Please help support Senate Bill 1738 – Protect our children

Joe Biden introduced a bill back in July that increases the funding for the prevention, investigation and prosecution of child predators, also knows as child molesters, child pornographers, child rapists, child predators, just pick one.  According to the Congressional web site, the bill summary is as follows:

A bill to establish a Special Counsel for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction within the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, to improve the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, to increase resources for regional computer forensic labs, and to make other improvements to increase the ability law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute predators.

There are nineteen other co-sponsors of this bill, among them Barack Obama, Orrin Hatch, and Kay Bailey Hutchinson; so this is not a partisan bill and it SHOULD NOT BE a partisan bill.  You can’t apply a parties political platform to child molestation.

Please contact your representatives, find out how they are voting, and if they are not voting for this bill, ask them to vote for it and ask why they wouldn’t vote for it.  Their response may tell you a lot about who they really are and what they stand for.  If you need help finding your congressional representatives try Congresspedia at the following address:

We can not afford to allow the continuation of the most disgusting and damaging crimes against human beings that you could ever imagine.  We’re talking about destroying children, young children, even infants.

Thank you and please do what you can to help.


2 thoughts on “Please help support Senate Bill 1738 – Protect our children

  1. Thanks for your support. However, you need to contact your U.S. Senators directly if you want to voice your opinion on how they should vote. I provided a link to find out who your Senators are and how to contact them. You can also just do a Google Search. Thanks again.

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