Where is the real news?

I just get so angry sometimes at what is being portrayed as news.

Let me know when Casey Anthony gets fried in the electric chair, I don’t need the details and media circus until then.

Let me know when George W. Bush has left the building.  He’s certainly even less of a President now than he ever was, so when people are chucking things at his head, it’s not a surprise, and I don’t care.  I don’t NEED to know it.  Just let me know when the door has hit his ass on the way out.

Day after day, the incessant, inane chatter about what Barack Obama knew or didn’t know about the Illinois Governor.  Who cares!  It’s not news.  The republicans are still behaving like they are in campaign mode, like they can still somehow stop Barack Obama from becoming President.  Too late folks.  If the Republicans put aside partisan bickering, finger pointing, and false claims and then decided to stand behind the new President, THAT would be news.

Local news is the worst but national news and cable news is a close second.  Do we actually need newscasts?  I like to watch Rachel Maddow.  She at least has a unique take on news items of the day.  She even flushes out real news that went unreported.  But even she, at times, plays the party line and does segments on the exact same topics that Chris Matthews, David Gregory, and Keith Olbermann did in the hours leading up to her show at 9:00 pm.  They sometimes even have the exact same guests.  So even the real news is just regurgitated at a later hour.

Since TV news organizations are not money making operations, they would be better of broadcasting re-runs of sitcoms and just having a news crawler at the bottom of the page.  It still won’t really be news but I can ignore it if I want.

I’m not that old but even I can remember the days when I was very, very young, when sitting down to the Evening News with Walter Cronkite was a big deal.  Well, maybe not a big deal but it was appointment television and we trusted what he had to say.  At least that’s how I remember it anyway.

It seems that so little of the “news” I read is actually news.  What is newsworthy?

The American Heritage Dictionary says that newsworthy is “Of sufficient interest or importance to the public to warrant reporting in the media”.

And I guess that is the key.  “Sufficient to warrant reporting”.  A plan crash, a gas leak,  a natural disaster, the public needing to be warned or informed of certain events for their own safety.  That is news.  Brittany Spears album being number one is not NEWS.   Some reporter throwing a shoe at Bush is not news.  It’s funny, but does the public NEED to know this for their own safety and security?  No.

I don’t know where to turn anymore to get news.  Everything has a slant, an agenda, so to speak, and at the end of it all, I usually walk away just sort of gazing off into the distance.  I didn’t learn anything that I NEEDED to learn.  If fact I usually hear things that make me want to throw my shoe at the TV.  Is that news?


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