Who should really bail out the U.S. Economy?

I am not an economist.  I am not a foreign policy expert.  But here is how I see it.

People around the world, and countries around the world, have made billions and billions of dollars on the U.S. economy, which is the largest economy in the World.

In World War I and World War II the United States of America saved their asses, especially Europe.  We rebuilt Europe and Japan after World War II.

And where are they now that we are in an the economic crisis of a lifetime?  They are lined up trying to get a piece of the “bailout” pie.  Foreign banks and investment firms want to be included in the bailout because they do business in the United States.

Well I’m just going to throw it out there.  Again I’m no foreign affairs expert but come on France, and England, and Germany, and Italy, and Japan, and Austria, and Switzerland, and Belgium.  Where the beef?  Start forking over some cash, man.  It is the least, and I mean the very least, you could do to help America gets back on its feet. 

Yeah, we know a lot of you don’t like us very much.  However, we weren’t so thrilled with you, but it didn’t stop us from helping you out in the 1940s when you needed our help.  You know why?  Because it was the right think to do.  I think your anger is misguided; it’s not Americans you should be angry with.  It’s George Bush, and he is such a lame duck that the Chinese restaurants are preparing the orange glaze as we speak.  So get over it and start digging deep into your pockets.

I don’t know the address to which you should send your checks, but I can certainly find out for you.  In fact, just send them to Barack Obama, care of the U.S. Senate and make the checks payable to “The U.S. Bailout Fund”.  He’ll hold on to them until January when gets sworn into office.  Just post date them.  And Thank you.

And if you are not going to help us out?  Then don’t ever ask us for anything again.  Ever.


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