Pig in a poke

I feel like I’m getting poked by a pig.  John McCain himself has used the term “lipstick on a pig” twice when referring to Hillary Clinton’s attempt at health care reform.  Was he calling Hillary a pig?  His answer is, well, he hasn’t answered, yet claimed Barack Obama called Palin a pig when Obama used the term to refer to John McCains’s repackaged, same old policies with a different name.

This is high school playground politics.  Today Obama said “Enough is Enough!” and I agree.  Americans don’t care who said what, or what was meant by it, if it doesn’t have anything to do with the issues.

What about the Iraq War, the Economy, Gas Prices, the fact that we are losing the global economic edge now that China and India are in the mix.  

I don’t care who is a pig, as long as they are rutting around in the issues and trying to do something about it.  As for McCain, how about telling us why you will do and what you are FOR, instead of who you are against.


One thought on “Pig in a poke

  1. It is a lot like high school politics, isn’t it? She said, “(whisper, whisper).” Oh but then he (whisper, whisper). Enough is right – I agree that diplomacy and tact are important traits for a leader, but get to the point already.

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