McCain wants to cancel Friday’s first 2008 Presidental Debate?

You read it right.  McCain is “suspending” his campaign about canceling so they can concentrate on the financial crisis being discussed in Washington.

What???  Although Friday’s first debate was supposed to be about Foreign Affairs, the Wall Street meltdown was bound to come up anyway.  Wouldn’t it be best if America got to hear what each candidate had to say about the issue.  Was there really a need to suspend your campaign?

Well maybe if McCain’s campaign didn’t implode this week after saying “The fundamentals of our economy are strong” on Monday, and maybe if McCain didn’t seem so out of touch, almost senile this week about the economy (trying to fire people he has not authority to fire, and ax people he has no authority to ax.)  Maybe it was the editorial in the Washington Post by George Will (a right wing conservative if there ever was one) who described McCain as having childlike reflexes and was not acting presidential.

Things are not going well for McCain and just like they are hiding Sarah Palin, now McCain’s camp will try to hid McCain himself and hold their breath that he doesn’t say or do something stupid.

John McCain isn’t on any of the Senate banking for finance committees so if he holes up in Washington, D.C. for the next few days to handle the financial system crisis, there won’t be a damned thing for him to do there.  If and when Congress hammers out something to agree on, he can cast his vote.  With a campaign jet he can get to Washington from just about anywhere in the country within a few hours so there’s no need to panic.

McCain cancelled his appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman so he could “handle” said crisis. However, he lied.  He went on Katie Couric’s nightly news show instead, a last minute change.  Daivd Letterman, who watched the CBS feed of the McCain interview while he was taping his show.

Is McCain that out of touch to not realize the Katie Couric works at CBS too.  Did he think David Letterman wouldn’t KNOW he was on the CBS Evening News?

WOW, if you didn’t question McCain’s abilities and judgement before, you certain should be questioning it by now.  

John McCain is flailing in the polls and as a result he tried to change the conversation going on in the country.  

It’s lies, it’s bait and switch, it’s stalling for a plan that the eloctorate might just buy……..when, when will it end.  Oh, I know, November 4th.


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