2008 Presidential Election? Wake me when it’s over.

After almost 2 years of listening to Presidential hopefuls give stump speeches, participate in debates, fight, argue, sling mud, and all of the other crap that comes with it, I must declare “I AM DONE”.

Luckily in the State of Maine, we have a hybrid of early voting and absentee ballot.  I went to Town Hall and got my forms and if I wanted to, I could go around the corner, complete my voting forms, and return them immediately to the Registrar to get counted on Election Day.  I had the option of taking them home and mailing them back to Town Hall but I wanted to just be done with it all.

So as of Tuesday, October 14, 2008, I have cast my votes.  For the local town council seats, registrar, town clerk, and dog catcher, I just wrote my own name in because I don’t know any of these people.  I do know myself and know I would be good at whatever I do but I don’t have the same assurance from some stranger.

I really don’t care anymore.  I’ve wanted Barack Obama to be President since I saw him in 2004.  I know he’s not perfect but he is who I want.  I don’t care about William Ayers or Reverend Wright or ACORN or Joe the Plumber.  I”m done.  This election should have either happened 6 months ago, or only started 6 months ago because we are all struggling with fatigue.  I can’t watch another Meet the Press, or Hardball, or Face the Nation, or CNN Election Central.   I will still watch Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow because they are both very intelligent and very funny.  But I may even take a break from them for a while.

I just want it to be over.  I want to wake up on November 5, 2008 and have everything be OK.   I want the democrats to be swept into power at all levels of government.  So from Maine that means, no more Susan Collins.   I would rather have one party take a stab at getting something done than have 4 more years of partisan politics getting nothing done, or worse, getting something done poorly.

From here on out I’m going to my happy place in my head.  Wake me up when it’s over.

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