followed the link to there and found the song. When I tried to purchase it, I was asked for my iTunes account and after typing that in, I was told I couldn’t buy the song because I was in the US and I “wasn’t allowed” to purchase the song.  What?!  I suddenly remembered this happening to me a year or so ago when I tried to download some other song.  At that time I went through the process of setting up and account on the UK iTunes website, made up a UK address and all went well until I put in my credit card number.  I was told the credit card number belonged to a USA bank and therefore could not be used.  Fucked again.  At that time, I gave up, pissed off at how stupid this all was.

But not this time; I wasn’t giving up.  I went to and did a search and had the same problem with not being able to purchase it because I was in the US.  I was not yet deterred complete.  While FREE music download sites like Napster, Limewire and Kazaa are long gone.there are still ways to get free music.

Let me say, first and foremost, that I believe in paying for music.  If I could have handed Will Young the $20 for his CD personally, I would have done it gladly.  I would have paid him, his record company, a record store, or anybody else to legally purchase this music.  HOWEVER, THE MUSIC INDUSTRY ITSELF HAD MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO PURCHASE THE MUSIC I WANTED.

By using a torrent download site I was able to get the entire Will Young CD called “Echoes”.  I probably shouldn’t admit that I did it because it’s probably illegal.  But I will gladly pay the $20 to whomever should get it, if they can tell me how I can purchase the music without having to fly to the UK to do it.

So, music industry folks, I don’t know if you are dumb, greedy, or both.  It seems that one begets the other.  But you need to get you act together.  I believe that most people are like me.  I would gladly pay for ANY AND ALL MUSIC THAT I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE, JUST GIVE ME A WAY TO DO IT. Get your lawyers and your licensing and your greed in check and then people won’t be forced to steal music from the Internet.

Let me tell you something:  music is a very personal thing.  When a song hits you, it hits you hard and you will do anything to get it just so you can listen to it anytime you want, over and over again.  Some music is just like that – you simply must have it.  It’s innate.  I’ll say it one more time.  I WOULD GLADLY PAY FOR THE MUSIC I WANT IF YOU GIVE ME A WAY TO DO IT.  And I believe most people out there feel the same way. 

By the way, if you are interested in the song I was trying to find, here it is.  The dance edit called “Alias Edit” is fantastic, as is the rest of the CD.  If you are in the US, good luck.  Maybe I should send it out to anyone who want it.


4 thoughts on “Greed and Stupidity cause the music industry to lose money

  1. I have no clue why I found this post in my mailbox, but I get your frustration. I often have difficulties purchasing anything that’s not from around. However, when I was in London, I found a music store called HMV who asked for about 8 pounds for cd’s that I have to pay 20+ euro’s for here in Holland. So I figured, let’s try that website and I bought cd’s a couple of times. Now, they are no digital cd’s, but actual cd’s and because Will Young is a British singer, they will have those cd’s. I can understand that you couldn’t find anything on him, in the US, ’cause I think he’s trying real hard to have his music be heard, which is a shame, I loved the songs he had at the beginning of his ‘carrier’. I have no idea if you have trouble purchasing actual cd’s, or that you just want them mp3 style, but I know that this shop delivers to the US. Will cost you 4,50 pounds per cd you buy. (Cause they actually ship every cd individually, no idea why).

    I don’t use itunes for buying cd’s cause when i want to buy music, i want the actual cd with that little book, just to collect. But I do believe in paying for music as well, but because there’s so much music and it all costs a lot, I will only pay for music I really like and I believe I will like long term. Not those songs you will like a few weeks in the summer and then forget about. And because of all illegal downloading, I think they should do something about the price. Cause there’s so much music that I really like, I just cant pay for all, if I could, I would and if they make it less expensive I will be able to.

    For the ‘you cant purchase in your country’ bullcrap, I agree with you, cause when you tell someone you cant, they will find a way that they can, illegal downloading as you say, and than they’re to blame. Same goes for certain youtube videos or tvshow websites. It’s annoying.

  2. I don’t know how you got it either but I’m glad you did and I’m glad you commented.

    I didn’t care how I got the music, on CD or MP3. I tried everything I could think of to get it.

    I’ll have to look in the HMV site if you say they’ll ship to the US. I’ve bought some things from Canada before that I couldn’t get in the US.
    I think because you are in the EU you won’t have the same difficulties that we have here. For you it’s more about cost and I totally get that, too.

    If Will Young wants exposure in the US, I’m going to help. I’m telling all my friends about him. They’ve been surprised, too, that someone with
    that much talent is someone they’ve never heard of. It’s a shame really. It’s the greed that is bankrupting the industry.

    The same was true for Bobby Andonov. He was a contestant on “Australia’s Got Talent”, which of course also started in the UK. I don’t recall how I found him either. He has one song on iTunes here in the US. He was 15 years old when he competed in June 2010 on that show. He’s very talented, helps write, produce, and arrange his own music – he’s quite a kid. But America hasn’t heard of him. He’s young so he has lots of time. Unfortunatley his web site ( doesn’t have all the music he’s done but it’s on Youtube (meaning some of his performances from AGT and such).

    But Will Young has been around for quite a while and has apparently received all kinds of awards and accolades in Europe (or at least in the UK). He deserves to break out here in the US. He should have his agent call Ellen DeGeneres”. She loves new talent and if he could get on her show, he’d have it made.
    Thanks again for stopping by. I appreciate it – Ron

  3. Oh, I remember, I answered to your Josh Groban post. But I never heard of Bobby Andonov. But I like the music on his site. He does look like a Jonas Brother, so I think that’ll work for him in the US, ha thanks for telling me about Bobby. And I actually think Ellen DeGeneres would like having Will Young over. But to be honest, I think only American talentshow contestants actually break out. (Except for the opera singers on the uk talent shows, lol) I do believe that people singing in the US, because the US is the country of music and movies, will be known sooner, ’cause that’s what America does. I think more than half of the stuff I see on tv (or hear on the radio) comes either from the US or the UK. (I think it’s 25% Dutch, 20% Brittish and 50% American and maybe 5% from a different country) I do think that Brittish people, musicians and their agents, focus on their own country, which is logical and I think that’s the same for Will and because he’s not doing brilliantly in his own country (I dont even know if that’s true, but thats what I think is going on, cause every great singer in UK will pop up in our charts) he’s focussing on that first, it’s been a while since his previous album I think. I did listen to his last album, but it’s not for me, I like the song you posted and I like his voice very much.
    But anyway..something different.. google has been my best friend since it’s been working properly and I can find anything I want on google. But you said you tried everything purchasing his cd, so I guess you googled like a crazy person, I hope HMV is helpful, I found the Will Young cd Echoes, for like 5 pounds, which is 7,75 dollars. and you pay almost the same amount for the shipping, so it’ll be 5 dollars less expencive than the $20 you wanted to pay Will, haha. Anyway, good luck.

  4. It’s due to copy right licenses. Will Young isn’t copyright licensed in the US so if his music was available in the US, anyone could just copy the song and remake it. Some UK artists are also very happy just staying in the UK which gives them access to the EU as well without copyright license.

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