David Letterman: leave him alone.

The media is ready to pounce on David Letterman for using humor to explain to the public how someone tried to extort money from him.

David Letterman owned up to what he did.  This is more than I can say for most people who live public lives.  How many times have public figures denied, denied, denied, and then when the facts come to light and there is undeniable proof of their actions, THEN they admit to it and try to explain it away.

Letterman neither denied to tried to explain it away.  Above all, Letterman is a humorist.  You can NOT fault him for using humor during his explanation.  He didn’t give any excuses for his actions and he tried to be as honest as he could.

But the media is already crucifying him.  The morning talk shows are already saying how reprehensible David Letterman is for making a joke out of the whole thing.  That is NOT what he did.

He never said whether or not these affairs happened since he was married or not.  He did not force himself on these women, it was their choice to have sex with him.  The only thing he is guilty of is bad judgment.  Who among us hasn’t made some bad choices in life.  I can’t count mine on 2 hands and 2 feet.  Can you?

So before anyone points fingers at David Letterman, I suggest you take stock of your own life.  And I mean your whole life, not just the parts you choose to remember; and if you can say you’ve never made a bad choice, then you can have an opinion about David Letterman.  And even if you feel like you can have an opinion.  Keep it to yourself.  This is a matter for David Letterman and his family, not us.

He did his best to tell his side of the story before all of the conjecture.   This story was bound to go public because he had to testify before a Grand Jury so it is a matter of public record.  As a comedian, how else would he tell this story except to apologize to the women who had to admit now that they had sex with him.

 David Letterman is a human being.  And I believe that all humans are very much the same.  If you were being black-mailed for something you did, how would you feel, how would you handle it.  Don’t for one minute think that David Letterman is not embarrassed, humiliated, and hoping that he can just get through all this somehow with his life intact.  That’s exactly what I would be doing.


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