Republican Tactics

I’m only somewhat surprised at the blatant lies and twisted “facts” that pour out of the mouths of McCain and Palin.   I am surprised, however, at how much the average person will believe in what is being slung at them.

In reality, whatever McCain and Palin are accusing Barack Obama of is exactly what they are guilty of themselves.  Palin likes to point out dollar figures in earmarks that Obama got, yet she is just as guilty if not more so, if you look at the dollars received on a per resident basis.  It’s just Pot Vs. Kettle.

She included the “Bridge to Nowhere” as part of her campaign for governor, promising the citizens that she would “not stand in the way of progress”.  Then, she got into office, stopped the project, kept the money, and used it for other things.  How is that being a “maverick”, how is it “real change”, let alone honest.  She never tells the whole story.  The McCain/Palin platform is based on half truths, stretched facts, and bold faced lies about their opponents, and yet nobody seems to be questioning it.

Here’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans.  Democrats tell you what they are for.  The Republicans will tell you what they are against.

It is the basics of negative campaigning, the thing McCain said he would never stand for.   I’ve heard a lot of distorted facts and finger pointing and I’ve heard from the Republicans what the Democrats will do wrong,  but I have yet to hear what McCain and Palin plan will do at all.

The Republicans are following the Karl Rove correspondents course for their tactics.  Bash the enemy, bash the enemy, bash the enemy, then duck when someone tries to get details or proof out of you.  It worked in 2000 and 2004.  Are you going to let it happen again?  Enough is enough.

Since the Republicans can’t or won’t really tell you what their platform is, either in specifics or even generally, they will attempt to turn this election into a culture war.  The Republican party has become “Us against Them” yet again.  They will try to tell you that “they” (the democrats) are an immoral bunch; with all that talk about contraception and gay marriage.  Don’t “they” know there are terrorists out there?  “They” want the terrorist to win; “they” want to appease the terrorists.

Now does that make any sense?  Do you really think that Democrats are having meetings on how to negotiate with Al Qaeda over an Iced Latte?

Do you not remember the last 8 years?  Make no mistake, McCain and Palin are Republicans in the purest sense of the word.  Look at some of the details.  Palin thinks that Alaska is a “chosen State” where believers can be safe during the Apocalypse.  Yes, you can find it on YouTube.  McCain could not have picked somebody more radical in their religious beliefs than if he had picked an Islamic Extremist.  After everything that has happened, McCain picks a running mate so radical in her ideas that it is scary. 

Sarah Palin has been seen on video tape asking the congregation to pray for the oil pipeline and to pray for the War because the troops are doing God’s work.

America is certainly a diverse country; socially, ethnically, and religiously.  But America doesn’t really go for extremism of any kind.  In this case, praying to God for an oil pipeline and thinking that you are doing God’s work in Iraq is not just a bit extreme.  It is as extreme as it gets, and if that’s what she thinks, she is no better than the extremists we are fighting who are trying to force their views on us.

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