Twitter, schmitter – I’m a techno-geek who’s had enough!!

WARNING: some of the words used in this posting are not real words

I don’t know if all technology is wearing on my nerve’s or if I’m just ready for some new, realistically useful direction in technology.   As people find more and more ways to communicate with, keep up with, keep in touch with, or keep tabs on each other, the hermit in me is thinking “something is wrong here”.

I’ve tried it all:  MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, IM, ICQ, Grand Central, GPS friend locators.  I’m getting requests for friendship and people tweeting me and my phone following me around town and people knowing exactly what sidewalk square I’m standing on.  It’s like a train that’s gathering speed down a hill, going FASTER AND FASTER AND FASTER UNTIL……..CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH!. Enough is enough.

I think in this life , my life, it is time to weed through all the technological bullshit and figure out what place technology has, or should have in our lives.  Just because everybody is now Twittering, does that mean I have to?  Does anybody really need to know or even care what I’m doing.  Do I care what all of the people out in Twitterland are doing.  No, I don’t.  I don’t need to comment of what Miss California said about gay marriage.  I don’t need to listen to some woman say she doesn’t give a shit about Susan Boyle (that’s another story entirely).  I saw a tweet once that said “off to buy some Jello”.  What??  I’m fairly confident that the inventors of Twitter had something more meaninful in mind but who knows for sure.

We’ve all become so addicted to it all.  My niece stopped by my office the other day and she was asking me about Twitter. She comes from the computer generation so she knows all about networking on her computer.  But with Twitter she said “I’m not sure I understand it, but everybody else is doing it and I don’t want to feel left out”.   That’s sad. 

And how awful is it when you meet somebody new and they assume they can just find you on Facebook if they want to know more about you.  “Hi, nice to meet you.  Are you on Facebook?  Here (handing me their cell phone) put your Facebook address in here.  Okay, gotta run, Ta”.  What happened to conversation.  While I am no fan of small talk, I do quite enjoy actual conversation, you know, exchanging ideas with another human being face to face.

I realized that even though I am on the low end in terms of on line networking, I am overexposed.  I found an article on PC Magazine’s web site on how to literally remove your identity from some of these on-line services like Facebook, Myspace, AIM, and even a plain old Yahoo mail account.  And so I began my quest to un-identify myself.  With the exception of this blog, my High Definition TV blog, and a few other rare exceptions, I don’t exist anymore on the interwebs.  I am deconstructing my Internet life down to the bare essentials.  And from now on, when somebody asks me what Twitter is or how to tweet, I’m simply going to say “I don’t know”.

Next on my agenda – how to become un-addicted to my Blackberry – that’s going to be a tough one.  I’d like to go back to a rotary telephone with no answering machine, like the old days.  If I’m not home, try me again later.  If it’s that important, call my mother; she’ll probably know where I am because she makes me tell her.  Ah….childhood.  Things were so much simpler then.


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