What is this “hoarding” bullsh*%

I’m tired enough of having to skip over reality shows.  I can’t believe the mindless, unintelligent, blather that TV viewers watch.  For the past 10 years we’ve been bombarded by fake “reality”.  Starting with “Survivor”.  Do you really care about these people?  Really?!

But the worst of these shows has to be “Hoarders” and all of the shows out now with the word “Hoarder” in it.  It’s quite pathetic actually.  When one network gets so many million viewers to watch a show about “hoarding”, other networks run like crazy people to the drawing board to do a show about “hoarding”.  Apparently, “hoarding” is IN this year.

While channel surfing, I listened to a “hoarding” woman cry because during her whole life, she wanted people to like her, and she wanted everything to be perfect hoping that people liked her. And this was the reason behind her hoarding.

When you want people to like you, you don’t have possums living in your spare bed room where you have old pizza boxes and crocheted toaster cozies piled to the rafters and you refer to these items as  “keepsakes”.

You have family members who refuse to visit you because they literally can’t walk into your house because of the shit (sometimes literally) they have to scrape through with their feet like you used to do with piles of leaves when you were a kid.  Except back them, the leaves weren’t toxic waste.

I’ve heard all of the excuses.  If your father was distant or even abusive; verbally, physically, or sexually, you don’t need to pick through your neighbors trash for old buttons.

I understand that these people need help.  But sending a team in to help them organize their 600 pairs of tube socks and an old fondue pot with the rotting cheese still in it,  doesn’t seem to be the way to go.  If you read the “notes” that flash on the screen during the show to give you updates and back stories, you will see that barely one or two of these people have made positive changes to their life after the show.

Instead of  the city health department evicting these people from their own homes because the home is not fit for human use, just send them to an inpatient facility, strip the house or apartment, burn what you can, boil what’s left or just torch it all.   They will either be well enough to appreciate that the mess is gone, or they won’t be cured and shouldn’t be released.  I put the word “hoarder” in quotes throughout this post because I don’t believe “hoarding” is a disease.  It’s a symptom.

I try to have compassion for my fellow humans, but I don’t buy this hoarding bullshit as some “syndrome” or “condition”.  These people are wing nuts!!  They are not qualified to make decisions about their lives, let alone make decisions about whether or not they should throw out that dirty cookie sheet you found under the dog bed.

Check yourselves in, people.  You need in-patient,  LONG-TERM, psychiatric care.  And you’ve got plenty of stuff, so pack heavy;  you’re going to be there a while.


2 thoughts on “What is this “hoarding” bullsh*%

  1. You are absolutely right. I lived with a hoarder for 27 years. There was so much bullshit, I could have hoarded it. Exhibit A: “It’s a collection!” (A collection of crap.) Exhibit B: “Someone might be able to use that!” (Not while it sits in your basement.) C: “You clean too much; maybe YOU have a problem.” (Oy.) D: “That was my dead mother’s [fill in the blank].”

    Never ask a hoarder a question, because the stupid, little-boy answer will drive you mad. Why does he keep the filthy, 30-year-old carpet you tore out of the living room? “Because shag carpeting is “in” again, hee, hee, hee.”

    Ron, they are lazy nutjobs. You’re right.

  2. “…When you want people to like you, you don’t have possums living in your spare bed room where you have old pizza boxes and crocheted toaster cozies piled to the rafters and you refer to these items as “keepsakes”….”

    That is one of THE funniest things I have ever read in my life and I agree 100% with everything you wrote. I realize there’s a small percentage of people who are mentally ill and hoarding is just one of the symptoms, but most of this is sheer, unadulterated, laziness looking for a socially acceptable excuse to be slobs and not pick up after themselves while simultaneously soaking up some undeserved pity.,

    It won’t hurt the “hoarder” one bit if the shit is cleaned up in their absence as I called JUNK B GONE on more than one occasion during my 13 year marriage to one of these lazy bastards. Most times, even after I had an entire carport hauled off each time, it would take him MONTHS to notice one of his broken radios from the 1970’s was “missing” or that he couldn’t find a term paper from 1987. No, they won’t even know it’s gone which is evidence they are NOT attached to anything specific because, even on the show as they allow them to go through it piece by piece, they spend more time yelping out, “What IS this?”, or squealing with delight “I forgot about this!”, or otherwise reminiscing about a bunch of useless shit and wasting everyone’s time with their boring nostalgic trip than they do throwing anything away.

    I agree they need to be put in a nut house and a team of experts or brave family members need to gut the place out. It’s not only the hoarders who suffer from this nonsense but it’s their families, neighbors, and poor pets who suffer as well. So, these so called “hoarders” of paper napkins, trash, junk mail, etc…and especially the nasty ones with dead animals in the fridge or rotten food all over the place get ZERO sympathy from me because they don’t have any “illness” other than sorriness and they make me sick. People who hear voices, physically disabled, and/or others with verifiable diseases or illnesses are worthy of society’s assistance and sympathy, NOT assholes who are too lazy to throw anything away and especially not those who allow animals, the elderly, and children under their care to suffer.

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