Morning Joe – the blind leading the dumb

I watch “Morning Joe” on MSNBC mostly because I can’t stand watching the local news in the morning.  Local TV News is annoying, repetitive, uninteresting, and in Maine, they talk about the weather for so long that at the end of the weather segment you can’t remember what they said.

In any case, I’ve written about the cast of characters of Morning Joe before, but in the last week or so they have really shown how few real journalistic activities go on there.  Mika Brzezinski stares googly eyed at Joe Scarborough and all of the other men that surround here, pretending to be annoyed when the act like 12 year olds, but secretly she is pining away for each and every one of them. 

This morning I was annoyed by her inability to say the word “lambaste”.  It is pronounced “lamb” as in the animal, and “baste” as in what you do to a turkey while it is cooking.  Put is all together and it’s LAMB-BAY-ST.  She pronounces it “lamb+bass+t”.  As in “lamb” like the animal, plus “bass” like the fish (wide-mouth-“bass”) plus a “T” sound.   This is just one example and I know that Mika is not the only one that pronounces things incorrectly.  How many times have you heard the word “pun-dints” in the last several months?  It is pronounced (and spelled) “pun-dits”.  NO “N” IN THE WORD.

It’s one thing if it happens occasionally, but when supposed journalists misspell or misuse words, and when elected officials can’t seem to connect their brain stems with a common dictionary, something is wrong. 

These are not simple mistakes; this is clear, out and out laziness.  I know it is because I do it all the time with my writing.  For me it takes the form of typographical errors, but still, laziness is laziness.  The difference is I am not a professional journalist, or even semi-pro, and I don’t get paid.

Now let me move onto Joe Scarborough, the patriotic economist.  He swears that General Motors is making great cars that are safer than the imports.  He pontificated about his GM SUV and how great the car was, how safe it was, etc.


So the Chevy Cobalt or Chevy Aveo is safer than the Honda Accord or Civic?  The Pontiac G-something (I don’t know – all their average mid-size family cars start with a G and then a number) is safer than the Toyota Camry or Toyota Corolla?  And I won’t even mention Saab and Volvo and Mercedes, two of the highest rated cars for safety, are owned by GM and Ford and Chrysler respectively but are considered foreign cars.  So even the big three’s own 0f line of high-safety, high quality, expensive cars are not really American products.

Joe Scarborough needs to find a better argument for keeping the big three in business than “just because” it is the patriotic thing to do.   Don’t give me this crap that America makes better cars, in fact, it is just the opposite and I can prove it.  Joe can prove it too because it wasn’t but one week later that is top of the line SUV from GM was in the shop with some unknown issue.  You know the kind of issue where they say it’s fixed and then it’s not fixed so you have to bring it back…..several times.

I have almost exclusively bought Honda’s throughout my life.  I have owned eight of them.  I am the type that buys a new car every few years.  While I was always happy with my Hondas, there were times when one of them would rattle a bit or the fit and finish wasn’t quite right.  It took me a few years to figure this out but based on the VIN number of the vehicle (which tells you everything from where the car was made to how many cylinders, engine size, etc) the cars with which I was a bit unsatisfied were Hondas that were manufactured in the United States.  From that point, whenever I bought a new Honda, or in recent years even a Nissan or Toyota, I made sure that from the VIN on that car, I could guarantee myself that the car was actually manufactured in Japan, not the United States.  You know why?  Because American workers don’t give a damn about anything but their paychecks.  In Japan, and in recent years Korea, the work ethic is unmistakable.  American’s have a “good enough” attitude and the fault tolerances accepted by American workers and their management lack the commitment to quality that the Asian car markets have.  Sorry. The truth hurts.

I understand that the failure of even one of the big three auto makers would be catastrophic.  And maybe giving them a loan, with severe oversight and specific bench marks, is the right thing to do, I don’t know.  But let’s not use the argument that American cars are safer or higher quality than the imports because that’s just not true.  And you know it.

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