The Auto Bailout Debate continues

Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe” (MSNBC) was a raving, ranting, unintelligible maniac this morning.  What the hell is “patriotic economics”.  He wants to save the American auto industry at all costs because they are American.  He’s not a socialist or anything.  He’s a true blue republican, in his mind.  Yeah, right.  What do you call blindly subsidizing a company with no oversight.  Congress doesn’t know how to run a car company so how can oversee it.

First of all, we know the banking bailout didn’t work so why are we continuing to bailout other industries.  Congress lost control of the credit crisis the second they agreed to sign that bill.  Paulson doesn’t know what he’s doing and he can’t or won’t tell us where the money has been spent so far.  All legal, I might add.

If we’re going to bail anybody out, bail out the people.  It would cost less to put these folks on unemployment and retrain them for other jobs than to just keep writing checks to auto industry fat cats.  And don’t give me this crap about American cars being better, and safer, than Japanese or German imports.  If Joe Scarborough feels safe with his newborn in the back of his GMC Yukon, good for him.  I’ll take a Toyota Sequoia or Honda Ridgeline any day of the week, you know why?  Because the trucks I want to drive are tough and rugged and will last longer than any American truck.  AND, the resale value will be…well, it will actually have a resale value.  How much is a 5 year old Yukon with 120,000 miles worth, Joe?

So Joe, and Pat Buchanan, can blow it out their you know what with this “Patriotic Economics” bullshit.  Toyota, Honda, Vokswagen, Mercedes and Nissan all manufactur cars right here in the good old USA with American workers.  The difference is, these car companies don’t have bloated executive salaries, bloated pension and health benefits, and guaranteed paychecks whether you actually work or not as compared to all of the American car companies with their labor unions.  American workers at foreign car companies have jobs like the rest of us; the kind without decades of legacy bargaining chips that have been leveraged to the hilt.  Companies like the big 3 don’t work in this economy anymore and haven’t for decades.  They no longer fit into the American workforce and they don’t build cars that Americans want.

They had plenty of warning; like 30 years of warning, if not more.  Good night sweetheart, well, it’s time to go.  Hey I was out of work for 18 months and it killed me.  I just went back to work in October of 2008 (yes, last month).  If I can make it, so can they.  Somebody needs to tell GMC, Ford, and Chrysler to find a good bankruptcy attorney and let their suppliers know that the gravy train is pulling into the station.


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