The McCain Legacy – What happens after the election?

Right now, McCain’s legacy is that of a relatively strong Senator who was a P.O.W.  But John McCain has a HUGE ego.  He lives in the shadow of his father and grandfather who were respected, four-star Admirals in the navy.  Imagine living in that shadow and then, in his father’s eyes, be so stupid as to get shot down in Vietnam.   I’m sure his father felt some guilt over the incident since there is no way that John McCain would have ever been allowed to be a navy pilot if it weren’t for the fact that his father was an Admiral.  He sucked at his job, had the lowest grades, and lost 5 aircraft (4 in “accidents” and 1 in combat).  Not exactly “Top Gun” material.

So John McCain returns from Vietnam a changed man.  A hero to some but a failure to himself.  For a man with an ego as big as John McCain’s, it had to be devastating.

The only way he could prove himself in his father’s and grandfather’s eyes, whether or not they were still living, was to become President of the United States.  That will show them.  And so the second half of his life story began. 

In this later part of John McCain’s life, he has but one goal.  President.  I do not believe for one minute that he cares what happens if he is elected.  He doesn’t care about the war, health care, taxes, the economy, the people of the United States or anything else.  Haven’t you wondered why there have been murmurs about John McCain being a one term President?  Haven’t you wondered why he himself has said he may only serve one term if he were elected?  Look at the facts.  One thing I have learned as I get older is that people are not all that different, deep down inside.  The same things make us tick, make us happy, and make us angry.  Everything else is just a representation of us trying to get the approval of somebody out there whom we feel did not give it to us before.  For John McCain, it is the approval of his father and grandfather.

Who is the person in your life whose approval you never received?  Who is the person in your life whose love you never obtained?  Think about it.  It is not such a stretch is it.  We all have someone, to varying degrees, who has that kind of influence on our lives.  John McCain is no different.

John McCain will do nothing to change this country.  He will do nothing to guide this country in a direction that is beneficial to all Americans.  He will do nothing to improve our standing as a country in the eyes of the world.  All John McCain cares about his having the word “President” after his name.  He wants to be on that list in the history books so he can say to himself “see Dad, see Grandpa, I told you I could be somebody”.  But, if you believe in heaven then dear old dad and grandpa will be watching.  And John McCain forgot about one minor detail.  Just being President isn’t enough.  There is a big difference, as we have found out in the last eight years, between being President and being a good President.  Simply adding it to your resume isn’t enough.

If elected, John McCain, statistically speaking, won’t be around for very much longer after his term.  So the aftermath of his Presidency is not something he will have to live with for long.  Barack Obama has more to consider.  Barack Obama has much more at stake if he were to be elected.  Whatever his Presidency brings about would be something he must live with for years and years.  And so his primary goal is to not just be a President, but be a good President.  He does care about the people in this country.  How could he face himself every day after his 4 years or 8 years if he never accomplished anything to make America better.  He could not live with himself if he let down the American people.  He has such an incentive to do the right things.  And even long after Barack Obama’s Presidency, he will be around, maybe in Washington D.C., maybe not, but one thing I am sure of is he will not stop giving service to this country.

You can look at the Presidency from many different angles and you can decide for whom to vote based on any number of factors.  One factor I choose to consider is what happens after the election and after the Presidency.  I also choose to look at human nature and what drives us as human beings.  What makes us tick?  What makes us get up everyday and face the world?   John McCain is in the twilight of his life and once he gets that badge of honor called the Presidency, he can sit back, take a deep breath, and let the time pass by as he sits in his rocking chair on the back porch of the White House.


2 thoughts on “The McCain Legacy – What happens after the election?

  1. your braindead. Can you back up any of these “facts” that you pointed out??? Again…I’m sad your on our side. You are just like the mainstream media in that you outgas “facts” with out the ability to back them up. For instance:

    John’s Large ego.

    His misshandling of aircraft…one shot down ( happens to be a major ordeal in this man’s life and his family) what were the facts behind the other four accidents of the lost aircraft?

    When did John’s father tell you he thought John was “so stupid to get shot down” ?

    How do you know all these interesting and most intimate inner thoughts of Mclame? The fact that he lives in the shadow of his father and grandfather?

    Mclame has been in washington for years and years. You make it sound as though he just got there, took his seat and moved on to be president after just about doing nothing to earn the position…sound like anyone you might LIKE?

    The list goes on. So I ask, can you give the facts, and details regarding your statements? Or are you just arranging your words to convince yourself?

  2. The way I see it you have options. You can not read what I write, or start your own blog. I believe in free speech so I don’t prevent anyone from commenting on my blog like others do. And please don’t lump me in with “your side”. We are all individuals and don’t have to agree just because we might want the same candidate to win the presidency.

    I like that people like yourself read everything they can about a particular topic and have opinions about what they read, and write comment about those opinions.

    So I have the right to write and so do you. I’m not going to convince you of anything with on blog post, and you won’t convince me of anything with one reply to a post. So let’s both keep that in mind as we pass judgement.

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