Morning Joe is finally palatable with Mika Brzezenski on Vacation

Morning Joe on MSNBC can be, and used to be, informative, funny, and opinionated.  Over the past several months the show has been hijacked by Mika Brzezenski’s righteous judgement of absolutely everything discussed on that show.  One of her daily “tasks” is to simply read the days top news stories at the top and bottom of every hour.  She can’t even get through that without rolling her eyes at something she’s reading from the teleprompter.  The holier-than-thou attitude she brings is annoying and is by no means funny or professional. 

Finally. Finally. Finally. Mika Brzezenski temporarily relinquished her position as Joe Scarborough’s lap dog for just a few days while she’s on vacation. As a result, Morning Joe is actually watchable this week (August 3 – 7, 2009).  Let’s enjoy it while we can.

It is not common for many news or commentary television programs to have an opening or parting “shot”.  Morning Joe often uses skyline pictures of major U.S. cities featured from live web cams around the country.  Is there really anything wrong with that?   I don’t think so.  But Brzezenski does.  It’s safe to say that almost 100% of the time when MSNBC airs one of these “scenery” shots, Brzezenski will say something like “OK enough, that’s just a waste of time” or “I don’t get it, what’s the big deal and how is that news”.  IT’S JUST AN OPENING SHOT YOU IDIOT!  Nobody said that a web cam shot of a sunrise over the White House is news.  But neither is your face; so why is that on TV?

This is just one example of the ridiculousness that passes for Mika’s journalistic talents. Do you think she knows she is just a foil for the rest of the bunch.  The producers only read emails from viewers when the emails contain commentary about what Mika is wearing or that she looks “hot” in her glasses.  Scarborough, Geist, and the rest of the gang of merry men often play her like a fiddle, making her feel important yet all the while making fun of her.  Does she know?  Is this all for entertainment value?  Or does she really think the show wouldn’t be the same without her.

I’m here to tell you that Morning Joe will do just fine without her.  And this week while she’s on vacation proves it.  The show moves along, is irreverent when necessary, and doesn’t take itself too seriously all the time.  They discuss current events, give their opinions and move on.  This week, the show has been easy to watch.  My suggestion to MSNBC and the Morning Joe producers is to reconsider whether or not they really need Brzezenski.   She is the reason most people watching are likely to change the channel.  When Scarborough takes a day off and Brzezenski runs the show, it is unwatchable.  I don’t even bother.  I don’t need to waste an hour of my day watching someone pretend to have independent thoughts and opinions.  And I certainly don’t need Brzezenski preaching to me the dangers of sugar in my coffee, obesity, fast food, reality television, celebrity gossip and any number of subject that “big sister” doesn’t think I should be exposed to – in her opinion – which she got from somewhere else.

 I hope you enjoy your time off, Mika, and with any luck, you’ll be able to enjoy more of that real soon.


3 thoughts on “Morning Joe is finally palatable with Mika Brzezenski on Vacation

  1. Recently Comptroller General David Walker appeared on MJ with a brilliant in depth analysis of the perils the current health care system already faces. Mika sat stupefied clearly unable to follow the dialogue or even test the water with her standard “Yeah.. Wow” interruptions. At the end Mika could only offer a pathetic pre-prepared “There are others who have differing opinions” rebuttal. Morning Joe is a potentially dynamite show that has always had to carry the baggage of Mika the MIG (Magpie Interrupting Gigglepuss) – I say more Joe, Pat, Willie, Courtney, and more Barnicle and send Mika back to Daddy Z.

  2. My goodness! I drive my daughter insane complaining about Mika everyday and saying the same thing. Then I thought maybe I am just being a “hater” or just “bitchy.” Now this piece and the comment beneath has put my mind at rest. I noticed she and Joe have not been there and the show was so easy to watch. I hope her and her father stays away. When I first started to watch the show when Joe was in charge, I set my TV to come on that channel so it would wake me up. I liked Joe then. Now, I see him as a wimp allowing that vacuous bony woman to take over the show and tell people to shut up. I hope MSNBC sees your piece and can her.

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