Who’s the real Lame Duck?

Have you been watching the political shows?  They are pontificating, assuming, blaming, yelling, planning, scheming, concluding, choosing, arguing, whining, over-analyzing, and all kinds of other “ings” and none of them good.

The election was a scant two weeks ago and everyone from Pat Buchanan to Jon King are talking about the Obama “leaks” and how Obama has “lost control of his people”.  They are talking about how “change” isn’t change because there aren’t a lot of new faces in THEIR proposed cabinet.

Obama isn’t leaking anything, he just has less control over those outside his circle that are.  As for change?  There was only one successful Democratic administration in the last half century and that was Bill Clinton’s.  Everyone who was a democrat worked for his administration so anyone with any experience, which is what Obama is looking for, worked for Clinton’s administration.  How do the pundits think that Obama is going to fill the untold number of cabinet positions and support positions, from Monster.com?

So in an effort to fill the unfillable, that being 24 hours a day of news, the cable news shows trot every politician, political analyst, political consultant, and in some cases their own version of Joe the Plumber to rattle on and on about what’s going wrong so far.   So far??  It’s been 17 days and he’s not even the President yet.  They are blaming him for the bail out of wall street and the lack of one for the car companies.  He’s not the President yet.

Now would be a perfect time for all of the cable news programs to go on vacation. It’s been a long election season, you earned it.  Now go.  An don’t come back until there is some real news.


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