What is going on with Lindsey Graham

I don’t know that much about Lindsey Graham.  I’ve mentioned him before because he said stupid things on “Meet the Press”.  And today on some political talk show he said more stupid things.  I know he’s a Senator from South Carolina and that’s about all I know

Now, what I think, or what I assume by seeing him on TV is another thing entirely.  He reminds me of your typical white, middle-aged Republican from the South.  Typical in that he is a closeted, middle-aged gay man who speaks out about family values and his evangelical religion.  I don’t know why he is always standing behind John McCain at McCain rallies with a very weird smile on his face.  I think he’s in love with big John to tell you the truth.  I think he finds John’s “maverick-ish-ness-ity” really, really sexy.  If you look at Lindsey Graham and squint your eyes a bit, he looks like a bull-dyke lesbian with an excessively short haircut.  And if you put a flannel shirt on him/her, I could swear I saw in at home depot with his “roommate” buying flower boxes.


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