Gay gene convinces Palin to abort child

“In recently released medical records, Governor Sarah Palin had tests done while she was early along in one of her pregnancies.  Records indicate that one test, for the supposed “gay” gene, came back positive and Mrs. Palin decided to abort the fetus”

This story is fiction but one might imagine that it could be true. 

I haven’t written much lately about the Republicans, McCain, their convention, or Sarah Palin because, to be honest, I didn’t know what I wanted to say.  I did not feel like researching and quoting all the ridiculous lies that John McCain and his campaign are spouting, and I didn’t feel like researching the books that Sarah Palin wanted to ban from her local library when she was the mayor.  It was just too much work to substantiate fact when it really all comes down to my gut feeling.  

Let’s start with the fact that I finally made my first donation ever to a political candidate.  I sent money to Barack Obama.  No big deal to you, but it was to me.

Every time I hear a GOP candidate, a Republican Congressman or Senator,  a Republican “strategist”, or a run-of-the-mill, everyday republican, complain about what “pundits” say, they can’t quite seem to say the word correctly.  Maybe they have all been hanging around George W. Bush too long now to be able to speak English anymore, but if you notice, they say “pundints”.  What the hell is a pundint?  I have been bitching about this for weeks and finally last night, I saw Keith Olbermann mention it as well.  Thanks, Keith for also noticing how so-called educated people can’t speak properly.  The real issue here is that republicans just repeat what they hear from other republicans.  They don’t do their own research, have their own opinions, or have their own independent thoughts.  So when one starts saying “pundints”, they all do.  Just like when one say to “drill” they all do, and when one says McCain is a “maverick” they all do.  It only takes one republican to come up with an attack idea, or a talking point, and the rest follow.  How very efficient of them.  Only one person in the whole Republican party actually has to come up with an idea.

But anyway, the Republican party base and the republican “pundints” HATED John McCain and said horrible things about McCain during the primaries, right up until McCain was all they had left.  Now he’s their maverick messiah.  Their magical, irreverent, P.O.W., republican dragon-slayer.  (Insert retching and heaving here.)

We need to talk about the McCain camp and the press.  Let’s start with Tucker Bounds, a McCain spokesperson.  In typical Republican fashion he refused to answer a simple question from CNN’s Campbell Brown when asked directly:  “Can you give me one example of a foreign policy decision that Governor Palin made?”  It is a simple question, right?  Just give me one example.   As I sat there and watched this interchange, Bounds talked in circles, was rude, refused to answer the question, and acted like a 5 year old on the playground who was taking his ball and going home.  Bounds tried to say that Palin was the head of the Alaska National Guard, to which Campbell Brown said, “Well, the Pentagon would give orders to the Alaska National Guard if they were going to a war zone, I”m asking what direct foreign policy does Governor Palin have”.  Ms. Brown asked a simple question and got no answer.  Then, the McCain camp expressed their displeasure to CNN.  How dare CNN ask Tucker Bounds such questions and how dare they make him uncomfortable.  WHAT?  Since when does John McCain, or anyone else, control journalists and what questions they should ask.  The same thing happened on Tuesday when a CNN reporter in Alaska was chastised by a republican commentator, Republican Bill Bennett, for reporting about reaction to Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy.  It may have been tabloid reporting but it’s called “freedom of speech” and “freedom of the press”.  If the Republicans had it their way, they would control the media.  In fact, they think they should control the media. George Bush and his Administration tried it and in some ways, was successful.  I’m not going to cite the examples, again, too much trouble.  But if you consider the behavior of the Rep’s and wrap it up into a neat little package, it’s called Fascism.  If you watch carefully the Republicans are trying to control the media.  They are hooked in with big business and trying to control the media.  That is Fascism.

Palin’s speech last night she took shots at the media for being biased against her.  Yes, all of her poor judgement calls and abuses of power are the fault of the media.  Didn’t you know that?  Didn’t you know you’re not supposed to question the Republicans, their viewpoints, their talking points, or their deicsions?  Didn’t you know that republicans don’t have to be accountable for their actions?

Palin believes in abstinence and creationism (insert heavy sigh here).  Sarah Palin thinks that only abstinence should be taught to our children, and creationism, which is religion, should be taught in schools.  Do you think it is going to be any different if she were to be the V.P., or, god help us, the President?   Actually, both creationism and abstinence are religious teachings.  Are we ever going to have a separation of church and state in this country?  Ever? Isn’t it still part of the Constitution or have the Republicans ignored that one, too.

Speaking of a separation of church and state, I still can’t believe that Barack Obama sunk so low as to be “interviewed” by Rick Warren and his “superchurch”.  There is NO room in government for religion.  Again, it says so in our Constitution.  But the Republican party is so used to using the Constitution as tiolet paper that they don’t even know what it says any more.  The Constitution is now covered in the fecal matter of the Bush Administration.

Let’s go to Pat Buchanan.  Sarah Palin worked for Pat Buchanan, Buchanan said so, I saw it my self when he said it on MSNBC, but everyone else says “no she didn’t”.  Rush Windbag and Glenn Peckerhead both blatantly lied on the air saying it was a completely fabricated story that she worked on Buchanan’s campaign.  Well if Buchanan himself said that she did work on his campaign, and Palin herself hasn’t denied that she did, why would anyhone believe what a right-wing talk show hosts says to the contrary?

The GOP won’t admit it but Obama did get a bump in the polls after the DNC convention.  The country has been hearing about Barack Obama for a year and a half.  They like him and many have decided already.  How much more of a bounce does he need?  Even if he’s running at 48% or 49% in the polls, Obama is doing pretty darn well.  McCain has been around for 30 years and at best, in some polls, he’s a point behind.  In some, he’s 6 points or so behind.  How much more bumping could there be for Obama than a few points.  He’s not gong to go up to 70% in the polls.   And I’m not sure I trust these polls anyway.  Since 2004 everything has changed and the polls are wrong more than they are right.  I don’t know why it is different now.  We used to be able to trust what the polls were saying.   I don’t know if it is because so many people have only one phone and it is a cell phone.  And pollsters don’t call cell phones.  Maybe that’s part of it, I don’t know, but something is different now.

On to Fred Thompson, the most boring person on TV, must have gone back to acting class for a brush up because he certainly energized the Republicans in the room at the Convention.  He also referred to pundits and pundints but whatever.  Keep in mind, he is an actor.  And what he did on stage during his speech was one fine performance of a man with actual conviction.  He got into character, and was so deeply committed to the role that even he believed what he was saying.  Did you notice how much phlegm that man has.  The entire time he was speaking it sounded like he had a huge ball of mucus stuck in his throat but didn’t dare do a “full throat clear” for fear that a loogy would come flying out of his windpipe right into the front row.  It was truly disgusting and reminded me of my grandmother who would walk the halls of our house with a Kleenex tucked into her sleeve.  Every time she needed to, she would pull out that wadded up old thing and spit another phlegm ball into it and then neatly tuck it back into her sleeve.  She also smelled funny and farted a lot which is exactly what I picture about Fred Thompson.  OK, I’ll never sleep tonight now.

Next, “P.O.W.” doesn’t trump everything else.  I’m sorry and hope I don’t offend any veterans but I am tired of hearing about John McCain being a POW.  And if he was a POW for 5 and a half years then how could he have been a “leader”?  Wasn’t he a bit indisposed as the war raged on while he was in a prison? 

On to Palin’s family.  As for Palin’s daugher, the republicans refer to her being with child as “an unfortunate unwed pregnancy”  Well, there’s a lot of unwed mothers out there, that’s not the issue.  It’s not “unwed” that’s the problem, I think the word they are look for is “unplanned”.  You don’t have to be married to have a baby.  But the Republicans dump all single mothers into the “unfortunate” pile.  We’re back to the Murphy Brown/Dan Quayle incident in 1992.  Talk about being stuck in a time warp.  The Republicans have not evolved at all in the last 16 years.   Anyway, Palin keeps saying that her daughter Bristol and the boyfriend are “planning to get married” and so everybody takes that as “Oh, they’re all set, they are going to get married”.  If you think that after this election this 18 year old kid, who has said he doesn’t even WANT kids, is actually going to marry this girl, you’re crazy.  I personally don’t care if they get married or not.  I wouldn’t marry into that family but it’s his choice.  I’ll bet you any money that the boyfriend wanted to abort the child.

So all of a sudden the GOP is so proud of Palin and they back her 100%.  Under normal circumstances, they would skewer her.  If she were to have run for President on her own, they would have launched such a smear campaign against her it would have made her head spin.  If Sarah Palin thinks that under any other circumstances she would have been welcomed into the main stream Republican party, she’s crazy, too.

Hate mongering, fear mongering. Al Queda, Bin Laden.  Fear over substance.  That’s the Republican party and at this point, since Americans are basically lazy, they just believe the last thing they hear.  Ergo why the Republican Convention came AFTER the Democratic Convention.

Palin is arrogant, hateful, and ignorant. I guarantee she wears the the pants in that family.  You can almost hear her whisper to her kids after the “big speech” with her teeth clenched.  “Wasn’t Mommy great?” she asked as she pinched their earlobes. “Say it, wasn’t I great?  “SAY IT!  I’ll hit you harder than I ever have before.  Say it.  Mommy was great.”  In fear, the children, shivering on the stage, not knowing where to look or where to turn.  The children looking side-glanced into the crowd hoping somebody notices how abusive she is.  Making anonymous phone calls to DHS on their own behalf.  They are afraid of her.  And so is the husband. That’s why he works hundreds of miles away in the oil fields of northern Alaska. 

And speaking of kids.  I say “Hurray for you, Cindy and Sarah”.  One adopted a Himalayan whistle kid (or something like that) and the other “kept” a baby with down syndrome.  Wow, that makes them truly remarkable women, huh?

What about any of that makes Sarah Palin or Cindy McCain special.  Cindy McCain is rich and can afford to adopt whatever the hell she wants.  And Palin “kept” a child even though she knew it would have down syndrome.  OK.  Well, since there are A LOT of babies out there with down syndrome and other special needs, why is Sarah Palin some hero?  That’s what mothers, and fathers, do.  They take care of their children with unconditional love no matter what.  She’s not special.   Here’s what I want to know.  If there was a test that would tell you if your child was going to be gay would Sarah Palin still have kept it?   When I thought about this, I came up with the headline in this post because, to be honest, I believe it to be a very plausible scenario.


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