Election 2008: Enemies at the Gate (hey that rhymes)!

We’ve come to that part of the Presidential election where things are getting a bit crazy.  If Election 2008 were a game of Texas Hold ‘Em, everybody would be “all in”, all at the same time.

John McCain faux-suspends his campaign to deal with the country’s financial crisis.  He takes credit for the passing of the bail-out legislation only moments before it doesn’t pass.  All the while his surrogates keep saying they would not have been able to do it without him.   McCain says he wasn’t going to be like Obama and “phone it in” and then says he spent all of his time on the phone talking to Republicans in the House.

Barack Obama isn’t eligible for the Presidency because supposedly his Hawaiian birth certificate is a fake.  All the while John McCain was born in Panama while his father worked on the Panama Canal.

Right wing talk-radio “comedians” twist and distort facts to convince their own “base” that the breakdown of the credit markets in the U.S. are Obama’s fault.  Lush Windbag swallows handfuls of Oxycontin while referring to any non-right-wing media at “the drive-by media” until he insinuates that he as documentation that a staffer from a “major news organization” (no longer the “drive-by media”) released secret documents that say the left wing media refuse to publish “facts” about Obama that will cost Obama the election.

Is this really “all in”?  Is it “enemies at the gate”?  Is it political Armageddon?  Ever since the Palin interviews and the $700 Billion bailout, the McCain campaign seems to have lost its footing.  And with Karl Rove at the underground helm in an undisclosed location, there is no telling what the republicans have up their sleeves in a last ditch effort to sway this election.  And we haven’t even had the Palin/Biden debate yet.  Campaign McCain must be pacing pack and forth, in late night meetings in hot, sweat-filled rooms trying to come up with any pile of crap they can to throw against the wall and see if it sticks.  When you have ultra-conservative republicans suggesting that Sarah Palin be removed from the ticket, let’s face it, that campaign is in trouble.

I’m going to suggest something very radical here.  Let’s get back to the facts and the issues.  We have two wars that rage on.  Iraq, which is still by all counts a failure; and Afghanistan which is tremendously underfunded and understaffed.  Obama wants out of Iraq and want attention, and resources, paid to the troops in Afghanistan – that makes sense.  Obama wants tax breaks for 95% of Americans and tax increases on the upper 5% – that makes sense, too.  And Obama wants to get rid of the doomed “No Child Left Behind” program to replace it with well trained and well paid teachers to return our education system to what it once was; the pride of our country when America was always on the forefront of new ideas rather than trying to catch up with China and India – this makes sense too.

Living in New England all my life I can’t imaging not voting for someone because they are black.  Barack Obama’s race has never, ever been a factor for me.  I only think about it when I hear journalists interview people who come out and say outright that they would never vote for a black person.  Not only is it unbelievable that someone thinks that way, it is more unbelievable that someone has the balls to admit to it. “I admit I am a bigot”, or “I admit I am a racist, filled with hatred for no apparent reason”.  Talk about the real enemies at the gate; there you have it.

I believe that each of us already knows who we are going to vote for.  I doubt that there is any substantial number of people out there who haven’t formed an opinion yet.  So my suggestion is to turn it all off, stop listening to the din of anger, rage, racism, and angst and just hold on until November 4th and pull the lever you already know you are going to pull. Otherwise, you will get caught up in 5 weeks of lies, obstructions, misinformation, twisted facts, and you will feel like you have to start all over again to figure it out.  That’s exactly what the republicans want you to think.  They are desperate.   Do they really think that having a Democrat in the White House will be the end of society as we know it?  Because that is how they are acting.  And the only thing that explains this kind of behavior is fear and loathing, in Las Vegas, and everywhere else.


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