This is what I see on the signs held in the hands of people attending the infamous town hall meetings on health insurance reform. I sat and stared at this sign and it took me several seconds to understand the impetus behind a sign like this. “NO PUBLIC OPTION!”

What kind of person sits at home and makes one of these signs?  Who took the time to find a way to say not only that they don’t want choices for themselves, they don’t want you to have choices either.

That’s what this sign means.  It means I don’t want you (the government) to take away my existing health insurance and I don’t wat you to give anyone else a choice about their health insurance.  Let’s get one thing straight, this debate is NOT about health care.  The care that American’s get, when they can afford to get it or have insurance that affords them the opportunity to get it, is NOT the problem.  This is about health insurance reform.  Insurance companies exist for the sole purpose of NOT paying claims or to figure out a way to pay less on a claim than the actual total amount submitted on a claim.

So back to the sign.  Somebody out there likes their health insurance.  Well, good for them.  It is well documented in the Bill in question, that if you like your health insurance nobody is going to change that.  Next topic.

So not only does this “sign person” not want changes to happen to his or her health insurance, they also don’t want any other American to have an option for health insurance either.  Maybe some Americans are not happy with their health insurance.  Maybe some Americans don’t even HAVE health insurance.  But “sign person” is saying NO PUBLIC OPTION!  They don’t want YOU to have any choices even though your choices will have absolutely NO EFFECT ON THEM WHATSOEVER.  Whether or not any other American (other than them) chooses a government backed health insurance program, it has no effect on the person holding the sign that says NO PUBLIC OPTION!

This is how much ignorance, stupidity, and hatred is out there in this country.  There are people so overcome with fear and hatred AND most of  all a lack of the correct information, that they don’t want any American to have a choice about their health insurance.  If you don’t get health insurance – too bad.  If you get it and you don’t like it – too bad.  They don’t want you to have a choice.  How can a human being possibly think along these lines.

Now, I looked at these people holding these signs.  They look to be over retirement age.  So I can guarantee you that SOME of them are on Medicare, a government backed health insurance program.  They don’t want to get rid of that, but they don’t want you to have good health insurance backed by the Facsict, Nazi government that gives them their health insurance. No way, No how.

I’d like to pose a question to anyone out there who has health insurance, whether through their employer or through Medicare, or Medicaid or any other program..  What would you do tomorrow if you lost your health coverage and lost your job and lost your ability to pay for health insurance and then….you got sick.  That is exactly what happened to me.  I was out of work, wages, and health care for 18 months of my life just recently.  As a result, I was kicked back to the dark ages in terms of health care and the insurmountable monetary toll this situation has teken on my life.  What would you do?

Do you know how scary it is to wake up in the morning in excruciating pain, can’t even walk to the bathroom without doubling over and tears streaming down your face.  And there is not a doctor in the world who will see you because you have no insurance.  You can go to the emergency room and they will treat you and send you a bill for several thousand dollars and you don’t have a penny to pay for it because you are out of work.   What would you do?  And there is nobody to ask for money because the few friends and family you have, don’t have any money either.  What would you do?

I can not even express how disgusted and angry I am at anyone out there screaming NO PUBLIC OPTION.  Do you people even know what you are advocating?  Do you?  Because if you do understand it, then you need to explain it to me.

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