McCain picks another Bigot – Sarah Palin

While she was praised for her veto of a bill that would deny same-sex benefits to State employees, don’t send up the rainbow flag too quickly just yet.

Palin vetoed Alaska Sate Bill HB 4001.  Her advisers had told her that HB 4001 was unconstitutional.  So rather than go through the court costs, she vetoed the bill.   But, she signed HB 4002 – to put these benefits up to a non-binding vote of the people.

To summarize, Palin doesn’t believe in same-sex benefits but the bill as written was unconstitutional so she vetoed it to avoid any court costs that would come about as a result of the law.  Then, she signed a second bill asking the Alaskan electorate to choose in a NONBINDING resolution.

The Alaska court ruled about a year before that the state had to provide those benefits to same-sex partners of state employees, but instead of just giving those benefits, Palin pushed for a nonbinding referendum on those benefits.

Alaska is a small place.  The cost of the benefits to tax payers would have been about $313,000.  The cost of the referendum was about $1.2 million.  So she spent $1.2 million to save $313,000.  Hmm, doesn’t sound too fiscally conservative to me.  But then again, gay rights were at stake, and you just can’t put a price on defeating those.

In the course of all of this Palin used the words, and I am paraphrasing here, “Some of my best friends are gay people”.  Yeah, I know.

Well, it’s nice to know that you can trust that some things will never change.


4 thoughts on “McCain picks another Bigot – Sarah Palin

  1. Alternatively, the right of the People’s voice to be heard was at stake. Believe it or not, in Alaska they still care about that sort of thing. Given her 80 – 95% approval rating, I think she made the right call on a NONBINDING referendum.

    No, Palin is NOT LGBT friendly, but unlike the State legislature who PASSED HB 4001 she obeyed the law even when it may have been in conflict with her own views. From a LGBT standpoint it could be worse; I doubt it could be better on a Republican ticket though.

    BTW: Has Obama ever clarified what his stance is on the LGBT community?

  2. Yes, both Obama and Biden are pro-gay. Obama does not necessarily believe in the words “marriage” when it comes to same sex couples but believe in all of the benefits they should get when compared to a married couple. I don’t care if you want to call it marriage or not. I just want fair to be fair.

  3. We’re very close to being on the same page actually when it comes to gay marriage. I approach it from the standpoint that Marriage is a religious sacrament and the secular government should shut the hell up about it. From their standpoint all “marriages” should be legal contracts ala civil unions.

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