Republican Strategy 2008 – Maybe they won’t notice we’re Republicans

Well this year, it’s not “strategery”, it’s a real strategy.

Did you watch any of the Republican Convention?  Did you really pay attention?  Did you notice anything about Republican political ads on TV or in print?  

Those are really trick questions because the real question is:  Did you notice something missing?

The Republican Strategy for 2008 is: “Maybe they won’t notice that we are Republicans”

At the St. Paul Convention, did you see the word “Republican” anywhere?  It was there.  On the very tippy top of each State sign was the very small seal of the RNC on which the word “Republican” was included; in a very tiny typeface not even visible on television.

At the convention, the GOP distanced themselves from our current President, George W. Bush, by never mentioning his name other than the day they allowed him to give a remote speech that lasted about 7 and a half minutes.  Our Vice President?  He was sent overseas.  In Governor Palin’s speech, in John McCain’s speech, and all of the other blue blooded Republicans, never mention George Bush by name.  If forced to they would simply refer to him as “the President”; but never “George W. Bush” or the word “Republican”.  I know this will sound cynical but the Republicans lucked out with hurricane Gustav because it forced the President to stay away from their convention.

Now, next time you see a political advertisement on TV or in print, play “Where’s Waldo” and see if you can find the word “Republican”.  It’s just not there.  Listen for the word “Republican” and see if you can hear it.  Don’t strain yourself because you probably will never hear it anyway.

A large portion of the American electorate doesn’t really know who is a Republican and who is a Democrat.  It’s true.  Of course there are a large group of us that follow politics, but there are even more people out there who just don’t.  Believe it or not, many voters still enter that voting booth and perform the task of picking the next leaders of our country based on pure gut reaction.  The “heard” something, or they “saw something”, or they just like the sound of someone’s name, knowing very little, and sometimes nothing, about these people or the platforms on which they are running for office.

Don’t write to me and call me an elitist, and don’t write to me and say that I have no respect for Americans because I am insinuating that they are dumb.  I know what I am talking about because I talk to people all the time.  I am trying to get the word out; no, I am trying to get the truth out, to my family and friends and anybody who will listen.  I keep running into the same things.  People don’t really know anything about the candidates, don’t know their positions on issues, and some can’t remember who is in which party.

So it doesn’t surprise me that the Republican party has tried to distance themselves from George Bush and the word “Republican” because both have such a bad wrap.  And rightly so after the disastrous policies of Bush, the illegal activities of his administration, and all of the ethics issues that have arisen over the past eight years.  Do you remember that the Iraq War is illegal and based on fabricated (not misinterpreted) intelligence?  Do you remember that the Bush Administration has made it legal for them to do surveillance on Americans; out phones, our email, what we buy on our credit cards?  Don’t you remember Larry Craig, the anti-gay Senator caught soliciting sex at the airport?  Scooter Libby and the treasonous outing of a CIA agent at the direction of Dick Cheney?  Mark Foley and his sexually charged email exchanges with under age male pages?  Tom Delay resigning after being charged with financial ethics violations?  Do I need to go on?  I can’t even if I wanted to, it’s too sickening.

In John McCain’s speech at the Republican Convention, not one word was mentioned about the economy, jobs, oil, food prices, the middle class, taxes, the Iraq War; nothing of any substance whatsoever until, at the end, he started to use the word “Change”.  The one word that people associate with Barack Obama and his whole campaign started on the notion that real, substantial change must occur on a grass roots level from every struggling American right up to the highest office in the country.  And now the Republicans are trying to hijack that word to confuse people who are not following politics as closely as some others.

So for those of you who don’t follow politics, please do your homework.  For those of you that do and are for Obama, make sure you set the record straight and get the word out.  For those of you who follow politics and are Republican, I dare you to advertise that you are a Republican and then try to explain the illegal and immoral scandals of the last 4 years and why anyone should give Republicans another 4 years to create havoc.

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