Joe Scarborugh needs more mouths

You’ve heard the expression “talking out of both sides of your mouth”.  Well, Joe Scarborough on MSNBC needs at least one more mouth to hold all of the different “cover my ass” opinions he has.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  To me Scarborough should have his mouth sewn up, but if MSNBS is going to allow him to speak, give him enough mouths to cover the bases.

This morning, December 30, Scarborough defended Dick Cheney regarding the Iraq war saying “he was happy to have someone like Cheney on the bench” and further he was glad that Bush and Cheney had tunnel vision when it came to their ideology.  He then said the Bush Administration made a lot of mistakes in the days leading up to the Iraq war, some with dire consequences.  So which is it Joe, did they make mistakes or are you glad they were there?

Mika Brzezinski in a rare opinion of her own said that to her, Cheney only told Bush what Bush wanted to hear.

None of this ridiculous discussion has any value whatsoever.  They are trying to fill air time since they can’t talk about Israel vs. Hamas since nobody wants to listen to it for that long.

Mike Barnacle, a co-host on “Morning Joe”, was talking to Joe and Mika from Boston and had the only reasonable voice in an unreasonable conversation.  His opinion was that it’s great to have a single minded war monger on your bench as long as you have a strong President to control him.  And therein lies the problem.

I hate sports analogies but Cheney was like the 350 pound line-backer with blood in his eyes and Bush was the quarterback who didn’t know how to hold him back at the right times.

Bush led us into the Iraq War through lies that were criminal in nature.  Cheney helped him,or maybe organized it himself, and nobody was there to stop either one of them.

Why are some people’s memories so short.  On September 12, 2001, this country was scared.  But we weren’t afraid of Iraq.  We were afraid of the unknown.  We went to Afghanistan first, and that’s where we should have stayed.  But Bush and Cheney were going to blame Iraq one way or another and somehow convinced someone, not me, that invading Iraq was the only answer.  We now know that the Iraq war didn’t have to happen.  Had we put our efforts into Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden would have been taken care of by now.  Instead we sent 150,000 troops to Iraq for 5 years where we have accomplished nothing, a net loss.  All we have is a long list of dead soldiers, dead Iraqi civilians, and a country that has been torn apart and still doesn’t have electricity in some parts.  So the idea that Bush was the perfect leader after September 11, bringing the country together in a time of fear, is a joke.  He played on those fears and along with Cheney constructed a false pretense for war.  To Bush and Cheney it was as if they were just playing the game of “Risk”.  No real consequences, it’s just a game.

Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski have become a joke.  Their supporting players, including Barnacle, Willy Geist, and host of other drive-by guests are way smarter than Scarborough and Brzezinski pretend to be.  I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again.  It is sickening to watch Brzezinski pretend to be a journalist while she swoons and flirts with the males on the panel, even the gay ones, and all the while throwing her hair back and batting her eyes when the conversation gets too real.  Her most used expression is “We’re not even going to go there”.  She’s pretending she has an actual unbiased opinion when in reality she has no opinions and no independent thoughts.  She just defers to Scarborough’s double speak.


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