Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

I can give a complete transcript of Mika Brzezinski on ANY edition of Morning Joe on MSNBC:

“Really….I know…..Oh, Stop………That’s right……Maybe it’s time……Yes…….Oh, you’re terrible……here we go…..umhmm…..um humm”  And that’s it.  For 3 hours of morning television and that’s all she says, with some of the most influential guests in the country sitting next to her and Joe Scarborough as Joe takes the helm.  Mixed in there also are several repetitions of something a guest said.  For example if a guest said as part of a phrase “very different” then Mika will say “very different, yes, very different.”

She usually attempts to read the news at the top of the hour.  

It is a sad story.  I grew up in central Connecticut and Mika Brzezinski, the daughter of foreign policy expert and former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, was on two of Hartford, Connecticut’s local affiliates:  one Fox, and one CBS.  She was the morning anchor on CBS affiliate WFSB in Hartford for a few years before she left to do the overnight, or up all night CBS News which came on at 3:00 AM but at least it was Network in stead of just an affiliate – a bit more prestigous.

I like Morning Joe on MSNBC.  While he is a republican and former U.S. Representative, in the last year or so he seems to have become more fair and balanced in his veiws, at least on air.  

But Mika, come on.  You are the Ed McMahon of news.  You can almost hear MIka say “Ayooooo” and “Yyyyyyeeeessss”.  Also, I keep waiting for Mika to hand Joe some envolopes and a turban so he can do his Carnak impersonation.

It is actually difficult ot watch sometimes.  If you get the chance, Mika, to show your stuff on another news program, anywhere, where you can sink you teeth into it and show them what you’ve got, I say take it.  I don’t know, maybe the Morning Joe gig is all she could get.  I’m not really sure whether or not she has any actual talent.  She didn’t go to school for journalism, she majored in English.  And I’m not sure she’s using the “English” for her current job because she doesn’t say much and much of what she says is quick little phrases, most of which just mimic something that somebody on the show has already said.

In response to this posting I can only assume that Mika would  say “Connecticut, yes……my dad, you know my dad……I know……….I guess so…….We’ll see you tomorrow right here on Morning Joe”


11 thoughts on “Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

  1. Like many I now spend most of my time on Fox; I do tune in to MJ occasionally because I like Joe, Willie, Mike et al. Mika is clearly the main cause (Not the ONLY cause) of MJ’s slumping ratings. This morning Mika (Who has a clause in her contract that she will have equal time on the same screen with Joe Scarborough; a RREeeally dreadful decision by MSNBC) was her normal hypocritical self. As Joe has pointed out before Mika has a serious problem with what he calls her “false modesty.” (Joe knows firsthand about Mika’s false modesty btw..)** After her normal highly biased piling on routine which she does when a Republican goofs, she was quick to feign contempt and shift into her sulking mode when Joe laughed at Clinton’s line that “I needed some good publicity at the time” (When Walter Cronkite invited him to go sail boating) – “I don’t think that’s funny” (A subtle reference to Clinton’s very well documented affair with Monica Lewinski.) She then went into her childish brood-shell. Translation: It’s okay to zap GOPers but the same does not apply to “immoral affairs” by Democrats!
    ** Joe and Mika were video documented going up to a Hotel Room together both in the elevator and heading to the room to take care of business.

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