Obama’s new campaign ad in Maine

I just saw what I believe is a brand new campaign ad for Obama.  I live in Maine which votes mostly democratic in the Presidential Election, just as the rest of New England.  But for some reason I’ve heard pundits lately referring to Maine as “leaning” democratic and that Maine is almost in the “toss-up” column.  I’m not sure I understand what they are saying unless maybe they consider Maine up for grabs because it is one of only 2 states that splits its electoral votes; i.e it’s not all for one.

So maybe that is why the Obama campaign launched this new ad in Maine.  It was very different from what I’m used to.  Barack sat in a chair in a room with a very light background and simply spoke to the camera, and in the end spoke directly to the people watching.  One thing that Obama has on his side is that he is telegenic.  The camera likes him and he is comfortable in front of it.  So without any nervous edge from simply being in front of the camera, Barack Obama can simply talk and tell you what his message is and what he is all about.

This commercial was almost emotional for me.  His on-camera ease allows me to look right into his eyes and see if he is being honest.  And he is.  It allows me to read his face and see if he really cares about me and the rest of America.  And he does.  There was something comforting about Barack Obama simply talking to the American people, asking for you to take a serious look at his plan.  He said (paraphrased) “I hope you take the time to visit BarackObama.com and read about my plan”.  No attacks, no insinuations, no half-truths, no lies.  Just a man talking to the people asking for your vote.

I know that this election is about issues.  As much as McCain and Palin want to distract the electorate and talk about Obama’s friends, family, what he ate for dinner, and anything else they can think of so you don’t notice that McPalin doesn’t have a platform or an original idea about what to do next with this country.

So it is not instead of issues, but in addition to issues that this election is about culture and personalities.  Barack Obama has proved himself to be calm in a crisis, thoughtful, committed, and steadfast.  When he talks, you simply have a need to listen.  You listen for his message of change and hope.  O.K. so that sounds hokey.  But it is true.  He does have a gift for bringing serenity and leadership.  I trust him and I believe in him.  And when I think about who I want to represent me in Washington, around the country, and around the world, I can’t think of a better person to do it than Barack Obama.

So bring it on McCain and Palin.  Bring on the lies, the character attacks, the six degrees of Barack Obama.  You can try and tell us he is a Muslim in Methodist clothing, or a terrorist, you can tell us he wants to teach kindergarten children how to have sex.  Go ahead, give it a try.  This campaign is over.  In many cases the people have already spoken due to absentee ballots and “early” voting in many states.   After 8 years of disappointment, embarrassment, anger, and frankly, struggling every day just to get through it, I’m looking forward to that morning very soon when I wake up and realize that there is still more good stuff to live for.


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