The Implosion of McCain

John McCain claims that Obama has no experience, or not enough, or he’s “green behind the ears”, or whatever it is he says.  On the other hand, during the debate he was blaming Obama for something and referred to Obama “and his cronies”.  Well, you can’t have it both ways.  He’s either “too new” or has “cronies”.  It can’t be both by mere definition.  It’s just more of the same unintelligible rhetoric from the McPalin campaign.

And now both Sarah and Cindy are calling Barack Obama a terrorist, and unpatriotic, and allow audience members to say things like “kill him” (meaning Obama) without any attempt to put that crowd in its place and not allow such hateful anger to be spewed.  They don’t stop it because they invite it.  The McPalin campaign has become THAT desperate.  They have no more ideas, no platform to speak of, and their support system is waning.  All that is left for McPalin is hate-mongering and inciting violence.

Candidates that run against each other are opponents, not enemies.  Barack Obama and John McCain are fellow Americans.  They have different opinions on what should happen next in this country and they should discuss those opinions openly so that Americans can decide for themselves who they agree with more.  That is what we call democracy.  But to try and make Americans believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim (not that there is anything wrong with that but they know Americans are afraid of Muslims), or worse, that Obama is an actual terrorist, is simply going too far.  You can’t tell me that McCain and his surrogates can’t hear the hate speech eminating from the audiences that attend their “hate sessions”.  You can’t tell me that they don’t hear audience members yelling out “Hussein!” when yelling out something hateful about Barack.

As for Cindy McCain, she should simply be taken out back and shot.   To stand there and say a chill went down her spine, or was it up her spine, when Barack Obama voted against funding for HER SON as a soldier in Iraq.  She never did say that her own husband, John McCain, voted against that very same war finding bill.  How big was the chill when she learned that her own husband didn’t support her son.  This is how desperate the McPalin crew is.  Obama is an unpatriotic, Muslim terrorist who was somehow involved in 9/11 because  he’s a mamber of the sleeper cell in Chicago.  Didn’t you know that?

I don’t know if this country can stomach any more of this bullshit.  I don’t know if Americans will stand for this stuff for another 27 days.  It’s time for America to tune out, or speak up.   I’ve decided to speak up.  Enough is enough.   

There was a hate-monger at a McCain event who said “Can you imagine waking up on November 5th with a President named Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  Let me answer that, please.  Yes, I can.

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