9 days to November 4th – the Republicans are at it again

For all practical purposes, the Iraq war has been on the back burner.  When is that last time you remember hearing any real news out of that war zone, let alone Afghanistan.  Other than in political speeches, at times, the subject has gone mostly undocumented.  Americans are distracted right now with the economy.  Bad news for John McCain whose entire platform fell apart because it was based solely on national security.  And now that even Colin Powell and former Bush loyalist and press secretary Scott McClellan have publicly endorsed and said they are voting for Barack Obama, there aren’t many outs for McCain.

So suddenly on Sunday morning, 9 days before the election, something sketchy happened just inside Syria on the Iraq/Syria border.  Nobody is really saying what happened other than what looks like U.S. Special Forces killed some number of people on the ground from helicopters or something like that.  We dont’ specifically know who was killed but the Syrians have called on the U.S. to denounce the incident.  The U.S. Government (the Republicans) aren’t even admitting that there was an incident.

I find it interesting that even the Iraqi government agrees with Barack Obama and wants a schedule to remove U.S. and other allied troops from Iraq.  Legally, U.S. forces have not right to even be in Iraq after December 31, 2008 and unless an agreement is made between the U.S. and Iraq we will be considered as illegally occupying a sovereign nation as of that date.  So the interesting part is that the end of our presence there is within sight.  So what do John McCain and the Republicans have left to try and convince the American people that we need John McCain.  I’m not saying that John McCain is a reason even if Iraq was the primary focus of every American.  I’m saying they believe Americans will think we need John McCain because of is so-called experience.

So could this be a bait and switch?  Did something really happen by accident on the Syrian border?  Or on purpose?  And was it manufactured for political purposes?  I”m not a conspiracy theorist but George Bush’s 2004 campaign made sure that the lies that led us to war in the first place were not revealed until after he won his second term.  That’s when America finally figures out what the rest of the world already knew.  America was duped by the people they elected and trusted to run this country.

So in the end, all I am saying is that if we haven’t learned anything, I hope it was that we should question everything the government tells us.  I mean that whether the Republicans or Democrats are in power.  I hope that Barack Obama will reverse some the constitutional pillaging that occurred under George Bush should Obama become our next president.  I hope he exposes all of the lies, crimes, and misdemeanors committed by Bush and his “advisers” and friends over the last 8 years.  Be smart; don’t let this happen again.  Question everything.

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