Lame Duck leaves Warrantless Wiretapping legacy

Does everyone realize that a warrant is no longer needed to monitor your email, telephone or cell phone? 

The NSA is authorized by executive order to monitor, without warrants, phone calls, e-ails, Internet activity, and text messaging, and other communication involving any party believed by the NSA to be outside the U.S., even if the originator of the communication lies within the U.S. This is a big change since prior to this legislation, warrant-less wiretapping only applied to communication that began and ended OUTSIDE the U.S.

Now, I know that we can sit back and say that they are doing all of this to find terrorists.  That’s exactly what the Bush Administration wants you to say.  I am not a conspiracy monger but there are things about this legislation that flies in the face of the U.S. Constitution that says we have our rights to privacy.

Imagine all of the things that you might say in a phone call or the things you write in an email that CAN be construed as criminal activity.  And what if someone were listening to it, or reading it.  It could happen right now and in all reality, probably does happen right now.  In fact this one posting that talks about communication to overseas parties could be flagged as a potential security issue just because it has the right “word” or “phrases” in it.

Some see this as good, some as bad.  I see it as against the U.S. Constitution.  I believe that we need to catch terrorist activities wherever possible, but not at the expense of basic American freedom.

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