What the hell is going on: Palin, McCain, Bay Buchanan, ugh!

Sarah Palin has withdrawn from testifying on the “Abuse of Power” case against her.  The others involved, including her husband, are ignoring subpoenas, refusing the testify.  Can you refuse a subpoena?  I know I can’t, why can they?  It was George Bush and his administration who used “Executive Privilege” as an argument against testifying.  They even used the argument for people who were appointed; you know the “non-elected” people.  If you are not ELECTED, then you certainly have no argument for exectuvie privilege.

So that’s my first beef.  Second, what is up with John McCain these day.  He said “The fundamentals of our economy are strong”.  He and half the world have used that expression and when called on the carpet for it this past Monday, he suddenly changed the meaning of fundamentals to mean people.  Have you ever heard of anyone using the word Fundamentals in the context to mean people?  I doubt it.  But his campaign spun it to mean people so that McCain wouldn’t look like such a buffoon.  And people bought it?  Then he said, in the midst of the AIG bailout, among others, that if he were President he would “fire the head of the FEC”.  First of all, it’s not the FEC, it’s the SEC.  The FEC is the Federal Elections Committee.   I guess he could try to fire them, it wouldn’t bother me much.  But anyway, the President does not have the authority to fire the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission.  So he wants to just fire people at random even if he doesn’t have the authority to do so.  He is turning into a grandfather whom you wheel out on holidays and pray he doesn’t fart at the dinner table.

Third is Bay Buchanan.  Who is this hag.  She looks exactly like Sarah Palin will look in about 20 years.  A bit jowly, a furrowed brow, and most importantly, constipated.  She is like a bad imitation of an old Joan Rivers stand-up routine.  OH, OH.  I mean, come on, she’s Pat Buchanan sister. That should tell you something right there.

Now, if she’s on a Panel, she talks over everybody, and never EVER lets somebody get a point across or finish a thought.  She’s too afraid somebody will listen to the truth from another panel member.  If she is interviewed ad-hoc, just one one one, it is exactly like interviewing her brother.  Except she is even less understandable.  She rants, and raves, and scowls, and sneers and you get the feeling that if she could just learn how to use a vibrator…….”

But anyway, Bay, formally known as “Angela Marie” or Mary the Angel (now I know why she wouldn’t dare use it), is the chairwoman of a political action committee (a.k.a lobbyist and republican attack dog), called Team America.  Team America’s mission: to highlight the problems created by illegal immigration, and to support candidates for public office who are committed to securing the borders of the United States against illegal immigration.  In other words, she doesn’t like brown people, or any color variation on brown going all the way to black and back around again to yellow.  She is a racist.  I can’t be any more direct that that.  

Even as a liberal democrat I don’t know the answer to immigration issues.  It’s just something I am not an expert on and have no real opinion on what we should do, if anything.  So if I don’t know, I don’t say.  But I’m pretty sure that forming a political action committee isn’t the right thing to do.  She tried to get elected to congress and failed.  I believe that a lot of her attitude, arrogance, and smugness come from her anger in losing that primary way back when.  It must be tough to learn that nobody wants you.

She his also the President of “The American Cause”.  If you go to their website, they will tell you their position on “things”. Here is one section:

Campaign Reform
Last year, the Republican Party raised $28 million in soft money and the Democrat Party took in $20 million. Their congressional committees netted over $50 million. It’s time to ring down the curtain on this glorified bribery that passes for political fundraising and end the special interest subsidization of our system. 

The second sentence starts with the word “Their” but in this same sentence, nowhere does it tell us to whom “Their” is referring.  I guess we’re supposed to assume it is the Democrats. If so, then you already know that this group is biased.  The entire website takes on the tone of “us against them” so I guess every time I see the word “they”or “their” I am to assume thy are talking about those damned democrats.  Not to mention that every time I tried to navigate around their site, my browser session would crash. Ultimately, my system crashed with the BSD (blue screen of death) and wondered if after visiting a right wing web site, my computer would ever work right again.  But I’m still writing so…..

I was going to post a few important You-Tube links that showed how Angela Marie operates, but after I watched a few trying to pick just the right ones, I got a blinding headache listening to the screechy, 3-pack-a-day voice.  I just couldn’t go on.  So if you really want to hear the blather on, go and search for her.  You’ll see what I mean.


2 thoughts on “What the hell is going on: Palin, McCain, Bay Buchanan, ugh!

  1. I want to throw something at the TV anytime I see the wretched Bay Buchanan woman on the screen. Now more than ever, since she is championing Sarah Palin on CNN. Speaking of Palin she seems to have caught some sand in her eye or something. Can we get some donations going to send a package of Murine to that poor woman?

    Back to Bay. The only remedy for a ridiculous public figure is ridicule. I am going to stop writing here and go immediately to facebook and create a group dedicated to mocking and satirizing her.

    I’ll quote a few of your paragraphs if you don’t mind.

  2. “Wretched” is the right word here. I should have used that as one of my adjectives for you. Please let us know the group if you do create one. As much as I love the idea, don’t get too distracted with Bay since we should spend as much time mocking (which in this case means “stating the truth”) about John McCain.

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