60 Minutes on CBS

Watching 60 Minutes is like watching “Clueless” and “Weekend at Bernie’s”.  You really can’t tell if Leslie Stahl still has her marbles and you can’t tell if Andy Rooney is still alive.

In the last several weeks I have watched this new season of 60 Minutes and questioned whether or not Leslie Stahl can still consider herself a reporter.  She seems confused to the point that she always appears to be looking for something she misplaced.  In one new show they sent her to do a piece on the new electric cars.   It was an electric sports car by Tesla Motors to be specific.  The car had balls.  She drove it like a librarian in a pedestrian zone looking for her lost cat.  They owner of the the company kept saying “go head, step on it, the car can take it”.  And Leslie still couldn’t bring herself to to do it.  She was “a-scared”.  This week she was in Sadr City, the infamous neighborhood in Baghdad where so much violence has occurred.  The U.S. built a wall in Sadr City to hold back insurgents to a point where mortar attacks could not hit the green zone.  While still a dangerous place, it is somewhat safer.  But did Leslie Stahl have to wear a bright red blouse and sensible sandals.  She stuck out like a sore thumb and looked more like a tourist who go lost.

Andy Rooney, at one time, was at least entertaining.   He was never hysterically funny but if you like that old curmudgeon kind of humor, it wasn’t half bad, sometimes.   I do record 60 Minutes every week.  The great thing about DVRs is you can record ONLY new episodes of shows but I digress.  Recently, Andy Rooney talked about the high price of cereal and Wonder bread.  He said the price everything keeps going up, except the stock market.  That was it.  That was the entire beginning, middle, and end of his 5 minute commentary.  If this is what they pay him for, to comment on pop culture and current events, and this is the best he can come up with, I’d rather read the National Enquirer.

I don’t know what’s going on over there at 60 Minutes and CBS News in general.  The first thing they need to do is hire some new blood at 60 Minutes that is under a hundred years old.  These people are the reason that Social Security won’t be around for me.  Enough already.


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