Back to Healthcare – Max Baucus should just become a republican

Oh, the intrepid Max Baucus.  If he weren’t such a complete idiot he wouldn’t be good at anything.  Yesterday the Senate Finance Committee, led by the fearless Baucus voted against the “Public Option” twice, based on two separate amendments by two different Senators, Chuck Schumer, and Jay Rockefeller.  Although Schumer’s amendment received more “Yes” votes, Democrat Senators with backbones were hard to find within the remaineder of the 23 panel committee.  For Democrats to vote “No” on a public option at this point is ridiculous.

Baucus tried to defend himself by saying:

It is my job to get a bill through with 60 votes and because nobody has proved to me that a bill with a public option in it can get 60 votes I must vote against it.”

No, that is not your job, MAX.  It is your job to help PASS a bill that the American People WANT.  And at this point almost 70% of Americans want an option outside of the classic employer-provided healthcare.  How can you write a bill that includes a public option and then vote against your own bill because you don’t think you have enough votes to pass it.  That makes NO SENSE.  You are a complete idiot who gets far too much in campaign contributions from big Insurance companies.

So in essence Max Baucus is trying to get us to believe that he LOVES the bill, it’s fantastic, I would totally vote for a public health insurance option.  If only he knew that everybody else would vote for it, he would have voted for it too. 

So, American People, are you buying this?


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