Third and final visit to Stugazzi’s – for good

I did as I promised.  I at inside the restaurant.  No takeout this time and ergo no excuses.

The experience was, unfortunately, the same or worse than expected.  Starting from walking in the joint and seeing the “Please wait to be seated” sign.  We waited for a few seconds and the waitress said “Are you here for lunch, just sit anywhere”.  Why did I wait to be seated only to be told “sit anywhere”.

I took my  mother out for her birthday.  When we walked into the dining room there was one very large table of about 12 to 14 people.  And that was it.  Because it was about 140 degrees in the dining room, my mother and I decided to sit by the front door, which was open and offered the only respite from the heat.  This door was not supposed to be an entrance, more like a fire door.  As a result of that door being opened, they had to put a big hand-made sign at the front of the restaurant, in front of that door, that said “Use other door”.  It was a very nice sign, hand-written on scrap paper.

It was so stifling that we decided to leave.  When the waitress came over with the menu we told her that we were going to leave because of the heat.  We said it nicely.  We realized it was a warm day.  The waitress however couldn’t hear what we were saying because motorcycles without mufflers and cars that hadn’t had a tune up since the late 70’s were speeding by right outside this door we were near.  She asked us if we wanted to relocate to the table in the back away from the door; and right next to the boisterous table of 14.  We passed on that.

It turned out OK.  She closed the door and turned the air conditioning on.  We decided to stay and make the best of it.  I didn’t say a word to my mother regarding my reviews of  Stugazzis and I really wanted to finish up the 3 part series by eating inside the restaurant as I promised I would.

It is far too exhausting at this point to write yet another review about the lackluster food at Stugazzis.  Suffice it to say my mother’s veggie pizza was soggy, undercooked on the bottom, but had scorched veggies on the top.  My chicken parmesan was obviously re-heated from something they made the night before.  The chicken’s coating wouldn’t adhere to the meat and the whole dish had no flavor.

At the end of the meal when the waitress asked us if we wanted to take the leftovers home, we politely said no.

I’m a little sick of getting comments about how wonderful Stugazzis is.  After 3 attempts, there is no way you can convince me that the food there is good.  It seems to me that if a restaurant gives out huge portions, regardless of how bad the quality of those portions is, Americans are happy.  Over-eating, glutinous, fat American sloths are happier than a pig in shit as long as they have enough food in a doggie bag to eat for 2 more days.  You know who you are and you disgust me.

Stugazzis is not a restaurant, it’s a place where you can stuff you face on what can only qualify as food by the FDA, but not by me.  I’ve eaten there enough now that I know the deal.  So don’t bother commenting on this post.  Case is closed.


4 thoughts on “Third and final visit to Stugazzi’s – for good

  1. I don’t understand why you would take your mother there for her birthday on a scorching hot day when you were already so/so on the food? A heavy Italian meal wouldn’t be my choice under those conditions either, and I LOVE this place.
    I really don’t know what to tell you. Maybe the owners read your reviews and purposely mess up your food when they see you. I think it’s delicious. I’ve had both pizza and chicken parm there and would order both again without hesitation.

  2. I approved your comment because it’s a valid opinion. But I don’t really care when you think I should each lunch and when I shouldn’t. I also am not looking for advice on what to do about my disdain for this restaurant. There’s nothing TO do. I can guarantee you that the owners don’t know who I am. But if they did, you are suggesting that a restaurant owner would sabotage my food?? Really??. Is that how they would deal with someone who isn’t an outspoken supporter of their restaurant? “Serve the guy who doesn’t like our food really bad good, that’ll teach him”. Who thinks that way?

    And I have to ask: with a login name like “princeericsucks” – what the hell does that even mean?

  3. I’ve commented on your other posts before and you’ve been very cordial to me, so I’m taking the time to reply to *your* reply, even though it does read as a bit rude.

    If you’re going to post negative reviews, including posts about how people can’t accept other opinions, you need to be ready to deal with opposition.

    I re-read your other posts on Stugazzi’s and you sound… a little sensitive. I don’t think the restaurant touts ‘5 star service’ and although it does set the tone for a visit, it is NOT fair to dismiss the food just because your every whim was not catered to.

    I was joking about the restaurant sabotaging your food. You do, however, seem to be the only person that’s had such horrendous experiences there. I’ve read the other comments on your reviews and know plenty of other people who love this place. You seem to be the only one who gets sub-par food. Again, I suspect that you have a pre-conceived notion (you yourself said that you never have a chance at a first impression again) about this restaurant and are set in your opinion about it. That’s all fine and good… After all, it’s just a restaurant and not something terribly important. I did, however, feel the need to comment again and clarify my points.

    Not sure what my login name has to do with ANYTHING at all.

    Take care.

  4. I appreciate your comments.

    Most ordinary people don’t take the time to write a review about a restaurant that they happened to give a try (regardless as to whether the food was good or bad.) Most people would search for a restaurant like Sutgazzi’s on Google when they are looking for a place to eat in the area, or if they heard about Stugazzi’s and wanted to get directions. Occasionally you would get people looking for a “review”.

    So even if there are others out there who don’t like Stugazzi’s, they’re probably not going to take the time to write about it. Other than my review, have you found other reviews, good or bad? What I find interesting is all of the comments about my review. It simply doesn’t make sense that some random person who ate at Stugazzi’s is now going to troll the internet to make sure nobody is writing anything bad about that restaurant. These are the types of people who have written comments. Am I to really believe that several individuals ate at Stugazzi’s then went home, searched for reviews of Stugazzi’s on the internet, then commented on my review to defend the restaurant at which they recently dined. I”m not saying this about you, but some of these comments must come from people related to the restaurant itself. Otherwise, none of the comments about Stugazzi’s make any sense. So I take it all with a grain of salt. I’ve been using the internet since its inception and I understand human behavior when it comes to using it.

    The second thing that alarms me about human behavior, is that I wrote an article yesterday about how more people are concerned with defending the chicken nuggets at Stugazzi’s than about teenage suicide happening all over the country because these young people are gay and think the only way out is to take their own life. It’s rampant, and sad, and based in homophobic hatred that has become acceptable. Why aren’t people who ate at Stugazzi’s, and loved it, and defend it on a web site, concerned about rampant teen suicide? All I can come up with is that the mushy pasta at Stugazzi’s is more important to them. My point here is that people are so damned eager to write hateful things to me about a restaurant, but haven’t read anything else I’ve written. It’s just too much work to find the truth about who somebody really is; it’s way too easy to spew “hate” and move on. So yes, my comments to you yesterday were a bit testy.

    Why are people so concerned with my bad review of a restaurant. Again, I honestly don’t believe that random internet users are saying “let me see what is being said about Stugazzi’s so I can stick up for that restaurant”. Personally, I’ve eaten at thousands of restaurants in my life and I don’t back track on the internet to see what was said about those restaurants. I either liked it, or I didn’t and it doesn’t matter to me what other people said. A restaurant review is pertinent BEFORE I eat there, not AFTER.

    Maybe you can explain it to me from your perspective. Because I don’t get it.

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